Monday, February 6, 2012

Synchronicity and Me

I wasn't raised to believe in any of this stuff.  In fact growing up it was forbidden in my home because of our religion.  So when the experience of Sync started happening to me it was life altering.  It turned everything I thought I knew on it's head.  

I actually wrote this post about a month ago, but didn't publish it because I thought maybe it was too personal.  Then today I started reading the P.K. Dick book Exegesis and realized I needed to be brave and write about my experience the same way he did.

So many of us are having similar experiences and now is the time to share them so that maybe we can help each other understand and grow.  I do talk about some of this in my chapter of The Sync Book, but in a much more general way.

Looking back on it I think my personal connection to Synchroncity began around the age of 3 or 4. I remember that when I was learning to count the number 4 immediately stood out to me as a "happy" number.  I never knew why, but it was always my favorite number for some reason.

As I got older a lot of positive things in my life would have the number 4 associated with them.  It wasn't something I talked about to other people maybe because it seemed so normal to me.  Over the years the number 4 became a source of comfort...sort of like my own little secret passcode. 

When I was introduced to Synchronicity and Synchromysticm I learned the significance of 4 as it relates to the Jupiter symbol and Joy and other teachings.  That was mindblowing.

I also have a memory from around age 5 of my father studying with me out of one of those religious children's books.  It was the story of how God created the Earth and he asked me, "But who created God?".  As I tried to imagine what could possibly have come before God, I had what I can only describe as some kind of vision.

I saw the dark expanse of the Universe and I felt like I was rushing backwards through time in outer space from the creation of the Earth back to the Origin.  It looked like everything was folding back into itself.  At the end there was this extremely bright point of light and I was being sucked into it.

It was very scary, but there was also this feeling that I'd been in that place before. Like home?  I started crying and almost blacked out.  When I came out of it my dad was staring at me with this terrified look on his face. That was the last time he ever had a one-on-one religious study with me.

From my teenage years on I had some precog visions but never anything I considered important or particularly useful.  That was the extent of my mystical experiences until I was 30 years old.  On a rainy day in December 2007 I was driving on the interstate when my tire hit a wet spot. My car spun out of control and I had some kind of out-of-time event. 

I recall popping out of time, explaining to an unknown someone telepathically why I wasn't ready to leave yet, and then popping back in—all in matter of seconds. Perhaps I'll describe it in detail in another post, but basically what I saw in my brief visit to the out-of-time realm was a grayed-out cityscape that looked very much like Limbo in the movie Inception:

In the months after that it seemed like my "abilities" came on-line so to speak and that someone or something upon noticing I was activated started sending me what I like to call an "Intro to Sync" download package.  I know this sounds like something out of a Sci-fi flick but I'm trying to describe it as best I can.  And that's what it felt like.  Like I was receiving downloads of info about things of which I previously had absolutely no knowledge or prior interest. 

The only other anomaly I can think of that year that might have brought on these drastic changes is that I went under anesthesia for the first time in August 2007.  This may be plausible since P.K. Dick's transformation reportedly began after he received a dose of sodium pentothal at the dentist.

Suddenly I found myself up nights on the Internet digging for an explanation to what was happening to me and I discovered others posting online about the same thing happening to them.  I trolled blogs and read countless Wikipedia articles which inevitably lead me to ancient religious texts, mystical teachings, myths, and philosophies I'd never seen before. A pattern started to form in my mind. 

At that point I felt like I was discovering the greatest information ever. I couldn't understand why I'd never heard of these things before. Why didn't my parents teach me this stuff? Why wasn't it being broadcast on CNN and every news outlet in the world?  Eventually I stumbled across Jake Kotze's videos and his Synchromystic blogs and that's when things really started to click.

I wanted to shout "Omg...I found my species!!!"  There's not that many of us but more and more people are waking up everyday. Of that I'm convinced.  This has been a monumentally difficult growth process for me made even harder by some of the ingrained concepts I was raised to believe in (and accentuated by my own ego and stubbornness). 

But I'll never forget the first day a few years ago when I started to feel free.  It was nothing less than an explosion of Joy.  I'm still learning and growing and stubbing my toes from time to time. But everything I had to endure to get to this point was so totally worth it.

I'm everlastingly grateful that the all-encompassing entity behind everything in the Universe cares enough about me to wrestle with me. Repeatedly. This to me is Love.

(To be continued...)