Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Aphasia and the Ouroboros or What's the Word?

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Best wishes to Loren Coleman for a speedy recovery. Loren, our good friend here in the synchromystic community, suffered a bout of aphasia from a stroke a few days ago on 9/11 and it triggered me to post this. This is just a collection of random notes on the subject of Aphasia that I collected back in 2013 but never finished assembling into an article. Since then I have also speculated privately that the biblical episode of the Tower of Babel was an episode of mass aphasia triggered by something (?). In theory we could all still be speaking the same one language, our minds simply having been altered to interpret it differently. Thus, salvation becomes a matter of perceptual correction more than anything else (kind of a PKD type of notion). Take it as you will. - Sibyl

The librarian who was the main target in the Colorado shooting was also the Speech teacher. The sign language at Mandela's funeral was fake. 
There is some connection here with speech/words or "The Word" and the collective consciousness' anger at discovering a lie.

In the Reno case there's something weird about the fact that a person with the fake-sounding name Dawn Damon (Dawn=Aurora) from the city's "communications" center was originally quoted, but has now been removed from every news article I've read.

Reno shooting
Dawn Damon from the city's communication center.  Her name retracted.

The communications center or language center of the brain.
a misfire?

Broca's aphasia

Wernicke's aphasia

As I was researching this post on 12/17 I noticed several front page news headlines, all having to do with brain injuries.

This one about NFL brain injuries synced to the myth of Isis collecting Osiris' body parts which was also reflected in the recent 50-year anniversary of JFK's assassination.


This one linked the brain injury to the mouth/throat (tonsils) and childhood:


Shooting at Reno neurology clinic.


The word Aurora is similar to the beginning of the word Ourobouros.
Jung's pre-ego "Dawn" state

In the Bible, Christ is called "The Word" and when he returns in Revelations the weapon he uses to defeat the enemy is a sWORD coming out of his mouth.

The Flame Alphabet. The movie Pontypool. (concept of word or language as a virus).