Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Barack Obama—The Last MABUS (Part I)

Nostradamus ominously foretold the coming of a person named Mabus who would usher in the End Times.

As President Obama wraps up the first half of his historic term in office,  let's explore why he is the enigmatic Mabus figure (and why that's a good thing).

Nostradamus himself admitted that his writings were intentionally jumbled and confused to hide their true meaning from the average reader. 

So, the first thing we need to do is unscramble the Mabus Quatrain.

Here's the Original Quatrain: 
Mabus then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.
--- Century II, Quatrain 62, The Book of Nostradamus

Now here is my reading of the Quatrain with the words and phrases rearranged in a more grammatically correct, logical, and poetic rendering.
There will be a hundred Mabus---beasts, a horrible rout.
Then suddenly, Behold!
From among the people there will come: The One.
When the comet runs vengeance, thirst, and hunger will soon die by his hand.

And here is my final clarification of the Quatrain, replacing the word "hundred" with "many" and the word "rout" with its dictionary meaning:
There will be many Mabus---beasts, a horrible, lawless lot.
Then suddenly, Behold!
From among the people there will come: The One.
When the comet runs, vengeance, thirst, and hunger will soon die by his hand.

From my reading it is clear that the term Mabus does not denote one person.  Instead, it is a plural, collective term referring to a large group of people who exhibit the same "horrible" traits and behaviors.  However, it can also be used in the singular case (i.e., the word Deer).

So, according to the Quatrain, finally "One Mabus" (singular) is born who stands out as being quite different from the "many Mabus" (plural).

Therefore, Obama is not the Mabus.  He is a Mabus in a long line of Mabus that have existed throughout history.  He is the One we have been waiting for, the Final One.

Next, I used my Soundful method to interpret President Obama's full name (see Soundful---A Synchronistic Word Game):

Object:  President Barack Obama

Visual:  His name

Symbology:  Barack Hussein Obama



Concept(s):  Born, Rock, Brick, He Is, Son, Sun, SS=2=To, C=See=Behold, Mabus

New Word(s):  Behold, he is the Son born from a rock, the Sun brick, the Mabus. 

Interpretation:  Behold, he is the Son born from a rock (the Sun brick). He is the Mabus.

Amazingly, this interpretation of Obama's full name contains both the word Mabus and a veiled reference to Mithras, a mythological Greek god. 

The Greeks believed Mithras was born from a rock and also identified him with the Sun.

One of the most perplexing aspects of the Mithraic mysteries consists in the fact that Mithraic iconography always portrays Mithras and the sun god as separate beings, while-- in stark contradiction to this absolutely consistent iconographical distinction between Mithras and the sun-- in Mithraic inscriptions Mithras is often identified with the sun by being called "sol invictus," the "unconquered sun."

It thus appears that the Mithraists somehow believed in the existence of two suns: one represented by the figure of the sun god, and the other by Mithras himself as the "unconquered sun."

It is thus of great interest to note that the Mithraists were not alone in believing in the existence of two suns, for we find in Platonic circles the concept of the existence of two suns, one being the normal astronomical sun and the other a so-called "hypercosmic" sun located beyond the sphere of the fixed stars.
--- from Mithras and the Hypercosmic Sun

This passage relates to the concept of Mithras as the "Second Sun" and astronomically pinpoints the time period in which the last Mabus will reign.  That time is now.  (see Jake Kotze's post on the Second Sun and Jupiter in the movie 2010: The Year We Make Contact).

NOTE: In a previous post, I also related current events in the Obama Administration to the Mithraic Mysteries (see Death of a Raging Bull and All Hail the Larry King).

Next, we will refer to Nostradamus' original Quatrain again to reveal its Hidden Mathematical and Numerological meanings.

#1:  Let's begin with Nostradamus' use of the phrase "Hundred Hand", or 100 Hand.

100 in binary digits = 0100 = 2^2 + 0^1 + 0^0 = 4

The Shambaa people of Tanzania and Kenya practice a method of hand gesture counting that uses the duplicative principle. They indicate the number 8 by showing 4 fingers on each hand (see Words, Gestures, and Symbols).

Thus, by writing Hundred Hand, Nostradamus was actually referring to the Shambaa Kenyan's gesture for the number 8---two hands holding up four fingers on each hand.  Visually, this is also a representation of the number 44. 

This further confirms the identity of the last Mabus as the 44th U.S. President Obama.  It is also an ingenious clue to his family heritage (Obama's father was born in Kenya). 

Photo of Obama and his Kenyan grandmother

#2:  "Hundred Hand" also contains a hidden numerological meaning.

