Sunday, January 30, 2011

We All Live in a Yellow Submarine

I was watching the History Channel about a month ago when a documentary came on called The Beatles on Record (produced by Apple Corps Ltd). 

Towards the end there is a part about how Disney made a cartoon based on The Beatles song Yellow Submarine  (see at 2:11 in the Video below).

I really enjoy The Beatles music and the cartoon has lots of pretty, swirly psychadelic colors.

It's also full of Rainbow, Sun, and possibly Egyptian/Atlantean symbology. 

Other than that there's no particular point to this post—just a conglomeration of thoughts.  My brain has been too weighed down lately with earthly cares to do an in-depth sync analysis.

But here's a few Synchro-licious tidbits I did manage to catch:

#1:  According to the documentary, Disney specifically requested the song Yellow Submarine (out of all the other trippy Beatles songs they could have chosen).

The cover shows The Beatles standing on top of a mountain with the submarine underneath it.

Jake Kotze has sychromystically linked Mountains to Pyramids.  And The Beatles group name syncs to the scarab beetle worshipped by Ancient Egyptians as a symbol of the sun god Khepri.

#2:  The Yellow Submarine reminds me of those anachronistic machines pictured in the hieroglyphs of Ancient Egyptian Pyramids.

#3:  Could the Submarine be an underwater symbol linking ancient Egypt to the Lost Civilization of Atlantis which Plato claimed was submerged under the ocean?

So we sailed on to the sun,
Till we found the sea green,
And we lived beneath the waves,
In our yellow submarine
—from the lyrics to the song "Yellow Submarine"

In the cartoon, John defeats the tyrannical "Blue Meanies" by singing the song "All You Need is Love". 

I think that's a particularly appropriate message right now as the people of Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and Haiti fight for basic human rights. 

Eventually, The Beatles look through a telescope and see more, even meaner Blue Meanies coming.  They determine "there's only one way to go out: Singing!". 

The cartoon ends with The Beatles singing "All Together Now".

That sounds a lot like President Obama's 2011 State of the Union speech where he said, "We will move forward together, or not at all...".

My vote is for together.

"And in the end the Love you take is equal to the Love you make."
The Beatles

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nostradamus, the Vitruvian Man, and a Message of Hope

As is a Nostradamus prophecy that confirms the existence of the Vitruvian Man/Pleiadian star map layout in our nation's capital.

(Perhaps also indirectly reinforcing my theory of the same topology surrounding the location of the Arizona Massacre).

The Original Quatrain:
Feet and hands bound between two boats,
Face anointed with honey, and sustained with milk:
Wasps and flies, paternal love vexed,
Cup-bearer to falsify, Chalice tried.
---Century 6, Quatrain 89, The Book of Nostradamus

Notice that (Feet and hands) = 10 fingers + 10 toes = 20. 

And a visual of a person with their feet and hands tied between two objects looks like Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man figure and a Roman Numeral 'X' (X = 10).

Roman Numeral 'X' illustrated using Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man" figure

Putting the numbers 20 and 10 together gives us the year 2010 for this prophecy. 

[UPDATED 1/30/11:]

To confirm the year 2010, Nostradamus also encoded it mathematically both in Binary (Base 2) and Base 13.

In Binary, the Quatrain's first line can be written as 1010 1101 111.  However, Binary is read in sections of four digits from right to left.  So, we would rewrite it as 111 1101 1010 which equals 2010 in Binary.

In Base 13, the phrase "Bound Between two boats", can be written as BB8.  BB8 = 2010 in Base 13.


Nostradamus was also making a reference to Washington, D.C., and his use of the Vitruvian Man imagery indicates that he was well aware of the figure's incorporation into the city's layout (see my post and Wayne Hershel's website). 


(CLICK Maps to Enlarge. Photo Credit: Wayne Hershel.)

Using Wayne Hershel's maps, we can see the "Face" corresponds to the Washington Monument Obelisk.

The 2nd line of the Quatrain is:  

Face anointed with honey, and sustained with milk

The Face/Obelisk is anointed with honey by means of the line on the map connecting it to the graves of our military heroes at Arlington National Cemetery

Via this line, Ganymede, the mythological Cup-bearer to the gods, is symbolically anointing the Face/Obelisk with honey [where "honey" symbolizes the ancient Army of Thebes (Thebes=The Bees)].

