Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bane of Existence

We are making our way up the precarious path of the Tree of Life, albeit shakily.

In the Kabbalistic diagram above, a diagonal circle drawn around sephirot 8, 6, and 4 shows a bridge (or gate) through 6-Tiphareth between the upper and lower halves of the Tree. [see my post Don't Worry Baby at the MOG blog for more synchromystic insight into the numbers 8, 6, and 4]

The lower five sephirot (6 thru 10) represent mastery over our base human aspects while the upper five sephirot (1-5) represent complete dissolution of ego. According to Thelema these lower and upper halves are governed, respectively, by the alchemical formulas of LVX (Light, Lux) and NOX (Dark, Night).

The recent GermanWings Flight 4U9525 airplane tragedy syncs with a scene from the movie The Dark Night Rises where the character Bane famously says "For you" in a conversation aboard a plane he's about to crash. [credit to Eleleth for his full post MC Bain-Marie at the Mask of God blog].

For over a year now, the progress of our collective awareness has been manifesting through airplane events as it traverses from one "plane" of consciousness to the next. [see previous posts here, here, here, here, and here for more plane connections]

Alchemically speaking, we have moved from the realm of LVX into the realm of NOX.

Knox is freed on Fri. March 27, 2015, three days after the GermanWings crash.

This is not necessarily anything to cheer about. At least not yet. The process of the dissolution of the ego is exceedingly difficult, frightening, and heavily shrouded in mystery (perhaps because few people have survived it?).

I previously discussed the number 22 as symbolic of both the end of our development in the physical world and the beginning of our final spiritual journey.

We've been inundated with number 22's in the media for over a year now. Here are a few news stories from this month alone:

Also, notice on the Tree of Life that Path 22 is one of the routes leading to the upper half of the tree.

Path 22's direction is North-West and its number in Hebrew gematria is 30.

The first sephirot encountered at this stage are 4-Chesed and 5-Geburah.

Path 22 is also known as Lamed.

The shape of the Hebrew letter Lamed denotes our power to ascend to union with our divine nature. 

The top part of Lamed is comprised of the letter Zayin "the descender", which indicates that we must first descend in order to ascend (Get on Up).

In other words, Zayin indicates that we must leave one direction and move the opposite way.

(thanks to Eleleth for the Zayin - Zayn Malik connection)

Zayn "the Descender"

Beyond 5-Strength and 4-Mercy, the next highest sephirot are 3-Understanding and 2-Wisdom.

Note that the Germanwings plane was an Airbus A320.  So was AirAsia Flight 8501.

And on March 29th, an Air Canada mishap also occurred with an Airbus A320.

To be continued...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Choose Love

Everyone is being asked to choose lately. 

Are you...



What color is the dress?

Free yourself. Choose Love.