Hundred Hand = 4 fingers on a hand.  Numerologically, it is also HH = 88.  This combination of two 8's and a 4, may have been a numerological allusion to Obama's date of birth.

Obama's birth date = 8/4/1961 = 8/4/1+9+6+1 = 8/4/17 = 8/4/1+7 = 8/4/8

#3:  "Hundred Hand" can also be interpreted as the year 2008.

Using the Shambaa Kenyan counting method:
Hundred = 100 fingers on each Hand = 100 X 2 = 200
Hand = 5 fingers on each Hand = 5 X 2 = 10 
Hundred Hand = 200 X 10 = 2000

We already know from our earlier calculation using a combination of Binary and the Kenyan counting method that Hundred Hand can also equal the number 8 (4 fingers on each hand).

Adding both of these values for Hundred Hand = 2000 + 8 = 2008 (the year Obama was elected).

#4:  "Hundred Hand" in binary form is also used to denote where the missing vowels in the word MABUS should be placed. 

Hundred (in binary) = 0100
Hand = 5 = 2^5 (in binary) = 2^5 + 0^4 + 0^3 + 0^2 + 0^1 + 0^0 = 100000

So, we will insert two Vowels...one in the hundredth place and one in the 2^5 place (in binary) = 100100

But which Vowels should we use?

Let's revisit the Quatrain to find out.  Nostradamus is telling us that the "One" is the last Mabus. 

Therefore, One = Circle of Completion = O.

This also entrains with the analysis of Obama's full name which linked him to Mithras and the Sun.  The symbol for the Sun is the Circle, or "O" (the Circumpunct, Circle of the Sun).

We also know that One = 1 = A (the first letter of the alphabet).

Therefore, our two Vowels are the letters "O" and "A".
*MAB*US---> insert vowels in the binary 100th and 2^5 place
AMABOUS---> insert the letter "O" in 100th place and "A" in the 2^5 place
AMABO US---> seperate the two words
OBAMA US---> reverse AMABO

Boy!  That Nostradamus really knew how to stretch a symbol, didn't he?

In one brief stanza, Nostradamus not only managed to foretell the coming of The Last Mabus by name, but he also provided (4) additional methods to authenticate his identity (birth date, family heritage, presidential election year, and presidential number). 

Clearly, he wanted to ensure that we would not confuse Obama with the other historical and present-day collective evil Mabus. 

To illustrate the importance of Nostradamus' cross checking measures, consider the fact that The Nostradamus Mabus Project site has compiled a list of over 80 potential Mabus candidates from our generation alone, most of whom are still alive today.

In my next post I'll decode another Quatrain from the "Book of Nostradamus" that also points to President Obama.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Soundful---a Synchronistic Word Game. Wanna Play?

Recently I've been toying around with the idea of how Egyptians did not use vowels in their written language. 

I also pondered the phenomena that the human brain can automatically fill in blanks and rearrange the order of words in a sentence to arrive at the most logical combination of words.

If you're a regular reader of any Synchromystic blogs you see that type of thing all the time.  Words, letters, and numbers are flipped and rearranged to reveal astonishing truths, i.e. SON/SUN, RATS/STAR, THORN/NORTH, STARMY/ ST. MARY (just to name a few of Jake Kotze's word flips).

This led me to meditate on the Power of Words.  One word can contain the information for an entire concrete concept in an audiovisual and emotive format.  That's why the Bible states that the world was created by the Logos or Word of God

It's also why visual representations of a company's brand name (created in its image) are called "Logos". (see Logos: The Divine Word of God)

Vowels are a modern addition of convenience by scholars trying desperately to decipher hieroglyphs (Nefer is actually Nfr in ancient Egyptian).

In English you can also remove vowels from sentences and still retain most of the meaning. 

Our brains automatically fill in the missing vowels in sentences like: “Th qck brwn fx jmps vr th lzy dg", replacing incomplete data with familiar concepts.

Similarly, in Hebrew, Arabic, and other Semitic languages vowels are not used in word roots.  Instead, word-stems (roots) are combinations of consonants, which in most cases are unchangeable.

I find it quite interesting that in both Hebrew and Arabic the root word MLK means King.  Today we still associate MLK with the concept of King due to its common usage as an abbreviation for U.S. civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.

Conversely, perhaps one reason King's message of freedom was able to penetrate our hearts and minds is precisely because his name subconsciously resonated an age-old concept already buried there via these ancient languages.

In this sense it's clear that often Names, Titles, and Symbols associated with a person or object are not simply identifiers;  They may also be representations of the character traits of the person or object. 