The Obelisk is also sustained with milk (milk=MLK). This is a reference to the MLK Memorial, the new monument to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. located at the edge of the Tidal Basin (literally on W. Basin Drive) that feeds/flows toward the obelisk.

The MLK Memorial does not officially open until 8/28/11.  However, its centerpiece, a massive 28-foot granite "Stone of Hope" sculpture of Dr. King, first became visible to the public in December 2010

This event gives us Nostradamus' time frame for the prophecy (12/2010).

The 3rd and 4th lines of the Quatrain are:
Wasps and flies, paternal love vexed,
Cup-bearer to falsify, Chalice tried.
In these lines, Nostradamus uses a trick to let us know which words are important and which words are simply used to fill the sentence. 

The "filler" words in each sentence are actually synonyms of each other: "Lies" means "to falsify", and "Vexed" means "tried".

After the filler words are deleted we are left with:

Wasps and paternal love
Cup-bearer, Chalice
The phrase "Wasps and paternal love" is a reference to the Sacred Band, an army in ancient Thebes (Thebes=The Bees=Wasps) that was comprised of only male lovers.  

"And if there were only some way of contriving that a state or an army should be made up of lovers and their beloved, they would be the very best governors of their own city, abstaining from all dishonour, and emulating one another in honour; and when fighting at each other's side, although a mere handful, they would overcome the world." ---from Plato's Symposium

This also relates to Ganymede who, in addition to being the Cup-bearer, was also a Greek symbol for the ideally beautiful youth and homosexual love.

Zeus (in the form of an Eagle) fell in love with Ganymede and took the boy away to live on Mt. Olympus.  Synchromystically, this is a link to the U.S. (the Eagle) and to Jupiter (one of its moons is named after Ganymede).

When the Sacred Band was slaughtered at the Battle of Chaeronea, a Giant Lion Statue was erected as a monument to them in Thebes.

In modern times, this correlates to the Bronze Lions at the Netherlands Carillon in Washington, D.C.  The Lion statues overlook the graves of slain soldiers buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

The soldiers of the Sacred Band were honored for their heroic service.  This is Nostradamus' way of alluding to the repeal of the U.S. Military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell law (DADT).

President Obama signed the repeal of DADT on December 22, 2010.  This re-confirms the 12/2010 time frame for the prophecy.

As we have learned by now, Nostradamus always embeds multiple meanings into his prophecies.  This one is no exception.

The word "Face" in the Quatrain can also be a reference to the Tarot by alluding to the Face Cards (the Major Arcana/Court cards).

The Tarot de Marseille features the Temperance Card and the Star Card:

The Temperance Card, XIV, depicts a woman with two cups in her hands. She has one foot in the water and one foot on the land.  It is a reminder that a compromise between two seemingly incompatible options is often the best option, i.e. an old saying that relates strongly to our Quatrain---"it's easier to catch flies with honey".

The Star Card, XVII, also depicts a woman with two pitchers in her hands.  It represents a moment of renewed hope for the future, a breakthrough, a new opportunity to rise to higher state of consciousness.  In the Fool's Journey, the Star indicates that we are approaching the goal of Enlightenment.

If we combine the numbers of both Cards we get XIVXVII

Note: The middle X is bound between two V's.  The V is the symbol for cups/boats.  Therefore the X (human figure) is bound between two boats.

Based on these Tarot clues, we can re-interpret the last three lines of the Original Quatrain to read as follows:

The Anointed One held two chalice in his hands
And, patient as a loving father,
He sustained the flying wasps
With milk and honey

Dropping the first letters from the words "flying wasps" gives us "lying asps", or lying snakes.  And in previous posts (here and here) I showed how Nostradamus refers to President Obama as "The One".

I believe this is referring to Obama's techniques of patience, moderation, and compromise in dealing with members of Congress (many of whom I personally would characterize as "lying snakes"). 

This was especially true in December 2010 when the President got DADT, the START Treaty, health care coverage for 9/11 workers, and the tax cut bill passed in a lame duck session of Congress.

Overall, I think Nostradamus in this Quatrain is sending us a message of Hope across time. 

He foresaw the strides we would make in achieving equality for ALL, both through the eradication of DADT and in electing a black president---each culminations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s precious dream.

