Sunday, May 25, 2014

Murder in The IV

As I was reading news coverage of the Isla Vista rampage I noticed the town is often referred to by its nickname—The IV.

In Roman numerals IV = 4, a very powerful number in my personal sync world.

However, I.V. is also the abbreviation for the intravenous drips used in hospitals.

As the Merovee blog pointed out, Elliot Rodger's initials (ER) even allude to "emergency room" doctors and 911.

Then there is The Hunger Games link:

Remember too that The Hunger Games star Philip Seymour Hoffman famously died earlier this year from shooting up heroine intravenously.  Hoffman was born on 7/23 and died on 2/2.

His death followed only months after the fiery car crash of Paul Walker, a phoenix resonator and star of Fast and Furious 7  (see my previous post for more on that).

The Isla Vista rampage follows the same pattern of 22's, 7's, and 23's.  It occurred on 5/23, the shooter was age 22, and there were 7 people killed and 7 people injured near a brand new 7-11 store (7x11 = 77).

All in all, everything ties in to our ongoing HEARTS theme.

Perhaps the latest Isla Vista (IV) tragedy represents a severely misguided and mentally ill version of a blood transfusion to keep our collective heart pumping.

But in actuality bloodshed is NEVER the answer.

The only way to achieve anything meaningful in this world is through Love...yet another heart function.

Video: Kanye West "Lost in This World" featuring Bon IVer

***Sync Note:  I'm still working on this connection, but Elliot Rodger's obsession with winning the lotto (per his manifesto) also syncs to JP Morgan exec Gabriel Magee's death in London last week. Magee = magician?

According to the article:

The double suicide-by-laptop was done by lethal injection, intravenously.  It happened in AYR, Scotland. Interesting that one of an I.V.'s purposes is to ensure AIR does not enter the bloodstream.

UPDATE: 6/01/14:  Another IV and 7 sync...Plane was a Gulfstream IV...7 dead

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Black Clown Hearts

A short montage of recent celebrity, pop music, and TV images highlighting the dark sync theme of clowns and hearts.

Heart-mouthed clown image from Miley Cyrus' Tongue Tied video. 
It's a Killing Joke.

Hands of kidnapped girls killed for their organs are marked with a HEART on 
The Mentalist, "Black Hearts", S6 Ep. 21, airdate: 5/11/14.

There are syncs in this episode to the Nigerian Boko Haram kidnappings, 
Santa Marta/Santa Maria/St. Mary, and Columbia (see my previous post).

The men who kidnap and kill the girls are aptly named Mr. Ridley (Riddler) 
and Dr. Lark...they are two CLOWNS.

Jadeveon CLOWNey - #1 NFL Draft Pick

The Heartbleed Virus

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Nose Knows Gnosis

From California Chrome to Mad Men to rapper Macklemore the nose syncs keep rolling in.

On the May 11th episode of Mad Men, Sally Draper injures her nose and is shown wearing bandages on her face.

Sally Draper's injured nose. (Mad Men - S7, Ep. 5, "The Runaways", airdate: 5/11/14)

The Mad Men scene syncs to Jack Nicholson in the movie Chinatown after Roman Polanski slit his nose (thanks Andras Jones).  The network TV remake of Polanski's Rosemary's Baby aired last week.

The day before I'd noticed a new article about a military plane crash where the media made a big deal about the fact that the pilot had a nose scar:

Then I had a dream about an elephant with skin missing from its face and trunk (which I mentioned in my last post).

Did the elephant in my dream represent the Hindu god Ganesh?

Today (May 19th), champion race horse California Chrome's nose strip controversy was front page news.

If California Chrome wins the Belmont Stakes on June 9th, he would be the first horse since Affirmed in 1978 to achieve the ultimate feat in thoroughbred racing—The Triple Crown.

The (Triple) Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is the 7th and highest chakra in the body.  It represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually.

The Crown Chakra also represents our detachment from illusion and the integration of the WHOLE.

Flight MH370 connection: It's been well noted throughout the syncosphere that the letters and numbers in MH370 spell out the word WHOLE.

Putting it all together I believe we are at the apex of a journey to wholeness through gnosis. 

It's been a very bumpy ride, but we are finally reuniting with our divine higher selves and reaffirming our connection to the All.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Casey Kasem is "Missing" and the Number 311

This is a weird one. When I was writing my previous post about the "missing" Nigerian girls I noticed the logo on the "Bring BACK Our Girls" sign was odd.

The letters C and K in the word BACK were turned to face each other. It bothered me. (sidenote: The word Forest in the other sign bugged me too, but I don't know why yet.)

Now a very famous (CK) is "missing"... Casey Kasem.  As the voice of Scooby Doo, he was already associated with the notoriously missing dog:

(thanks Jason)

Numerically, CK = 311 (C=3, K=11, thanks Benjamin for catching that)

That number has been cropping up a lot on the sync blogs. I'm trying to collect examples so we can determine it's meaning.  It seems to have something to do with going underwater (underworld?), Atlantis, something lost returning and rising like a phoenix, and/or an extraterrestrial theme.  At any rate 311 is flashing like a beacon in our collective consciousness.

