Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Line in the Sand

An examination of syncs between the movie Jack Reacher and the recent Webster firefighter and Sandy Hook shootings.
It all started because I noticed some similarity in these two names:

Oline Archer
Arline Spengler

Oline Archer was a target killed in the movie Jack Reacher. Arlene Spengler was the mother of William Spengler, Jr. who shot four firefighters in Webster, NY on 12/24.  

We already know the name Archer points to Sagittarius, the astrological sign for the month of December, as well as to Bowman (Dave Bowman/DB/42). 
[Note: The fact that Reacher can be rearranged to spell Archer possibly implies a familial connection between Oline and Jack; also in the movie Arline was pronounced R-Lign (Rose line/blood line? William Spengler's grandmother whom he murdered with a hammer on 7/18/80 was named Rose), but I won't get into that here.]

You can read details of the shooting here and here
Related Syncs—

#1:  On 12/24 William Spengler set fire to his mother's home at 193 Lake Rd. and a house and car next door at 191 Lake Rd. on Lake Ontario in Webster, NY to lure firefighters. He shot four of them (two died).
  • The street number of the address 191 Lake Rd, the imagery of the two neighboring houses (191 and 193) burning, and the deaths of the first-responder firefighters are all 9/11 syncs.
  • Both the date of the shooting and the number shot and killed are 42/Jupiter syncs (see this post at the Just Watching the Wheels Go Round blog for more syncs).
#2: Spengler used the same weapon/ammo as in the Sandy Hook shootings. The Sandy Hook firehouse was also a focal point of that event. Spengler committed suicide on the beach of Lake Ontario (beach=Sand).

#3:  News articles said Spengler shot at his targets "from atop an earthen berm".
  • definition: berm - a level space, shelf, or raised barrier separating two areas. Basically it's a hill or embankment...a.k.a...a grassy knoll. Which, of course, syncs to the JFK assassination mystery sniper.

An embankment with two berms.
It seems to me that Spengler was attempting to re-enact the JFK assassination and 9/11 combined into one event. I will attempt to explain my premise for this as simply as possible. In my previous post I touched on Phillip K. Dick's theory in his book Exegesis that our reality is a holographic composite of two organic higher universes, Hyperuniverse I (healthy) and Hyperuniverse II (defective) [also see this post at the Mask of God blog].
The defective organism Hyperuniverse II is dying, but it is desperately trying to stay alive and do as much damage as possible before it goes. As such, it is feverishly running through its old bag of tricks.

Hyperuniverse II is, in fact, already dead but within such a large entity the life force drains out in stages (like when you unplug an old TV set and the picture on the screen gradually fades out).
Either way, this most recent chain of murderous events (Aurora, Clackamas, Sandy Hook, Webster) are the death throws of a dying organism. These events bear the same signature elements of past historically devastating events (i.e. JFK, MLK, 9/11, Tucson, etc.) because they're all projections of the same ongoing battle between a healthy, living universal organism and an evil, insane, dying one.

A Line in the Sand—
In my previous post I wrote:

"Semantics are a big deal to me here since people say "End Times" (implying destruction) when it is actually "The End of Time" (implying a DEMARCATION point)."

The movie Jack Reacher was based on the novel "One Shot" by author Lee Child.  Here is a passage from page 4:
"He listened to the silence and lifted the rifle off the rear bench. Carried it with him to where the old part of the garage finished and the new part began. There was a half-inch trench between the old concrete and the new. Like a DEMARCATION line. He guessed it was an expansion joint."—One Shot
In both the movie and the book, Oline Archer's husband is in the concrete construction business and the image of concrete is associated with a demarcation line between old and new (a.k.a. a Line in the Sand). Further, concrete is made of a mixture that typically includes sand.
President Obama emphasized the word "concrete" in response to the Sandy Hook massacre.

More links to the names Oline Archer and Spengler—

Oliné Keese was the pen name of Caroline Leakey who wrote a book called The Broad Arrow in 1859 as a statement against the treatment of prisoners during the time of transportation.
In 1861, Leakey also established a house in Exeter to care for "fallen women" (i.e. Sophia) but I won't explore that here.

Under the laws of penal transportation, British prisoners were shipped to New England colonies (now the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts) and forced to participate in manual labor, particularly in construction of roads and bridges, often for their entire lives (Lifers).

Some were sold into slavery in the South. Many were innocent or had only committed petty crimes. They were exploited as a source of free labor until the American colonies gained independence in 1776.

Oswald Spengler (sync to JFK/Lee Harvey Oswald) wrote The Decline of the West and The Hour of Decision.  He warned of a coming world war in which Western Civilization risked being destroyed.