Somewhere, somehow I'd like to think the prophet is cheering us on from the Great Beyond.

Nostradamus believes in us.  Now we just have to believe in ourselves.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Arizona and the Sun Kingdom Conspiracy: Part II

Digging deeper into the mystery surrounding the Arizona Massacre, it becomes clear that the area is rife with very specific magical, alchemical, and religious symbolism.

Let's begin by re-visiting my map of the Phoenix-Tucson area overlayed with the Vitruvian Man figure. 


[ CLICK HERE to open the Interactive Version of the Map ]
On the Interactive Map, Click any Marker to see more Detailed Info
When the map opens, Refresh switch to FullScreen view

In Part I we went through an overview of the map's general layout.  This time we will only focus on the Arms of the figure:

The Left Arm:

The Left Arm represents the Path of Fortune (also the Left-Hand Path of Black Magic and the Occult).  On the map, it runs through the city of Casa Grande (translation: The Great House) and the Fortuna Foothills.

This symbolizes the link between the wisdom of the Tarot "Fortune" cards and the twelve symbolic "Houses" of Astrology. 

The Right Arm:

The Right Arm represents the Alchemical Path (also the Right-Hand Path of White Magic).  On the map it passes first through the city of Benson, AZ, then the city of Los Cruces, NM, to end in the Rubledo Mountains.

- Benson, AZ is the real life town Humphrey travel through in the 1947 film noir Dark Passage also starring Lauren Bacall (in the movie it is fictitiously named "Benton, Arizona").  It was based on a novel of the same name. 

"Benson, Arizona" is also the name of the theme song to the movie Dark Star.

The term "Dark Passage" is a synchromystic reference to the Dark Night of the Soul, or the NigredoNigredo is the 1st stage of the Alchemical journey of transformation.  In the Jungian archetypal schema, Nigredo is the Shadow.

- Los Cruces, NM is home to both NASA's White Sands Missile Test Facility and the Basilica of San Albino the "White Saint".

This strong association with the color White signifies the state of alchemical transformation known as the Whitening, or the Albedo.  Albedo is the 2nd stage of the Alchemical journey, the purification process that follows the Decomposition of Nigredo.

“The loosening up of cramped and rigid attitudes corresponds to the solution and separation of the elements by the aqua permanens… the water is a soul or spirit, that is a psychic “substance,” which now in its turn is applied to the initial material. The situation is now gradually illuminated as is a dark night by the rising moon…this dawning light corresponds to the albedo”. ---Carl Jung

- The 3rd stage of the Alchemical journey is Citrinitas, or Yellowness.   It is referred to as the "transmutation of silver into gold" or "yellowing of the lunar consciousness."  The entire area could be representative this stage since it is known as the Valley of the Sun.

- Just northwest of Los Cruces, NM lie the Robledo Mountains.  The name of the mountain range is very similar to Rubedo, the Reddening.  Rubedo is the 4th major stage in the "Alchemical opus" where enlightened consciousness and the total fusion of spirit and matter is achieved.

In my very first post on this blog Michael Jackson and Shiva, I wrote that in Jackson's many physical changes we may have been witnessing a synchromystic manifestation of the journey of Alchemical transformation in a human form. 

Now, in the Arizona landscape we are seeing the same process manifested in a geographical sense.

On the map the Southern route (running in a straight line south from Nogales, AZ to Hermosillo, SON) represents The Spiritual Path.

It follows the route of the annual religious pilgrimage from Nogales to Magdalena de Kino, then connects to the cities of Santa Ana (Mary Magdalene's mother), Altar (representing worship/Sacrifice) and Hermosillo (representing Hermes/The Messenger). 

These cities are each located in the Mexican state of Sonora = SON/SUN + AURA.

A line connecting them forms the letter "Y" (the letter that can FLY, the "savior god" symbol). 

All of these elements (Mary Magdalene, Saint Anne, the Altar, the Messenger, and the SON/SUN) combine to point to the Christ as redeemer and/or the concept of Christ Consciousness.

[ In my Next Post...a Quatrain from the Book of Nostradamus that ties it all together. ]

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Arizona Massacre and the Sun Kingdom Conspiracy

Was the Arizona Massacre the latest in a string of orchestrated events to establish a "Kingdom of the Sun" with Phoenix and Tucson at its core?