This was a concept well-understood in ancient times, but often lost in Western thought (see Ancient Hebrew Word Meanings).

For Synchromystic purposes, I've coined the method of interpreting the character of a word Soundful, an amalgam of the phrase "Sound Full of Feeling". 

This name embodies the fact that the visual representation of a word is inexorably linked to the Sound and the Feeling it invokes in the reader.

Soundful can be played as a Brain Exercise:

The Rules are simple: Drop out all the vowels Egyptian-style and make context-based interpretations to arrive at your final answer.  (Click here for complete Instructions)

Here's an Example using a topic of one of my previous posts Larry King as the Object. (see Death of a Raging Bull and All Hail the Larry King)

Object:  Larry King

Visual:  His photo

Symbology:  Suspenders, Glasses



Concept(s):  People who suspend belief, SS=2S=To, GLSS=Gloss over the truth, SPN=Spin, DR=Doctor

New Word(s):  SU SPIN DR, GLOSS

Answer:  U.S. Spin Doctor
Interpretation:  Larry King was a Spin Doctor for the United States.

In that example, I used Soundful to analyze the symbols (glasses and suspenders) famously associated with Larry King. 

In the following Example, I used it to analyze his actual name:

Object:  Larry King
Visual:  His name
Symbology:  Larry King
Word(s):  LARRY KING
De-vowel:  LRRY KNG
Concepts:  Lore, Liking, Yarn (to spin a yarn), You, Your, RR=2R=To, King
Answer:  You spin lore and yarns to your King's liking.

The answer can be interpreted the same as in the first example---Larry King was a spin doctor for his king (the U.S. Government).

Maybe this is crazy weird and only makes sense to me, but I've been having a lot of fun with it and have even revealed some pretty awesome ideas in more important areas.

In my next post, I'll demonstrate how I used this technique to analyze one of Nostradamus' most famous quatrains.

[ Have more good Soundful examples?  Please leave a Comment, I'd love to see them! ]

Monday, December 20, 2010

Crayola Offers Kids "Power over Dark and Light"

Just in time for Xmas, the commercial for Crayola's new Glow Station is a mindblowing 31-second mash of subliminal Synchromystic symbology for kids (and wizards) everywhere.

It opens with a shot of a pretty creepy Gothic-looking house and a woman's voice saying,
"Behold...the Power to rule the Dark and the Light."

The lights in the window of the house's top spire flashes eerily on and off.  Then cut to a shot panning a up a winding Staircase inside the house.

This mirrors the Masonic Spiral Staircase, Jacob's Ladder, the path the initiate takes to gain Enlightenment, and genetic transformation via the spiral of DNA. (see The Stairway to Sirius, Revisited)

At the top of the stairs is a Dog standing in front of an open Door with Light/Enlightenment pouring out of it. 

The Dark shadow over the Dog links it with Anubis, the dog-headed Egyptian god associated with Death (Darkness) and the escorter of souls through the "Door" to the Afterlife.  

This is another play on the juxtaposition of Dark/Light since the symbol of the Dog is also associated with Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.  It also ties to the earlier Stairway to Sirius sync.

Now we hear the Voice again saying,
"What you draw in the Dark glows in the Light."

Throughout the video there are several scenes of a boy standing against a wall while another kid draws things over his head, including: 

Lightening Rods and 666's...

A Lightening Rod is the weapon of Zeus/ Jupiter.  It's also the symbol for Enlightenment of Spirit on The Tower Card in the Tarot deck (see Rocks and Runes - Ride the Lightening).

...And an Angel's Halo followed by Devil's Horns.

In another scene they draw angel wings at a girl's back.  Note the continual play on Opposites:  Dark/Light, Good/Bad, Girl/Boy.

As the Voice later reminds us, "It's the Best of Both Worlds all on one canvas".

In the Dark the pictures glow Green, a color associated with Osiris, the Egyptian god of the Afterlife.

Osiris ruled both Death (Darkness) and Rebirth/Resurrection (Light).

Next, a girl draws a Heart in the Light.  In the Darkness/Death the Heart turns Green and a boy draws a menacing Smiley Face inside it. 

This links to Green being the traditional color of the Heart Chakra.

It's also another sync to Anubis who decided the fate of dead souls by weighing their Heart against the feather of Ma'at.

The Smiley Face symbol is a sync wink to a rare Astrological conjunction that forms a "Smile in the Sky".  Jupiter, Venus, and the crescent Moon were aligned on December 1, 2008.  An alignment of Mars, Venus, Saturn, and the Moon occurred on August 18, 2010. 

The Look at All the Happy Creatures blog relates the Smiley Face to a tear in the fabric of space, a Stargate.

