Thursday, July 24, 2014

ISIS and the Number 22

The crash of TransAsia Flight GE 222 adds to the growing list of ISIS and Number 22 syncs this year:


TransAsia Flight GE 222 crashed into the Xixi buildings in Taiwan on 7/23/14. 
There is little difference between the words Xixi and Sisi. 

XiXi = SiSi = Egypt's President Sisi and also ISIS spelled backwards.

This crash followed closely on the heels of downed Malaysia Air Flight M17 on 7/17/14 which itself was a twin reflection of Flight MH370's prior disappearance. 

On route to Seoul, South Korea, Flight M17 (and all the other planes dropping from the sky lately) represent our collective soul's unrelenting search for meaning in a higher plane of existence beyond the confines of time and space, form and death.


Amanda Miller (aged 22) was one of the cop killers 
at the Cici's Pizza / Walmart shooting in Vegas. (Cici =Sisi)


Elliot Rodger (aged 22) was the Isla Vista rampage shooter.


'The Hunger Games' actor Philip Seymour Hoffman 
was born on 7/23 (today) and died on 2/2.


Cooper Harris, the baby in the recent tragic hot car incident 
in Atlanta, was 22 months old.


The movie '22 Jump Street' contains  ill-timed jokes about Maya Angelou, who died 
this year, and Tracey Morgan who was recently severely injured in a car crash.


The Walmart truck driver that rear-ended comedian Tracy Morgan's limo 


In February, Jay Leno retired from the Tonight Show after 22 years.

The Number 22 symbolizes Tau. Tau is known as the mark or the cross and, as the 22nd and last letter in the Hebrew alphabet, denotes the end of a spiritual cycle and/or infinity as well as the furthest development in the physical world.

The Egyptian Goddess Isis holds the Ankh, or Tau, symbol in her hand

22/Tau also represents the definitive end of a cycle of time, a latent state which precedes the next phase of a cycle of reincarnation.

I previously discussed the relationship between characters Tawny (TAUny) and Ted on the TV show 'Rectify'.

The entire show is based around the concept of people being trapped in a cycle on the 'wheel of Time and Fate' as symbolized by the main character Daniel's family owning a tire and wheel shop.

Notice the letter T (or Tau) on the wall in Tawny and Ted's bedroom.
(Rectify, S2, Ep.5, "Act as If")
It is a struggle for our eternal souls to keep shining when faced with the prospect of returning in a crash landing to Earth/ground for yet another turn on the wheel of life.

How can we escape this dreary fate? How do we break the cycle?

After years immersed in the high moral fight to get her brother off death row,
Amantha struggles to accept the 22, to restart a regular old human life.
(Rectify, S2, Ep.5, "Act as If")

But we can't give up. If every cycle is a lesson I have to believe we are growing and learning as we head for that one bright day when we will return to wholeness and peace; when love and joy will reign anew.

I know it's hard, fellow syncronauts.  I'm struggling, too. But put your lights on.

Keep your lights on. I still believe, one day soon, we will shine like stars.


  1. "PunxsuTAUney PHIL(IP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN) is a mythical groundhog in PunxsuTAUney, Pennsylvania. On February 2 (Groundhog Day) of each year, the town of PunxsuTAUney celebrates the legendary groundhog with a festive atmosphere of music and food." PHILip Seymour Hoffman transitioned on 2/2. ;-)

  2. Hi Sibyl. I often think that Isis (or ISIS) is 1515 because a 5 looks like a capital S. The mirror reflection of 5 is 2, or just think of a mirrored S.
    After the 8.21 eclipse happened, I wonder is 1515 (Isis) became 1212?
    And 22 is like the twin towers 11 11
    I have a thing with the number 44 also. You know, if you type shift key and 44, it's $$ ;)
    Love your blog!