I'm relying heavily on the theories of Wayne Herschel.  In his work he uses historical evidence to theorize a solution to the enigmatic Key of Solomon which is the Lost Symbol referred to in Dan Brown's book.

(See Herschel's website for an in-depth view of his methodology).

Herschel then uses the cracked Solomon Key code to show how the layouts of the Cydonia Pyramid complex on Mars bears a striking similarity to the Capitol complex in Washington D.C. 

The following two images (from Herschel's website) illustrate how both the Cydonia complex and Washington D.C. mirror a star map of the Pleiades Star Cluster.
Photo Credit:  Wayne Herchel
He overlaid the Mars map onto a map of the U.S. Capitol complex to show that Washington D.C.'s monuments combine to create a replica of the very same star map. 
Photo Credit:  Wayne Herchel
[NOTE: In the above illustrations Leonardo Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man" figure forms a five-pointed star that is a directional point of reference (his feet are oriented North)]

I came up with the idea that the Powers That Be may be planning for Arizona to be their new "Kingdom of the Sun" based on Herschel's theories.  

I arrived at this conclusion by comparing  his illustrations to a map of Arizona and then creating my own Map to demonstrate the results.


[ CLICK HERE to open the Interactive Version of the Map ]
On the Interactive Map, Click any Marker to see more Detailed Info
When the Map opens, Refresh to switch to FullScreen view

Here is the process I used to create the Map so that you can trace my steps: 

First, I chose the city of Phoenix, AZ as a starting point due to its mythological Rebirth, Rising Sun, and "Valley of the Sun" symbology.

Then, I noticed the towns of Holbrook and Kingman in close proximity to the north of Phoenix.  I recognized their synchronicity from my previous post (see "Death of a Raging Bull and All Hail the Larry King"). 
  • The late U.S. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke was known as The Raging Bull.
  • In that previous post I discovered a synchromystic link between Holbrooke's death and the retirement of talk show host Larry King.
  • On the Arizona map, the town of KINGman is flanked by the towns of BULLShead and Golden Valley (In alchemy, Gold symbolizes the attainment of perfection).
  • Drawing lines connecting Kingman to Phoenix, AZ and Holbrook to Globe, AZ forms The Legs of the Vitruvian Man with his the feet pointing North. 

Next, I had to find the Arms.  I noticed the nearby city of Yuma (to the west of Phoenix) and realized that the title of the 2007 movie "3:10 to Yuma" was another Synchromystic clue to the Vitruvian Man's correct alignment.
  • Ten in Roman Numerals is "X".  Therefore, 3:10 or 3 Tens = XXX.
  • On the map, the (3) X's (i.e., X marks the spot) are represented by the cities of Me(X)icali, San (X)avier, and Las Cruces.  Las Cruces translates to "City of the Crosses" (Cross=X).
  • The line formed when drawn through these three cities creates The Arms of the Vitruvian Man.

From that point I used Herschel's illustrations to locate the Other Elements on the Star Map:

Connecting the cities of Phoenix, Globe (a symbol of the Earth), and Tucson (2 Suns/Jupiter's 2nd Sun) forms a small Triangle/Pyramid that is The Body of the Vitruvian Man.

The Lodge is positoned between the legs—specifically Atzlan Lodge #1 in the town of Prescott.  It's Arizona's oldest Masonic lodge. 

Notice the Phallic Symbolism on the map (with The Lodge as the head of the member).  The phallic path passes through the town of Bumble Bee, AZ

Perhaps this explains the overwhelming Bee symbology in recent movies and music and the associated eroticism. (See Lady Gaga and the Killer Bees at the Look at All the Happy Creatures blog ).

Next, I traced out the Vitruvian Man's head:

Using the principal of "As Above, so Below", a mirror of the body Triangle/Pyramid can be created by connecting the cities of Tucson, AZ,  Nogales, AZ, and Agua Prieta, SON.  This is the Head.

The Head is symbolically crowned by The SUN due to the presence of Tucson/2 SUNS in the triangle configuration.

Below the Head and the Sun there should be a structure represented as either a Face (like the Face on Mars) or an Obelisk (like the Washington Monument). 

