Monday, December 24, 2012

Jack Reacher and the End of Time

I tend to go with the view that sync events appear in movies because they have already happened (time looping back on itself).

 In the past movies seemed to predict events years in advance. But now time has speed up until the event and the unconscious movie projection of the event precisely conincide as in the case of the Sandy Hook shootings and the movie Jack Reacher. No spoilers here...check the film out for yourself.
This would indicate some kind of zero point in time. The loop stops because it has arrived back at its origin point. The end of time exactly as P.K. Dick described it in Exegesis.
Semantics are a big deal to me here since people say "End Times" (implying destruction) when it is actually "The End of Time" (implying a demarcation point).
"Neither the palm tree garden world [Hyperuniverse I (the real)] nor the black iron prison world [Hyperuniverse II (the fake)] are our universe. Ours is the hologram composite of the two: they are the two laser sources."—P.K. Dick, Exegesis
In our hologrammatic world we are easily distracted by counterfeit events (projections from the fake/defective/evil Hyperuniverse II that seem real).
"We are concerned with these spurious elements as they manifest themselves interwoven with the real in our universe. The only way they can be expunged is by expunging the BIP II hyperuniverse or track: one must aim at the source."—P.K. Dick, Exegesis
These counterfeit events must be unveiled and traced back to the corrupted source, but the corrupted source will do ANYTHING to survive. This is the entire storyline of the movie Jack Reacher.

Incidently, the movie Jack Reacher was based on a book written by Lee Child. Lee Child=Lee Dorman. The Child is the Doorman.


  1. Talking about dead musicians,the first Jack Reacher book "Killing Floor" is about Jack hopping off a Greyhound bus to pursue a whim (finding out what happened to a musician,
    "Blind Blake"), Reacher is arrested and charged with murder.
    I also noticed that the reporter's name in the "Iron Butterfly Bassist Lee Dormam Dead at 70 "
    story is Miriam Coleman.

    Which links to the Coleman name synchromystically in this post

    I did about synchromystic journalism.-)

  2. The End of Time arrived precisely as the doomsayers predicted, only they could not read the language. The Empire restarts time in a brilliant masterstroke. The Time War is real. Philip K. Dick understood that we live within the divided body of Nuit (the Dark Night). The BIP is fossilized, and "repeats" itself. Gnosis is when members of her body awaken (Sleeping Beauty--Aurora).

    PKD suggested we were living in the era of the Book of Acts, circa 47-62 AD. I suggest adding 1900 years to see the allegory. PKD identified Olivia Newton-John as VALIS--Sandy in Grease, circa 1959. Oliva Culpo was crowned Miss Universe. "Culpo" means "to blame." Her fault (perturbing the reality field)?

    Counterfeit events, like the counterfeit Sandy Hook school?

    In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida = Xanadu = the Palm Tree Garden; the New Town.

  3. Check out the latest sync twist on the update on my COLEman SYNC post.
    How weird?

  4. @Brizdaz...your blog post is awesome! I'll most certainly be referencing it in my next post connecting all of this to the recent Webster firefighter shootings.

    @aferrismoon and Eleleth...Jah Creature and Cher. i luv it.

    Reacher=Archer with the letters rearranged.