"Spengler's basic thesis, namely that cultures and civilisations are living organisms in their own right, just like plants, animals and humans, although of a much higher rank. Each culture has its own distinctive soul, which expresses itself in artistic, scientific, political, economic and religious forms."

Spengler believed that cultures pass through necessary phases from childhood to puberty to adulthood just like a human being with the stronger cultural organism rising up to absorb the weaker ones. And, like in humans, the only thing that can end a cultural organism's development is sickness followed by premature death.

This is very similar to P.K. Dick's conclusion in Exegesis that our universe is composed of two organisms, Hyperuniverse I (Yin) and Hyperuniverse II (Yang), the latter of which is sick, mentally ill, and dying.

PKD's hand-drawn diagram and commentary on the two "organisms".
Another PKD sketch of the universe as a protozoa-like organism.

Compare Spengler's and PKD's theories of a defective, dying cultural organism to this headline news on the morning of 12/27 (I fell asleep after I'd already almost finishing writing this post on the night of 12/26 and woke up at 5AM on 12/27 to the article):

Here the organism is personified as Dr. Octopus "fighting to destroy the world as his own body slowly died".

See if you can spot the Black Monolith in this pic. [Note: Per 2001:ASO mythos, the monoliths
seem to appear when mankind is on the verge (the Line? the Cliff?) of a major evolution.]
Overall, there is a major theme of an elaborate plan being executed to forever liberate human slaves from the bondage of being farmed and used as expendable collateral (an energetic food source to the "dying organism" a.k.a. "The Octopus" a.k.a. "outdated power structures"). 

We can see this theme played out in the recent movies Cloud Atlas, Lincoln, and Django Unchained.
The present moment is a demarcation, a line in the sand, beyond which old structures must be abandoned and our cultural organism must grow/expand/change/evolve for the better.
This was the Wikipedia pic of the day on 12/26, the day after Django Unchained premiered:

Human slaves printed on a Confederate 100 dollar bill...well, it doesn't get any clearer than that.
More to come on this subject in my next post (to be continued...)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Jack Reacher and the End of Time

I tend to go with the view that sync events appear in movies because they have already happened (time looping back on itself).

 In the past movies seemed to predict events years in advance. But now time has speed up until the event and the unconscious movie projection of the event precisely conincide as in the case of the Sandy Hook shootings and the movie Jack Reacher. No spoilers here...check the film out for yourself.
This would indicate some kind of zero point in time. The loop stops because it has arrived back at its origin point. The end of time exactly as P.K. Dick described it in Exegesis.
Semantics are a big deal to me here since people say "End Times" (implying destruction) when it is actually "The End of Time" (implying a demarcation point).
"Neither the palm tree garden world [Hyperuniverse I (the real)] nor the black iron prison world [Hyperuniverse II (the fake)] are our universe. Ours is the hologram composite of the two: they are the two laser sources."—P.K. Dick, Exegesis
In our hologrammatic world we are easily distracted by counterfeit events (projections from the fake/defective/evil Hyperuniverse II that seem real).
"We are concerned with these spurious elements as they manifest themselves interwoven with the real in our universe. The only way they can be expunged is by expunging the BIP II hyperuniverse or track: one must aim at the source."—P.K. Dick, Exegesis
These counterfeit events must be unveiled and traced back to the corrupted source, but the corrupted source will do ANYTHING to survive. This is the entire storyline of the movie Jack Reacher.

Incidently, the movie Jack Reacher was based on a book written by Lee Child. Lee Child=Lee Dorman. The Child is the Doorman.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Some Thoughts from a Fool

What we see with our physical eyes and what is actually happening energetically, spiritually, and dimensionally are NOT the same thing.

For example, from a universal perspective, there are elderly people whose souls are younger than yours and infants whose souls are infinitely older. As another example, once while meditating I discovered that both the little rock I held in my hand and the grass I was sitting on were wiser than me.

Everything. repeat. Everything is a choice. Nothing can happen unless we choose it. The potential for anything to happen always exists, but it can only come into manifestation through the energy we lend to it, either on the individual or collective level.

Simply put, there is an element of personal responsibility for what individually and collectively we create (and what individually and collectively we destroy) that MUST be understood before any type of evolution can occur.

Hypothetically speaking, if some higher intelligence wanted to determine whether or not we had gleaned this lesson yet they would only need to look at one we treat the least of those among us.  In a physical sense only, the least of those among us are children.

They come into the world physically helpless. For a time they are completely dependent upon the choices we make. If you're empathic you can feel that there are also many adults who have the spirit of children. 

Open your mind a bit wider and you can see that in essence we are all still children. Thus, how we treat ourselves is the litmus and by our choices we are judging ourselves.

