Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ferguson Garner: A Sync Photo Essay

A synchronistic comparison in pictures of elements surrounding Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, MO and Eric Garner's death in New York.

Solange Knowles becomes Mrs. Ferguson (left);  James Knowles, mayor of Ferguson, MO (right)

Michael Brown's stepfather protesting in Ferguson, (left);  Solange's husband, Alan Ferguson (right)

A Ferguson resident engulfed in a cloud of SMOKE from tear gas.

Cigars, Cigarettes, & Tear Gas = SMOKE that CHOKES the THROAT (chakra)

Photo of the late Michael Brown wearing a Nike AIR t-shirt.

The AIR will be released on 12/20/14. The next day is the Solstice/New Moon 12/21.

Note: See previous post "Smoke and Sugar" for more syncs