In another scene the kids hold up a picture of a Caterpillar's face (another Smiley Face) in the same frame with an Open Door.

This symbolizes entering the stage of  Rebirth/Transformation just as a Caterpillar enters a cocoon to tranforms into a Butterfly.

The next scene shows a girl standing against the wall as a Crown is drawn over her head.  Inside the Crown are four jewels with one lit up brightly like a Star.  Her hair is also strongly emphasized.

The Hair Crowns the head signaling that she is an Hair/Heir to the Throne of Joy/Jupiter/The Bright Star (see The Return of the Ring).

Next the kids rock out in the Dark as a boy plays a glowing pic of a guitar that really looks more like a Star.  They are celebrating the crowning.

Flash to more subliminal 666 images.

Next up is a pretend x-ray showing some Fish swimming around in the boy's stomach. 

This reflects the myth of Osiris (also the Greek god Pan) becoming Fish-like from the waist down in the Nile River after being attacked by Typhon.

We hear the Voice again saying: "Give the gift of wonder, adventure, and Dreams", emphasizing the Dream-like quality of the Transformation experience.

Flash to the product box with a kid drawing a grinning Shark (another menacing Smiley Face) with a Star for an Eye. 

The Crayola logo is also shown as a Smiley Face with a Rainbow for the smile.  This demonstrates the movement over the Rainbow or through the Rainbow Bridge/Stargate of Transformation.

Flash to a spinning white Cube.  The multi-colored circles on each face is a variation of the Rainbow Bridge theme.  The Cube itself may be Metatron's Cube which is a symbol for the Soul.

The children's faces inside the circles make them Portholes/Portals further revealing the Soul Cube/Rainbow Bridge as a Stargate.

Flash to final shot of the Rainbow Smiley Face logo next to the phrase "Give everything imaginable" with the word Give written inside a Green/Osiris ribbon. 

That slogan reminded me of song lyrics I wrote about in a previous post:

And I never wanted anything from you
Except everything you had
And what was left after that too
---from "The Dog Days are Over" by Florence and the Machine

Crayola's website describes the toy's drawing tool as a "Crystal Light Wand" that lets you make "luminous freehand drawings"

Here the word Luminous is a reference to the Illuminati and Freehand to FreemasonryFreehand/Handfree is also an allusion to the dismembered hand (see Talk to the Disembodied Hand).

The Wand is a symbol frequently associated with Magic and Wizardry (think Merlin or Harry Potter). 

Ancient Egyptians often buried Magic Wands inside tombs as a tool to help the dead souls through their journey in the Afterlife.  And the fact that it's made of Crystal may be a reference to Atlantis

Maybe this type of symbology is planted in ads to induce subversive subliminal thoughts. 

Or perhaps marketers just know that our minds pick up on certain Universal Consciousness symbols so they pack commercials with them simply to get sales.

I'll explore more on the topic of Marketing and Symbology in a later post.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Death of a Raging Bull and All Hail the Larry King

The late U.S. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke was known to many as the "Raging Bull".  His sudden death this week synchronistically aligns with the sacrificial Bull-slaying rituals of the ancient Mystery cults.

The Tauroctony scene (shown below) is the the central icon of the Mithraic Mystery cults.  It depicts Mithras killing a Bull with a short sword.  Other major identifying elements always present in the scene are a dog, a serpent, and a scorpion.

An analysis of the circumstances surrounding Holbrooke's death indicates that all the required elements for a Tauroctony scene were present.

Mithras' Sword - Frank Ruggiero has been appointed to replace the late Holbrooke. Ruggiero is is the Italian version of the Germanic name Roger meaning "renown for his sword".

The Dog and the Serpant - Ruggiero stated that both he and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were with Holbrooke at the time of his aortic dissection.  This identifies them as the Dog and the Serpent shown leaping toward the Bull's wounds in the Tauroctony scene.

The Scorpion - Hillary Clinton also plays a dual role in the scene. In the Tarot she resonates The High Priestess card.  The High Priestess reversed can indicate all the negative aspects of the astrological sign of Scorpio.  She is the vengeful Scorpion desmasculating the Bull. 

This dynamic is reflected in the fact that Holbrooke was a frontrunner for his dream job of U.S. Secretary of State in 2008 until Clinton struck a deal with the Obama administration to appoint her to the position.

Synchromystically, Holbrooke's death can also be tied to the retirement of Larry King (born 11/19/1933), the long-time host of CNN talk show Larry King Live.

In the Roman Empire of the 2nd to 4th centuries, Taurobolium was a Bull-killing cult act performed by initiates of the Mysteries of Magna Mater.

