Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ferguson Garner: A Sync Photo Essay

A synchronistic comparison in pictures of elements surrounding Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, MO and Eric Garner's death in New York.

Solange Knowles becomes Mrs. Ferguson (left);  James Knowles, mayor of Ferguson, MO (right)

Michael Brown's stepfather protesting in Ferguson, (left);  Solange's husband, Alan Ferguson (right)

A Ferguson resident engulfed in a cloud of SMOKE from tear gas.

Cigars, Cigarettes, & Tear Gas = SMOKE that CHOKES the THROAT (chakra)

Photo of the late Michael Brown wearing a Nike AIR t-shirt.

The AIR will be released on 12/20/14. The next day is the Solstice/New Moon 12/21.

Note: See previous post "Smoke and Sugar" for more syncs


  1. Great post, Sibyl! Derrick Rose, of the Chicago BULLs, was seen wearing a t-shirt that read "I can't breathe!." TAURUS, the BULL rules the neck/throat chakra. (TAURUS comes just before GEMINI). Also, the "HANDs up, Don't Shoot" mantra in Ferguson is tied to the sign of GEMINI, who rules the HANDS and CHEST<--(I can't BREATHE). GEMINI is SAGITTARIUS' polar opposite in the zodiac. This is the sign we are currently under. I have seen a lot tied to GEMINI recently, with the GEMINIDS meteor shower peaking the other night/day. ;-)

  2. Lennon lynched = singers must die

    Linden is the Hanging Tree for Isis' Greater Jihadis Coocoo for Cocoa Puffs putting hostages' hands up next to a burning Parliament Down in the West Coast Underworld

    "Walking on Air" (Malkuth Pepsi) or "Bel Air" (Binah Pepsi)

    Solange Losing You is "in another life, when we are both Cat People" (circa 1982)

    1. I suppose that also explains the Lindt Chocolate Cafe hostage tragedy down under in Australia.

      As Above, So Below.

  3. The mayor of Ferguson is named James Knowles?!
    This is really starting to cross that threshold...