Tuesday, December 30, 2014

AirAsia Flight 8501 and Decoding the Matrix

Our collective Soul is being freed from the matrix (a computer-generated illusory reality) and our collective consciousness is raising itself up to a higher plane.

AIR = Spirit/Soul; PLANE = Plane of Higher Consciousness
AirAsia QZ8501 disappeared after asking permission to fly higher.

To prove it, let's take a look at some of this year's many mysterious airplane disappearances.

(Note: As always, my heart goes out to the victims and families of these catastrophes and this analysis is intended for the purposes of synchronistic study only).

Malaysia Flight Flight MH370 disappeared over the South China Sea on March 8, 2014.

Malaysia Flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine on July 17, 2014.

They were both Boeing-777 jet airplanes.

In computer programming language 777 is a type of file permission and 421 (the Jupiter numbers) is a set of permissible actions (read, write, and execute).

Some of you may already know this stuff, but I wanted to post it here to show the correlation between the syncs we've been seeing and the command-language structure that apparently operates in our reality system the same as it does in a computer.

When file permissions are set to 777 that's the equivalent of all hell breaking loose. Everyone gets free access to every file in the system,

Or, as the AirAsia motto proclaims: Now everyone can fly.

In the Webdings font, typing in QZ8501 produces an airplane, the Islamic crescent & star (Malaysia and Indonesia are Islamic countries), a computer mouse, a file cabinet, and a file being opened (Credit and major thanks to Joe Daly for this discovery).

QZ8501 in Webdings font (Credit: Joe Daly).
Note: Click here to check the results for yourself.

File permission 777 means all files can be changed or deleted by anyone.  So, for example, if our reality is computer-generated like in the movie 'The Matrix', then airplanes crashing and disappearing could be a result of someone deleting/changing our reality's gravity, time, or general relativity physics file definitions.

I pasted together this illustration chart from info readily available on any web hosting site.

It also means that no info can remain hidden anymore. File permission 777 allows Internet hackers like those who recently hit Sony to edit any files. Secrets are exposed for all the world to see.

The file permissions even relate to the number 44 (which has always been my personal sync number). I once told someone I feel like my role is as a dreamer/creator of ideas, but I'm not the person who's job it is to implement them.

In game terms, it's someone else's job to run the ball down the field and score the goal.

On the chart above, that matches the description of file permission 644 which reads and writes but does not execute.

I also had a dream earlier this year where the word "pilot" was being explained to me in similar terms.

AIRplane and pilot stories manifest in the Matrix
as something new is being launched.

Here's some of what I can remember being told in the dream: when one story (or computer program) ends you begin a new one by creating and issuing a new story line (set of commands)...i.e. by launching the pilot.

The first episode of a TV show is called the "pilot episode".

When a network launches a new TV program, we say the show is ON AIR.

Notice all the Breath/Air/Airplane syncs in recent media events:  the "I can't BREATHE" motto, the release of the new Nike AIR Jordan 11, the soul/Seoul Korean AIR nut incident (nut = Nuit the Egyptian SKY goddess), and now the AIRAsia 8501 plane crash.

You don't have to be a programmer to notice the simple syncs between the "lost plane" events and the names of some popular computer coding languages such as C, Java, and Python.

MH370 went down over the South China Sea.  C, also known as C++, is a widely used programming language.

AirAsia QZ8501 went down over the Java Sea. Java is another programming language that can be used together with C++.  Java Sea = Java C.


We're breaking free from our programming and going live on air.  Standby...

To go deeper down the sync rabbit hole of the number 777's mystical meaning and QZ8501's connection to the fictional 'Lost' Oceanic Flight 815 check out this great post at the Subliminal Synchrosphere blog.

UPDATE 12/31/14:

I published this post yesterday (12/30). Today (12/31) the front page of CNN.com syncs the word SOUL to the AirAsia 8501 tragedy. However, where I said our soul is being freed, notice that they say it is being destroyed.  NOTE: It is not possible for the soul to be destroyed. We are infinite beings. Don't believe the hype.

UPDATE 1/1/2015:

Smoke was spotted rising from an island in the Java Sea near the QZ8501 crash sight (see my previous post 'Smoke and Sugar' for more on how smoke symbolizes soul/spirit and syncs to the Smoke Monster on the TV show Lost).

UPDATE 1/3/2015:

Sole (Soul) survival


  1. You should add the label "seal" to the post. That's the connection coming from "pilot"/"the start of something new". A "seal" and a "777" or "Jumbo Jet" in general on a picture ... you couldn't tell them apart.

  2. Always wonderful to read your thoughts. BTW, the snakes with the common names pythons (genus Python) and anacondas (genus Eunectes) both belong to the family Boidae. However, pythons lay eggs while boas, of which anacondas are, give birth to live young. Just a thought to remember.

    1. Great observation, Loren. The imagery of something new being birthed/launched ties in with the motif of an egg hatching.There's another synchead who has a related analysis regarding the egg symbol. If he gives me his permission I'll add it to the post so everyone can see the tie-in.

  3. I believe that you are right on the money. I won't go into my experiences throughout my life , but let me say they involve : dreams of levitation ( since the age of 17 ) unexplained obsession with 108 (back in the 1970's) dreams about 11:11, Heaven's Gate and a connection to the spaceship that was trailing hale-bop ( 2 days before the mass suicide in 1997) 2012 ( dream in 2003 ) ... dream about being a Suzy and the number 6....Rosicrucian's ( recent dream 2014 ) ...many other dreams that have a connection to the other. Just to let you know that I don't take any prescription or illegal drugs, I spent 30 years as a bank teller, and although a Pisces, I'm not really into any 'esoteric ' studies or had any previous knowledge about any of the esoteric stuff I've had dreams about ( that is, before the dream ). only recently in the last 15 years I 've pieced the pieces of the puzzle together, because of being able to research the dreams because of the internet of course. The reason why I'm commenting to this post is because you mentioned the soul being freed ( and the article mentioning the soul being destroyed. First let me say that I believe that on Dec 21 , 2012 at 11:11, a portal opened that has put us on a level playing field with the dark 11s ( the lilys, eel's, )
    I think that the soul is being attacked because of the shift to the air sign Aquarius and the rise of Zeus.. the Air sign of Aquarius , is very much the 'energy' of lack of empathy , sympathy. Aquarius is a very team/tribe oriented energy. Very pull yourself up by the bootstraps:, no sympathy for the weak link ( if you're not with us, you're against us ). The earth/soul ( water ) people have no place in a Air energy society. Remember Aquarius is the Water Bearer, that is, he holds the jug and controls who gets the water and if you're a weak link , you're a liability. The weak link will be seen as unsustainable and a parasite on Gia ( mother earth ) .. My crystal ball says that the level playing field that opened in 2012 is an opportunity for the light 11's to 'rule' for the next 2000 years. The 11's are those who have gain siddis powers from previous incarnations. The dark 11;s wishes to use the powers gained only for their bloodline, and the light 11's wish to share the powerful secret of the sacred sciences to all ( much like Jesus, Buddha, even modern day Tesla and Martin Luther King. The 11's have nothing to do with race/religion. The bickering between races is a part of the 'agenda' . Divide and Conquer. And who wins in this light/dark battle will be in control for the next 2000 years. If we take the 'soul' equation out of humanity , gone will be the creative and imagination force, which every day we find ourselves losing. In 2001 A Space Odyssey Hal asks... Will I dream?.... Of course the answer is no.

    1. interesting insights. i feel the creative and imagination force being lost as well which leaves form devoid of spirit/soul. i discussed that more in depth in a previous post Smoke and Sugar. thanks for reading!