I don't know much. I'm a fool. From a universal perspective I don't know anything. But I believe this is fundamental truth and if we can just grasp it we can change everything.

Also, note that what I wrote above is basically a summary of what Pres. Obama said in his Newtown remarks.

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Gnostic Analysis of Chris Brown's 'Don't Judge Me'


The video opens with our unlikely saviour walking along a path that leads through a field of windmills. 
This is reminiscent of famed literary character Don Quixote's fantastical heroic quest...tilting at windmills.  The windmills represent the giant machines of institutions and governments that need attacking as well as our old personal traditions and belief systems that must be overcome.  They also symbolize a modern version of the cross of crucifixion (sacrifice of Ego/Self).

"The Intimate Christ, the Son of the Father of all the Lights, must seek Pistis Sophia in order to save her." (Pistis Sophia Revealed, Chapter 39)
Quixote is convinced that he is a hero, The One who can save the princess and restore chivalry and balance to the world.  It is a Fool's Journey.
"I don't wanna go there. We should never go there. Why you wanna go there? I guess I gotta go there." (Intro song lyrics)
A glowing chip is embedded in Chris(t) Brown's neck and strings of numbers course through his veins like blood. 

He is The One, the living embodiment of the Word.
(a high-tech version of Denzel Washington's character in The Book of Eli)

Denzel Washington's reminder to himself in a scene from the movie Deja Vu...You Can Save Her.
Brown sets off on his quest and along the way he discovers the fallen princess alone in a room.  
The role is played by model/actress Runa Lucienne who's name literally translates to "Secret Light".  She is Sophia, the light hidden in the darkness.

The fallen princess. Sleeping Beauty dreaming of her hero.

"It came to pass then thereafter that...I entered in into the thirteenth æon and found Pistis Sophia below the thirteenth æon all alone and no one of them with her." (Christ, Pistis Sophia, Chapter 29)
His Light shines upon her, waking her from the dream-like, near-death state in which she has been suspended for countless cycles of time.  Light = Life.
The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life motif in the pattern of light shining on The Lovers.
She awakens in agitation from the torments she has suffered while trapped.  And she is disappointed to find that he is not the perfect hero of her dreams, not realizing that he is but a mirror of her own broken self.

"It came to pass then, when Pistis Sophia saw me shining most exceedingly and with no measure for the light which was about me, that she was in great agitation and gazed at the light of my vesture. She saw the mystery of her name on my vesture..." (Christ, Pistis Sophia, Chapter 29)

Notice how Brown sits higher up in the shadows mirroring her saddened pose. For all the while as she suffered, he suffered.  As above, so below.
Grieving Sophia.
He voluntarily fell from the Height, playing different roles in successive lifetimes through descending states of sin and darkness to finally reach her. 

In the song, this is reflected by Runa's reaction to rumors of Brown's infidelity and his attempt to explain.
"I won't deny what they're saying because most of it is true, but it was all before I FELL for you." (song's lyrics)
His travels through the multiple parallel dimensions of Time (encountering a version of her in each one) remain a mystery beyond her current ability to comprehend.  Realizing this from prior attempts, he knows explanation is futile.
"I've been through this so many times. Can we change the subject?" (song's lyrics)
Pistis Sophia, or Faith and Wisdom on her part, is required.  To judge him is to judge herself.  Conversely, to accept him is to accept herself. 

"Please don't judge me.  And I won't judge you.  And if you love me, then let it be beautiful." (song lyrics)

Here we see that there is both an inner journey of personal integration to psychic wholeness and an outer manifestation of that journey taking place simultaneously on a universal level.  Again, as above so below.
Brown brings the concept home by sporting a black pyramid logo on the back of his space jumpsuit at the end of the video.
As Above, So Below
Runa/Sophia now appears in the role of a reporter rushing to interview Brown in the last moments before he leaves on his mission.  She must tell The Story. 

This is the dynamic of the He/She, the interdependent relationship between the Dreamt Of and the Dreamer. She can only be saved if he is a hero, but he is only a hero because she believes he can save her. 

Their redemption and salvation (and thus the whole world's) is intimately, cosmically tied to one another...always.

Alas, it is a suicide mission.

Brown is strapped into a chair and shot out into space (just like Jodie Foster in the movie Contact). 
(In a nice real life sync wink, Runa Lucienne was an engineering intern at NASA in 2009 where she worked on the design of the Orion cockpit.) 

He is the weapon, the Living Light.

He detonates and destroys the evil coming to take over the Earth.

"I'm doing a service for my country and my planet. If that means saving the people I love and I care about, then that's what I'll do." (Brown's last words in the video)

"For the sake of sinners, therefore, have I torn myself asunder at this time and have brought them the mysteries, that I may free them from the æons of the rulers and bind them to the inheritances of the Light..." (Christ, Pistis Sophia, Chapter 133)

In the final scene of the video The Lovers are together again, locked in an eternal embrace that transcends time and death.

