Friday, May 9, 2014

Saving the GIRL

Getting the GIRL back (aka reuniting with the Divine Feminine) is the current theme being played out in the sync web of our collective consciousness.

In my previous post I synched the GIRL with recording artist Pharrell's new album and the archetypal girl-who-gets-saved, actress Paula Patton.

Pharrell's 2nd studio album "GIRL" was released on 3/3/2014.

Scenes from the movie Deja Vu starring Paula Patton and Denzel Washington.

Flight MH370 and the Sewol ferry in South Korea have both been lost to the ocean's watery deep.

Is something truly lost or is something being born? A water birth?

At the same time Paula Patton professes her "Deep Love" for husband Robin Thicke despite their current separation.

Paula Patton lost deep underwater with her time-traveling cosmic lover Denzel Washington
after their truck plunges off the Algiers FERRY in the movie Deja Vu.

Meanwhile, in the latest news the whole world is converging to get back hundreds of girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

In the video above Angelina Jolie is speaking from a Paris press conference for her upcoming movie Maleficent.  Interesting, especially since her title character Maleficent is famous for casting a death curse on the GIRL, Princess Aurora.

Mythwise, Maleficent is also virtually interchangeable with the Evil Queen from "Snow White and The Huntsman" who ordering the kidnapping and death of the GIRL, her stepdaughter Snow White.

I've noticed many popular TV shows are following the same separation versus "get the girl back" story arc.

On The Mentalist, Lisbon struggles with the decision of leaving Jane behind in TX
and moving to D.C. with another man. (Season 6, Episode 20, Il Tavolo Bianco)

On Mad Men, Don Draper and his wife Megan are living separately (he's in NY, she's in LA)
and she's contemplating leaving him. (Season 7, Episode 3, Field Trip)

On Grey's Anatomy, Christina and Burke realize separation was necessary to prevent their intense love
from consuming their personal growth. (Seas. 10, Ep. 22, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together)

So, will the separation end?  Will the cosmic lovers face each other or turn their backs on one another this go 'round?

This Clock Never Seemed So Alive

When we transcend duality we realize that we were never meant to have to choose.

As infinite beings, we can experience both the future and the past simultaneously, non-locally, and non-linearly in time.

Deja Vu is my favorite time travel movie. It resonates with me on a personal level and I've always carried its refrigerator magnet motto "U Can Save Her" in my heart, but I just noticed something...

Since I was synching with the color yellow I focused on the yellow letters in the message.
Looking at it that way it may actually say "U can NVR save her".
You Can NEVER Save Her??? what???

NOTE: I'm going to stop here. My next post will take a sharp detour. The topic will be about the peril of meeting your cosmic lover in the World of Forms.

Basically it will detail how everything in this reality will conspire to keep you apart. I'll try to explain it as best I can in synchromystic terms using themes from various movies for clarity. So get ready.

UPDATE: 5/19/14 - Robin Thicke "Get Her Back"


  1. Flopped open Mysticism by Evelyn Underhill at a random page a wee while after reading your post and found this,

    "So mysterious is the secret", says St Teresa, "and so sublime the favour that God thus bestows instantaneously on the soul, that it feels a supreme delight, only to be described by saying that our Lord vouchsafes for the moment to reveal to it His own heavenly glory in a far more subtle way than by any vision or spiritual delight. As far as can be understood, the soul, I mean the spirit of this soul, is made one with God, who is Himself a spirit, and Who has been pleased to show certain persons how far His love for us extends in order that we may praise His greatness. He has thus deigned to unite Himself to His creature: He has bound Himself to her as firmly as two human beings are joined in wedlock and will never separate Himself from her."

    Thought it sync'd a bit with your upcoming post.

    Will The Adjustment Bureau be one of the films?

    1. Hi, Clarence. You have great insight and I love that passage. It's a very accurate description of this mysterious and arduous process of the two becoming one. And, yes, you're right...I should definitely include The Adjustment Bureau in my next post since it's a perfect example of the roadblocks. Thanks for reading!

  2. Yellow/yellove.

    Yellow, then orange, then finally red, colour of "le troisième oeuvre"/the third opus: you're on an alchemical path.

    1. hi JP! I was just reading about Saturn opposition and the "Orange Alignment" on Goro Adachi's website. I'm syncing with it because of Michael Jackson's new album. On the cover they made his head look like the planet Saturn.

  3. Soul fairy in the lower waters of South Kore

    "(he's in NY, she's in LA) and she's contemplating leaving him" (for the moment, boy blue, yeah you)

    The Jester-King and Hecate in unlikely alliance (Sol Nigeria Nigredo)

    Orpheus can never save Eurydice until he gives his head to the Maenads

    1. In that sense I suppose my sweet singer MJ has already given his head (see above comment).

    2. MJ's head is on a platter as he dwells in Binah-Saturn's blackness

      If you read the Wiki you will notice certain other, uh, parallels with the careers of Orpheus and MJ

  4. In my personal sync sphere, there have been three recent catamaran yacht singings. It's unusual because catamarans are theoretically "unsinkable", yet there they went. The catamarans also sync with the twins of which you are so fond.

    1. I Googled it and found Heavenly Twins catamarans....nice!