Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Larry Crowne: A Kabbalistic Affair

I'm sending off  2011: The Year of the KingKill with an analysis of the movie Larry Crowne.

Basically this movie is a fairly simplistic account of the movement from 4 to 1 on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.  The Process of Re-Integration to a state of conscious wholeness (see my previous post "The Four is the One").

As illustrated in the Tree of Life (above), one must move from 4-Chesed/Mercy through the spheres of 3-Binah/Understanding and 2-Chochmah/Wisdom in order to reach 1-Kether/Crown.

No tough mysteries to unravel here for the armchair synchromystic.  It's all pretty straightforward.

{STOP reading here if you're allergic to spoilers}


Super Sync resonators Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts lead a cast of less famous players.  A brilliant casting move no doubt intended to highlight their synchiness as well as totally rescue this movie from the cheese bin.

Tom Hanks plays Larry Crowne (Kether=Crown). The King.

A.K.A. the Donut Prince...

The Donut Prince is a sync to the 1997 KingKill movie The House of Yes
(see The Mask of God blog for more on House of Yes).

Julia Roberts plays Mercy Tainot (Chesed=Mercy). The Queen.

As the film opens Larry Crowne gets downsized from his low-level management position at the big box store U-Mart (the U-niverse) because he never went to college.

He's a representation of Mankind possessing practical knowledge without the refinement of wisdom and understanding.  As such, he's barred from climbing the U-mart "ladder to upper management".

So he signs up for three classes at the local community college, including a public speaking course taught by Mercy Tainot.

Note the Beaver, V, and CC=33 syncs. The One Way sign=One Path on the Tree of Life.

Crowne's three college classes correspond to the first three of the Ten Sephirot which are attributes of the "intellect".  Chesed/Mercy as the first sephira is the instructor or initiator of "action".

At Mercy's house we see her and Larry Crowne together in a frame with the path numbers 3-2-1.

Separately, Crowne and Mercy are both stuck in dead-end lives. Yet together they can find the Key to a new life.

Mercy saying "There's a KEY hidden in that plant" as Crowne is shown covered with GG=77.

But before that can happen, Crowne has to purge all his baggage.  He's helped along by a free-spirited female classmate (divine feminine free spirit = The Shekinah) and his next door neighbor Lamar Johnson.

Lamar  (played by Cedrick the Entertainer) is a former winner on the game show The Big Spin (the Wheel of Fortune or Fate) and "hasn't called any man boss in years".

Crowne unloads of all his belongings at Lamar's neverending yard sale.  This recalls the similarly-themed movie, Everything Must Go starring Will Ferrell.

Crowne and Mercy enter classroom number 217 for the Final Test.
(see A Few Shots to Shaman and The Sync Whole for info on Room 217 or 237).

Crowne aces the class and 1-2-3 becomes A-B-C—the CAB taking him BAC to basics
(see my previous post "A-B-C. 1-2-3. A Heart Reset.").  Cute DB-asi sync, too.

The Sappy Ending:  The King and Queen kiss before scurrying off to the kitchen to make French toast together happily ever after.

The Tagline:  It's Never Too Late for a Second Chance.

The Lesson:  Yes, you can get out of this Big Box.  But you'll have to get empty and gain some Wisdom and Understanding first (tempered with Compassion, of course).  Want to learn how?  Well, The Sync Book is a great starter manual...and I swear I'm not just saying that because I wrote the first chapter.

The End. Happy Holidays


  1. I find that Donut Prince image kind of haunting. The mix of colors obviously puts emphasis on DON (another type of Royalty) but then the "e" in prince is cut off. Only thing I can think is that the light blue letters "UT" and "E" give us the "E TU Brute" of the KingKill.

    A while back I put up Larry Crown as the hermaphrodite on MOG. Scroll down to the bottom:

    PS: I think this 77 is for you. Claim it quickly:

  2. @Alan...I was wondering about those highlighted letters too. E TU is an interesting way to look at it. Since the O is kinda highlighted too I thought maybe the top line could be OUT as in "getting OUT of the box". Dunno.

    I really wish I was the person who purchased that Powerball ticket, but maybe it's just a sign that I should play the regular lotto tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

    @Jason...another BAD Teacher

  3. Donut Prince: a latens deitas in the eucharist. Bread and wine (coffee).

    Room 121 = The High Priestess (card #2) flanked by the twin pillars (1-1)

  4. @Eleleth...ahhh so Donut=Unleavened bread. In the movie the free-spirited girl (The Shekinah) takes Larry to the Donut King and gets him to eat a donut. That was a symbol of his purification/chastening. Becoming an empty vessel. Good stuff.

  5. Finally figured out the meaning of the letters in the Donut King sign:

    The letters O, U, T are highlighted in Donut. This spells the word "Out".

    The letter E is highlighted in Prince. "e" is a Latin prefix meaning "Out" or "Out of" (like in the phrase: e pluribus unum...out of many one).

    Larry Crowne had a dead end life working at the "big BOX store" U-mart. He had to go through a purging process to get OUT of the box which was symbolized by him eating the unleavened bread (the donut).

    [See the parallel with the movie "The BOX" in the latest Mask of God blog post]

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  7. 217 is possibly a sync on flashforward .137 seconds is 2:17. There is a bible verse dealing with prophecy at the end times chapter 2 v 17.

    137= qabalah

  8. I was surprised today that the tv was on, on the film RUNAWAY BRIDE,starring Julia Roberts,and, on a scene at a baseball or football field, they say:" ...The price is donated by Larry Crown...",film which J.Roberts stars too...