The Bull was chased and overcome prior to being sacrificed to ensure the regeneration and purification of the Emperor and the Empire.  

In 1994, Larry King infamously provided live TV coverage of the police "chasing" O.J. Simpson's white Bronco (NOTE: a Mechanical Bull is also known as a Bucking Bronco).

King's trademark suspenders and EYEglasses identify him as one of the two initiates kneeling before the High Priest/Emperor on The Hierophant tarot card. 

In another nice sync, The Hierophant is also associated with occult initiations and is ruled by the astrological symbol Taurus, the Bull.  Crowley's version of the card (below, right) even features a Tauroctony motif.

Although The Hierophant follows The Emperor in the major arcane of the Tarot, together they represent one power structure working in tandem through politics (the religion of the Government). 

In this sense, Larry King as one of the Hierophant's initiates represents the EYE of the public helping to reinforce the Emperor's politics on the world. 

Larry King Live was broadcast all over the world on CNN International. 

CNN International Logo as compared to an inverted Scorpio symbol.

The show's significant impact on world views was even noted by Richard Holbrooke himself. He was quoted as telling King:

"I know that your program is watched carefully in Belgrade, probably the most watched program available to the leadership in Belgrade, and I hope they hear your suggestion and respond positively to it.”

If King is the archetypal EYE of public politics, then Holbrooke was, as an article in TIME called him, the "Archetype of American Diplomacy".  

His dying mission was to end the war in Afghanistan and he was notoriously dogged in his lifelong pursuit of world peace. 

Holbrooke's struggle links synchromystically to the 1980 movie classic Raging Bull starring Robert De Niro as failed boxing prizefighter Jake LaMotta. 

Eleleth at the Kosmos Idikos blog confirms De Niro's connection to the Bull/Beast.  He writes: 
Robert De Niro, as a personification of the Beast (the dark, masculine Ego), is lost and adrift in the world, desperately searching for the Beauty--that is, the feminine principle of Love--that ever eludes his grasp.

Like De Niro's character Jake LaMotta, Holbrooke is the failed prizefighter who dies with his hard fought efforts to bring the principle of Love/Peace to Afghanistan unfulfilled.

The name LaMotta also means "dweller by a fortified stronghold" which links Holbrooke to The Five of Cups in the Tarot and syncs with the Five (V) of The Hierophant card.

Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai collaborated with Holbrooke to try to strike a peace accord. 

Holbrooke and Afghan President Hamid Karzai

On 10/11/2010 Karzai was interviewed via satellite on Larry King Live.

In the interview King tows the "Emperor's" line by suggesting the Taliban is an "undefeatable force", Obama's drawdown of troops is tantamount to abandonment, and Karzai is a delusional manic depressive.

Richard Holbrooke died on 12/13/10.  Three days later on 12/16/10 Larry King retired at the age of 77, ending his show after 25 (2+5=7) years on air.

British journalist and TV personality Piers Morgan has been selected to replace King on CNN.

Piers Morgan was born Piers O'Meara on 3/30/1965 (3/3/11=33) and his name (Piers=pierce) is yet another sync wink to the sacrificial "piercing" or stabbing of the Bull. 

We can also find a synchromystic link to him in historical fantasy author Katherine Kurtz's (K2) series of Deryni novels. 

One of the fictional Eleven Kingdoms in the Deryni series is named Meara, and Kurtz's two most recent books are  In the King's Service (2003) and Childe Morgan (2006).

On January 1, 2011 (11/11), Piers Morgan will "fill the King's suspenders", thus sealing his place as the second initiate on The Hierophant tarot card---the Childe Morgan in the King's service.

Rutter wrote:
"We might even justifiably say that the taurobolium, rather than a rite effectual in itself was a symbol of paganism. It was a rite apparently forbidden by the Christian emperors and thus became a hallmark of the pagan nobility in their final struggle..."

Therefore, the Bull sacrifice can be seen as an act of defiance against God, a move by The Powers that Be born of desperation at seeing the Political, Religious, and Economic control structures they have so careful crafted now at risk of crumbling.

The Zoroastrian tradition speaks of the "destructive spirit" Ahriman (aka Angra Mainyu).

Ahriman slays the Primal Bull...but the battle goes on, with mankind caught in the middle, whose duty it remains to withstand the forces of evil through good thoughts, words and deeds.

The Raging Bull has died and the Larry King Live(s).  Who will prevail in this battle?

Special Thanks and Recommended Reading:

Special thanks to Eleleth at the Kosmos Idikos blog for his Tarot insights.