Saturday, March 12, 2011

The HEARTQuake

Without a doubt, the Sendai EARTH/HEARTquake and Tsunami in Japan was a major synchronistic milestone. 

But trying to put the tragic mega-disaster into words seemed futile until I ran across the above image which perfectly encapsulates it. 

(Photo Credit for the brilliant illustration: John Cole)

On March 5th I tweeted about how the explosion of the star Betelgeuse produced the appearance of Two Suns in the sky over China (see The Arizona Massacre for Tucson/Two Suns syncs).

Next are the EARTH/HEART syncs (which have been building up on my sync radar since last month).

In February for Valentine's Day I tweeted several Heart-related messages and also wrote a blog post called Stab Me in the Heart.

And finally...the explosion.  The Feb 17th tweet was in regards to this awesome pic of the Class X Solar Flare:

Today there were more explosions. 

A reactor blew up at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant...a clear message from our EARTH/HEART that Nuclear Proliferation is NOW, always has been, and always will be unacceptable.

[Couldn't help but notice the Double-K (KK=11:11) and Cross (X) patterns on the damaged reactor roof.]

Also today---aftershocks from the HEARTquake are generating a huge Vortex (Stargate?) in the waters off the coast of Japan.

MSNBC Commentator:  "It looks like the Earth is opening up..."

My heart breaks for the victims of this devastation as it contines to unfold each day.  This is The Beginning of The End of all the ego-laden baggage we must leave behind. 

This Is It.


  1. Please don't use this as an opportunity to poo poo nuclear energy. Sadly, it has been used for wartime applications, but its still in its infancy. Unfortunately, the oil companies hold the patents to the better tech, and they won't give it up until their livelihood is threatened.

    The light has always been aware of this issue, and concessions will be made, and as always things will unfold as they are naturally want to do.

    Keep up the good work, I like your site and am always interested in synchronization(s). I ruin moments and have lost countless opportunities, are they truly lost if they become periods of growth?

    No matter happens or what will come to pass all I can do is keep Christos in my heart (the annointing, not the annointed) and help those around me as best as possible.

    I do feel somewhat responsible for what is happening, but it's not. I am not alone in this world. I may be alone in the crown jewel of Babylon, but def. not in this world.

    Thank you for all you have done.
    Out of all the humans who I have read, so far you seem to be one of the most free. Free enough even to look into your own heart without being overtly emotional.

    It would be great to meet you, but as it stands I am unable to leave my predicament unless I learn to free myself.

    Good luck to you, Sybil. May your hunt always be bountiful.

  2. Hi Ahavah,

    You're absolutely right, I can't completely dis nuclear energy while I'm still using it to power my life.

    However, I do abhore nuclear weaponization and I can honestly say that I've been searching within myself to find a way that I can individually move to a more eco-conscious/sustainable energy lifestyle (more on that in another post).

    And as the aftermath of this massive tragedy continues to unfold each day in Japan my heart goes out to the people.

    Thanks so much for reading.