Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Atlanta Snowpocalypse and the Hunger Games

Recent events from nationwide mass shootings to Philip Seymour Hoffman's death to "Snow-pocalypse 2014" have all converged to point to one location...the city of Atlanta.

If any of you follow Loren Coleman's wonderful Twilight Language blog you would have seen a pattern emerging from his coverage of the mass shootings and self-immolation tragedies and culminating in his most recent post on yesterday's Kroger Shooting.

My comments from those posts:

Here's a map of the names of the shooting locations forming a circle around Atlanta. It also kinda resembles a human heart, doesn't it?  (view it on Google maps):


Another commenter on Loren's blog made the phoenix connection after the Kroger grocery store shooting in Lawerenceville:

Sync Note: The phoenix is the symbol of Atlanta because the city literally rose from the ashes when it
was rebuilt after being burned down in 1864 by Gen. William Tecumsah Sherman during the Civil War.

The imagery of a phoenix, a burning bird inside a circle, conjures up another relevant reference...The Hunger Games mockingjay logo.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, the latest installment of The Hunger Games movie franchise, is currently filming in Atlanta.  Famed actor Philip Seymour Hoffman (who starred in the role of the head gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee) died of a heroin overdose in New York during a hiatus from shooting.

Sync Notes: The name Philip means "horse lover". 2014 is the Year of the Horse. 
Hoffman was the 3rd 'famous Phil' to die this year after Phil Everly
and James Avery who played "Uncle Phil" on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Katy Perry's Grammy performance of her hit song "Dark Horse" involved her being
ritualistically set on fire. In November 2013, "Fast and Furious 7" star Paul Walker
died in a car crash fire while on hiatus from filming in Atlanta.

With only the final 7 days of filming left in Atlanta, the inconvenient filming hiatus was most likely due to...

The catastrophe was compared to scenes from the zombie apocalypse TV series "The Walking Dead"
which is also filmed in Atlanta.

As in the plot of The Hunger Games, the Atlanta snow disaster alarmingly led to many children being separated from their parents.  Kids in some school districts were forced by state mandate to spend the night sequestered inside of schools or on buses.

Note that President SNOW is a pivotal character in The Hunger Games.  His cruel character is the driving force behind both the child-killing games and the stifling laws that keep the districts' citizens in bondage.

President Snow from The Hunger Games

Some of you may know I live in Atlanta.  And as I'm writing this post the city is currently being shut down in anticipation of yet another historic "crippling, catastrophic, " ice and snow storm.

Yesterday (2/10) in anticipation of being snowed in I, like many Atlantans, went to the grocery store to stock up on food.  The scene inside the grocery was utter chaos with lines wrapped around to the back of the store and people on the verge of fighting. 

By the time I got home I heard the news about the Kroger grocery store shooting.

(Sync Note: Thanks to Darren B. for pointing out that the shooting occurred in Lawrenceville and actress Jennifer Lawrence is the star of The Hunger Games).

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games

Unfortunately, I wasn't surprised having myself just witnessed the violent desperation of people scrambling for food and supplies.  It was quite unsettling.

I felt like I was part of an experiment to see how quickly people can be manipulated to devolve into animalistic (zombie-like?) behavior through fear propaganda and a perceived 24-hour lack of bread.

Hunger games, indeed.

UPDATE 2/12:
I just had to add fellow sync-ologist Dan's 'Grocery Wars'  theory to the mix lol. Thanks, Dan! :)
"I have been working on a theory that the polar vortex is actually a viral marketing effort on behalf of Krogers as they seek to reduce Labour costs by only opening twice a week to completely sell out of everything before the would be consumers descend into a frenzy of retail induced Helter Skelter Grocery Wars. A la the Hunger Games. Winter isn't just coming; its There"—Dan O.


  1. Wow! that was a good post Sibyl.
    I didn't realize the President was named Snow in the Hunger Games.I've only seen the first HG film and that flew over the top of my head at the time,but I wasn't looking for snow syncs then,so it wouldn't have meant anything to me.To tell the truth I only went to see the movie because Lenny Kravitz was in it and I saw him play Brisbane that year.I'll have to catch the rest though sometime.

  2. Having lived outside Atlanta for a few years last century, LOL, I can only imagine the amount of chaos you folks have been experiencing there...

    And yes it is definitely a loss for many with the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman...How will they work around finishing The Hunger Games movie???...

    This is a great blog and I will be back!!!

    WAHM Shelley

    1. Thanks for reading! Apparently they plan to digitally recreate Hoffman for the final scenes of the movie. smh.

  3. Great post(s)! ... and I'm referring to both this one and your previous one. They REALLY activated me! I wrote what I call a "SYNContinuation" to your previous posts both here--> http://wp.me/p2GcRf-1mA (Wordpress) and
    here-->http://synchromiss.blogspot.com/ (Blogger). ;-)

    1. Thanks, Rory. I really enjoyed your post. You made some great connections, especially the MLK (milk) and bread syncs.

  4. Wanted to share this sync with you: I live in Louisville, KY (where Jennifer Lawrence is from), and we had our own Kroger shooting between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2013 - in an area of town that has not had a murder in 2 years, apparently, and at a location I frequent. The shooting took place in a parking lot behind the building, yet since then there have been police stationed inside not only that Kroger but another location that I also frequent. The shooter has been identified as a coworker of the victim. I did feel that something was amiss, but couldn't imagine what our little Kroger could have to do with these mass-rituals. Having read your article, I feel that my intuition has been affirmed.

    1. Hi Dennis,
      Yes, the Kroger aspect is very interesting and odd. I don't pretend to understand...just record what I see. Thanks for reading!

  5. Hi Sibyl, I have a lot of recent fire and ice syncs, but one thing I wanted to share was the "fake snow" aspect. In Captain America: The First Avenger, Red Skull is seeking the Cosmic Cube (Grail) and he discards a cube of ice as a fake of the real thing. However, since everything is reversed, perhaps the ice actually IS the Grail... Isis, Ice is

    1. Hi Michael,
      You might be on to something there. In his Exegesis PKD wrote "a fake fake = something real".

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