List of 311 Sync Examples 
(work in progress...I'll be updating it as I find them)

1. 3/11/11 was the date a tsunami and earthquake devastated Fukushima, Japan.

2. 3001, the fourth and final book in Arthur C. Clark's Space Odyssey series. Not exactly a 311, but if you count the monolith on the cover as a number 1...

3. 311 is Emma's apartment number in NY when Capt. Hook arrives to help her regain her memory and return to Storybrook (Once Upon a Time, S3, Ep.12, "New York City Serenade", airdate: 3/09/14).

4. The rock band 311 - the cover art for their album STER3OL1TH1C has an extraterrestrial theme. (thanks Noah)

5. On May 10th a military jet crashed near Phoenix, AZ. Symbolically it went underwater since it crashed on the Gila RIVER Indian Reservation in the Yuma Desert. And the "phoenix" bird of course denotes return/rebirth.  The media also made a big deal about the pilot surviving with only a laceration to his nose. Last night I dreamed of a happy, music-playing elephant with skin missing from his face and trunk...Ganesh the elephant is my favorite Indian god but I'm not sure what that has to do with this yet.

Note the numbers on top of one of the police cars at the plane crash site is 1103.

[NOTE: The only other time I blogged about a letter pattern sync it was E-F-G associated with a cycle of sevens after the 3/11 Japan Tsunami-Earthquake. During that time, a legendary "E"...Elizabeth Taylor, then Geraldine Ferraro (GF), then actor Farley Earle Granger (FEG) passed away within days of each other.]

UPDATE 5/13/14 at 3:52pm EST:

[Guys, the lost/missing/found syncs are rolling in fast and furious. just changed it's front page headline to a story about how COLUMBUS'' ship the SANTA MARIA may have been found off the coast of Haiti.

I'm dying because the blog article I was working on last night and intended to post today (before I was sidetracked by Casey Kasem) was about the TV show The Mentalist. On the show's current storyline girls were being kidnapped and sold for their organs and the FBI ends up finding the missing girls on a cargo ship inside a container at the port in SANTA MARTA, COLUMBIA.]

Cargo ship en route to Santa Marta, Columbia (left).  Shipping container with missing girls marked "400519-" (right).  [from The Mentalist, S6, Ep.21 , "Black Hearts", airdate: 5/11/14]

Friday, May 9, 2014

Saving the GIRL

Getting the GIRL back (aka reuniting with the Divine Feminine) is the current theme being played out in the sync web of our collective consciousness.

In my previous post I synched the GIRL with recording artist Pharrell's new album and the archetypal girl-who-gets-saved, actress Paula Patton.

Pharrell's 2nd studio album "GIRL" was released on 3/3/2014.

Scenes from the movie Deja Vu starring Paula Patton and Denzel Washington.

Flight MH370 and the Sewol ferry in South Korea have both been lost to the ocean's watery deep.

Is something truly lost or is something being born? A water birth?

At the same time Paula Patton professes her "Deep Love" for husband Robin Thicke despite their current separation.

Paula Patton lost deep underwater with her time-traveling cosmic lover Denzel Washington
after their truck plunges off the Algiers FERRY in the movie Deja Vu.

Meanwhile, in the latest news the whole world is converging to get back hundreds of girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

In the video above Angelina Jolie is speaking from a Paris press conference for her upcoming movie Maleficent.  Interesting, especially since her title character Maleficent is famous for casting a death curse on the GIRL, Princess Aurora.

Mythwise, Maleficent is also virtually interchangeable with the Evil Queen from "Snow White and The Huntsman" who ordering the kidnapping and death of the GIRL, her stepdaughter Snow White.

I've noticed many popular TV shows are following the same separation versus "get the girl back" story arc.

On The Mentalist, Lisbon struggles with the decision of leaving Jane behind in TX
and moving to D.C. with another man. (Season 6, Episode 20, Il Tavolo Bianco)

On Mad Men, Don Draper and his wife Megan are living separately (he's in NY, she's in LA)
and she's contemplating leaving him. (Season 7, Episode 3, Field Trip)

On Grey's Anatomy, Christina and Burke realize separation was necessary to prevent their intense love
from consuming their personal growth. (Seas. 10, Ep. 22, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together)

So, will the separation end?  Will the cosmic lovers face each other or turn their backs on one another this go 'round?

This Clock Never Seemed So Alive

When we transcend duality we realize that we were never meant to have to choose.

As infinite beings, we can experience both the future and the past simultaneously, non-locally, and non-linearly in time.

Deja Vu is my favorite time travel movie. It resonates with me on a personal level and I've always carried its refrigerator magnet motto "U Can Save Her" in my heart, but I just noticed something...

Since I was synching with the color yellow I focused on the yellow letters in the message.
Looking at it that way it may actually say "U can NVR save her".
You Can NEVER Save Her??? what???

NOTE: I'm going to stop here. My next post will take a sharp detour. The topic will be about the peril of meeting your cosmic lover in the World of Forms.

Basically it will detail how everything in this reality will conspire to keep you apart. I'll try to explain it as best I can in synchromystic terms using themes from various movies for clarity. So get ready.

UPDATE: 5/19/14 - Robin Thicke "Get Her Back"