Monday, July 28, 2014

22/Tau Ascension: The Final Journey

On July 24-25th a river in China turned red overnight. This was a symbolic reflection of a similar incident that occurred in 2006 when China's YELLOW River turned red.


Alchemically speaking, we are collectively leaving the yellowing stage (see my previous post The Color Yellow) and entering the final stage of the process known as Rubedo or the "reddening".


Whatever journey we're on I believe we're still taxiing down the runway and ramping up to take flight (despite several tragic attempts/crashes over the past few months).

We are poised to break through and cross some type of spiritual barrier, if only in our own hearts and minds.

My last post was about ISIS, the Number 22, and the Tau symbol, and this post is a continuation to show how things are converging.

22 year-old supermodel Andreja Pejic announced that she'd
officially transitioned from male to female.


"I am returning to my father..."—(John 20:17)


22 feet underneath the WTC a ship was found.


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  1. Black hair like coil, white skin like snow, red lips like blood. The princess/principe/first matter falls in in a deep sleep. Then she's placed in a glass coffin. Thus "light" can go thru'...