The Pistis Sophia (the aspect of Soul within each one of us that longs to end its suffering and be redeemed) joined with the Intimate Christ (x)

Death is but a door.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Synchronicity and Me

I wasn't raised to believe in any of this stuff.  In fact growing up it was forbidden in my home because of our religion.  So when the experience of Sync started happening to me it was life altering.  It turned everything I thought I knew on it's head.  

I actually wrote this post about a month ago, but didn't publish it because I thought maybe it was too personal.  Then today I started reading the P.K. Dick book Exegesis and realized I needed to be brave and write about my experience the same way he did.

So many of us are having similar experiences and now is the time to share them so that maybe we can help each other understand and grow.  I do talk about some of this in my chapter of The Sync Book, but in a much more general way.

Looking back on it I think my personal connection to Synchroncity began around the age of 3 or 4. I remember that when I was learning to count the number 4 immediately stood out to me as a "happy" number.  I never knew why, but it was always my favorite number for some reason.

As I got older a lot of positive things in my life would have the number 4 associated with them.  It wasn't something I talked about to other people maybe because it seemed so normal to me.  Over the years the number 4 became a source of comfort...sort of like my own little secret passcode. 

When I was introduced to Synchronicity and Synchromysticm I learned the significance of 4 as it relates to the Jupiter symbol and Joy and other teachings.  That was mindblowing.

I also have a memory from around age 5 of my father studying with me out of one of those religious children's books.  It was the story of how God created the Earth and he asked me, "But who created God?".  As I tried to imagine what could possibly have come before God, I had what I can only describe as some kind of vision.

I saw the dark expanse of the Universe and I felt like I was rushing backwards through time in outer space from the creation of the Earth back to the Origin.  It looked like everything was folding back into itself.  At the end there was this extremely bright point of light and I was being sucked into it.

It was very scary, but there was also this feeling that I'd been in that place before. Like home?  I started crying and almost blacked out.  When I came out of it my dad was staring at me with this terrified look on his face. That was the last time he ever had a one-on-one religious study with me.

From my teenage years on I had some precog visions but never anything I considered important or particularly useful.  That was the extent of my mystical experiences until I was 30 years old.  On a rainy day in December 2007 I was driving on the interstate when my tire hit a wet spot. My car spun out of control and I had some kind of out-of-time event. 

I recall popping out of time, explaining to an unknown someone telepathically why I wasn't ready to leave yet, and then popping back in—all in matter of seconds. Perhaps I'll describe it in detail in another post, but basically what I saw in my brief visit to the out-of-time realm was a grayed-out cityscape that looked very much like Limbo in the movie Inception:

In the months after that it seemed like my "abilities" came on-line so to speak and that someone or something upon noticing I was activated started sending me what I like to call an "Intro to Sync" download package.  I know this sounds like something out of a Sci-fi flick but I'm trying to describe it as best I can.  And that's what it felt like.  Like I was receiving downloads of info about things of which I previously had absolutely no knowledge or prior interest. 

The only other anomaly I can think of that year that might have brought on these drastic changes is that I went under anesthesia for the first time in August 2007.  This may be plausible since P.K. Dick's transformation reportedly began after he received a dose of sodium pentothal at the dentist.

Suddenly I found myself up nights on the Internet digging for an explanation to what was happening to me and I discovered others posting online about the same thing happening to them.  I trolled blogs and read countless Wikipedia articles which inevitably lead me to ancient religious texts, mystical teachings, myths, and philosophies I'd never seen before. A pattern started to form in my mind. 

At that point I felt like I was discovering the greatest information ever. I couldn't understand why I'd never heard of these things before. Why didn't my parents teach me this stuff? Why wasn't it being broadcast on CNN and every news outlet in the world?  Eventually I stumbled across Jake Kotze's videos and his Synchromystic blogs and that's when things really started to click.

I wanted to shout "Omg...I found my species!!!"  There's not that many of us but more and more people are waking up everyday. Of that I'm convinced.  This has been a monumentally difficult growth process for me made even harder by some of the ingrained concepts I was raised to believe in (and accentuated by my own ego and stubbornness). 

But I'll never forget the first day a few years ago when I started to feel free.  It was nothing less than an explosion of Joy.  I'm still learning and growing and stubbing my toes from time to time. But everything I had to endure to get to this point was so totally worth it.

I'm everlastingly grateful that the all-encompassing entity behind everything in the Universe cares enough about me to wrestle with me. Repeatedly. This to me is Love.

(To be continued...)