In this case it is an Obelisk—U.S.-Mexico Border Marker #122 located in Nogales, AZ. 

Following a straight path to the right of the Obelisk, we find the Mexican city of Agua Prieta, SON.  It is The Capitol on the Star Map. 

Agua Prieta is the second of only two Gateways from the U.S. to Sonora, Mexico (Sonora=SUNora).  Thus, it represents the Gateway to the 2nd SUN of Jupiter.   Agua Prieta also translates to "Dark Water" (Water is a Gate/Stargate symbol). 

Following a straight line path to the upper left of the Obelisk there should be a structure that represents the Pyramids on Mars (which reflect the Pleiades Star Cluster).  From Jake Kotze's videos we know that Mountain = Pyramid.   
(2) Photos of Cabeza Prieta"s mountain range. It strongly resembles the Face on Mars.

The Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge fits the bill.  It contains a natural formation of (7) mountain peaks just like the (7) peaks of the Pyramids on Mars and the (7) stars in the Pleiades Cluster.   

Finally, let's return to the Obelisk marking the Mexican border crossing in the city of Nogales.  Each year on October 4th Nogales is the starting point for a religious pilgrimage south to the town of Magdalena de Kino. 

Pilgrims flock on foot to venerate an image of San Francisco Xavier's body and the grave of Jesuit missionary Father Eusebio Kino who died there in 1711 (his bones were discovered in 1966).

Worshipers bring Ex-voto offerings to lay on the altar.  These typically include carvings of body parts meant to represent the afflicted area to be healed.

Ex-voto offerings hanging in a Sanctuary
These sacrificial limbs provide quite an amazing connection to last months' Dismembered December severed hand syncs.

"Although pilgrims of Magdalena are motivated by all the standard feelings that bring people to Catholic shrines, at Magdalena there is an additional factor:  Fear. 
In local tradition San Francisco is a demanding saint who requires suffering, sacrifice, and most important, the rigorous fulfillment of vows made to him. 

Many believe that he punishes nonfulfillment with Fire:  Burning the defaulter's house or car;  perhaps even killing the defaulter or one of his or her family members."

This description of San Francisco's fearful punishment includes burning a person's car and killing them.  On 01/10/11, former Capitol Hill aide Ashley Turton was found dead in her burned car inside her own garage.  Chilling.

Continuing South past Magdalena de Kino, we eventually reach the Sonoran capitol of Hermosillo.  On the Map the paths between the cities of Nogales, Magdelena de Kino, Altar, and Hermosillo form a "Y", the letter that can FLY, the "savior god" symbol.

The name "Hermosillo" also reminds me of the words "Silly Hermes".  In mythology, Hermes was the Messenger to the gods.

Hermes, The Joker, and The Fool

This is a sync to the Arizona Massacre shooter Jared Loughner (aka Laughner) who I identified in my last post as the Joker, the Fool, and now also Silly Hermes, the Laughing Messenger.

[NOTE:  I have not yet located the pentagon-shaped (or five-sided Pyramid) structure which would complete the Star Map  As this is a work in progress I will update this post (and the Map) when I find it.  Any suggestions?]

By researching the cities and towns within the Arizona Star Map area, I was also able to discover several Synchronistic links to Gabrielle Gifford and the shootings.   

A strong sync to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords involves the towns of Goodyear and BuckEye (near Phoenix, AZ):
  • The Headquarters of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. is in Ohio (the BUCKEYE State).
  • Goodyear, AZ was established in 1917 with the purchase of 16,000 acres of land by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.
  • In 1996 Giffords took charge of her family's tire company, El Campo Tire. She ran it for four years before overseeing its sale to...The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.
  • The Goodyear logo is the Winged Foot of Hermes (a tie to our previous Hermes/Loughner sync).
  • At a Safeway store in Goodyear, AZ on 12/16/10 an anonymous person dropped a gold coin worth $1,500 into a Salvation Army bucket (there's that alchemical Gold again).  Giffords was shot 23 days later in front of a Safeway store in Tucson.

It is also notable that most of the locations marked on the Map are at or near 33 degrees Latitude (North/Throne) and 110 or 111 degrees Longitude (West).

[UPDATED 1/19/11:  Another Giffords/Phoenix link of Masonic ritualistic significance was recently mentioned at the Look At All The Happy Creatures blog. 

In October 2010 Giffords was chosen to remove a 100 year-old Masonic Time Capsule which had been placed under the cornerstone of Phoenix's Jewish History Musuem building, originally the Stone Avenue Temple, when it was built in 1910. (Read the entire article in the AZ Jewish Post).

A Few Caveats:   

#1:  Do I really believe this stuff?  Yes and no.  I think extreme conspiracy schemes likes this one (rooted in fear and a twisted viewpoint on mysticism) can exist, however I also believe they only have power if you give them power.  Which I don't.  But many misguided, power-hungry lunatics do.  I'm just observing and recording.

#2:  Why is the Pleiadean Star Cluster being replicated here on Earth? Herschel did not give a definite reason for this, but he suggested that such complexes may be a means to attract a revisitation from celestial ancestors and an attempt to guide them to meet with a particular world power.
#3:  Do I think Arizona is the only plan or just one of many similar plans worldwide?  Probably the latter. 

(There are a lot more syncs to reveal but this post is already too long...more to come in my next post).

Monday, January 10, 2011

The (Un)Safe Way—Thoughts on the Arizona Massacre

It took me a few days to collect myself and my thoughts regarding the senseless tragedy that occurred in Tucson, Arizona this past Saturday.  

That the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and at least 18 others happened in a shopping center in front of a Safeway store where, clearly, the way was not safe at all is a morbid irony not lost on me.

Tucson Safeway with their old Pyramid Logo

This event has been dominating the television news cycles and the Internet alike, and rightfully so.  Like everyone else I've been watching and reading because I have a need to know the facts, but in my heart all I really want to do is close my eyes and turn away. 

I am anguished, horrified, disgusted, beyond weary, bone-tired of observing such cruel and heinous carnage in the name of...what? 

Sunday, I was reading the article above, and as I scrolled down the page my sync-detecting eyes did their duty by rote.  The fact that each of the fatally wounded victims' names contained Double Letters leapt off the page at me. 

Then there were the Biblical and 9/11 syncs, the "Congress on your Corner"/CC/33 sync, the NASA/Astronaut syncs, the Sun syncs, the Green syncs, the Oz syncs...just to name a few, all easily discernible in that one brief news story.

My mind was spinning, but  I couldn't even bring myself to try to analyze those numerous and blatant symbols here.  Somehow in my grieving mind it seemed disrespectful of the slain to relegate their deaths to a series of moves on an evil chessboard.  

[Note: Aferrismoon has written a more analytic post well worth reading.]

Then there was the perpetrator himself.  Loughner (aka Laughner), the Laughing Man, the Joker, the Fool. 

He's both a self-proclaimed "conscious dreamer" and a proponent of a subversive type of "magical thinking". 

Not the good kind of "magical thinking" like the The Secret Sun recently posted about.  Oh no, we're talking the bad kind that will get you admitted into the nearest mental ward post haste. 

At first I dared not post or Tweet.  Here I am writing about synchronistic resonance and archetypes and symbols in TV shows and Nostradamus' prophecies...uhm yeah...wouldn't want anyone to accuse me of that guy's brand of crazy, I thought. 

Finally, that twinge of fear subsided and I was simply left wondering what in the world is happening here? 

My thoughts couldn't help but revert to 9/11, a day none of us will ever forget.  Me sitting on the couch clutching the Good Book in trembling hands, wondering if the whole world was about to come apart.  And I didn't know a fraction then of what I know now.

For all of the wonderful, mystical, divine light we discover hidden beautifully in nature and numbers, within phrases and names, carved on ancient monuments the world over—the flip side still remains.

The most unthinkable, ugly, dense, dark collective Evil.  The Yin and the Yang fatefully intertwined. Always.

Times like these I have to ask myself:  Is it better to Know or not to Know?  To See or to remain blind? 

But for me the answer is always the same.  It is better to See, to Know.  Better to stumble along the often pain-filled Narrow Path of insights leading to Life than to walk the wide open road to oblivion.

However, if there is any way that the loving, light-filled humans on this planet can help to rapidly raise our Collective Consciousness far above the threshold of such Darkness, I hope we are actively doing it. 

I hope with all my heart.  More than that, I believe we are.

"But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to Life, and only a few find it."Matthew 7:14