Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Dark Knight Rises in Baltimore

Current events in Baltimore seem to be following the script of the 2012 Batman film The Dark Knight Rises

[Note: These TDKR movie syncs actually began months ago with the crash of Flight 4U9525. See my previous post Bane of Existence and the post MC Bain-Marie at the Mask of God blog.]

In one scene, the movie shows Bane lifting Batman in the air, throwing him to the ground, and breaking his spine.

On April 15, 2015, Freddie Gray's spine was broken in an incident with the Baltimore police department.  He died from his injuries four days later on April 19th.

In the film, Bane traps Batman in an underworld pit, but Batman eventually escapes. When he re-emerges his fiery bat symbol rises up and appears in the sky.  

The imagery of Batman's "fire" rising in the film is meant to symbolize the energy of Kundalini rising up through the chakras of the spinal column in the human body.

This is further illustrated in the movie by the action that takes place on the Gotham City bridge. Just as Batman lies suffering in the pit with a broken vertebrae in his spine, the spine-like city bridge has a broken section.

After blowing out the section with a bomb, Gotham's militia troops stand guard to block citizens from escaping as they storm the bridge. 

This represents a blockage in the chakra system preventing Kundalini energy from rising from the root chakra (at the base of the spine) to the crown chakra (at the top of the head).

Similarly, National Guard troops were called in to the city of Baltimore as its citizens rioted following Freddie Gray's death.

Police and National Guard troops in Baltimore

Chakras are often depicted as flowers, and the flower of life symbol consists of 19 interlocking circles.

The number 19 is also significant in numerology.  It is highlighted several times in the film and the Baltimore events, most notably in the fact that Freddie Gray died on April 19th.

Gotham football players wearing numbers 91 and 99 (left). Player #19 (a cameo by Pittsburg 
ex-mayor Luke Ravenstahlkicks off the ball as Bane bombs the stadium (right).

The political rhetoric in the film and those surrounding the events in Baltimore are similar, too. In the movie, Gotham's mayor holds a press conference where he calls Batman a murderous "thug".

In reaction to the Baltimore riots, Baltimore's mayor and President Obama both held press conferences condemning the rioters as criminals and "thugs".

Gotham's Police Commissioner Gordon intentionally hides the "truth" from the people.

President Obama calls for the Baltimore police department to tell the people the truth.

In another noteworthy Batman sync, Baltimore's police commissioner is named Anthony BATTS.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts

A pivotal scene in the movie takes place at Gotham's football stadium. Right after the opening kickoff, Bane detonates a bomb that traps the city's entire police force in tunnels underground.

This was echoed in the Baltimore Orioles baseball team playing to an empty stadium for the first time ever during the riots, and Maryland's state attorney bringing charges against the offending police officers while calling for justice.

Is any of this real, or just an elaborate commercial sponsored by Under Armour?

Regardless, this is another interesting example of synchronicity that begs the question: Does Art imitate Life, or does Life imitate Art?

UPDATE: Star Trek Deep Space 9, season 3, ep. 11 & 12 (airdate: Jan. 1995) could be seen as a mash-up between the 2006 death of Sean Bell and the recent Baltimore riots. (credit and thanks to J. Bauers for discovering this)

The Star Trek crew accidentally travels back in time to 21st century California and ends up in the middle of the "Bell Riots" during which the death of a black man and the plight of the homeless helps inspire the country to make great social changes. On the show, the fictitious Bell Riots began on September 1st (9/1)...another 19 reference. 

Sync to the 5/5/15 LAPD shooting of unarmed homeless man Brendon Glenn.

Here's a positive message for chakra healing:


  1. "Sometimes Life imitates Literature" - these words I read in a book called Lycidas (Lucifer), directly after I had read this blogpost. :-)

    1. how true. generally all art, including movies, are derived from mythology found in ancient writings.

  2. Frank (Merovee)May 5, 2015 at 5:52 AM

    Hi Sibyl - great stuff. I see it as kundalini rising as well. The movie scripts are strange when you first see them being played in the news. I'm seeing these events as metaphysical vortexes which we have to go through. The media ( all sorts ) has become a spiritual black hole.

    And I think the use of movie scripts is for those who see them, a ploy so we don't take the events too seriously.

    1. Hi, Frank. Yes, I think were definitely traversing the abyss and it's full of tricks and illusions. I can wait to make it thru this madness and come out on the other side. Thanks for reading! :)))

  3. Frank (Merovee)May 5, 2015 at 3:47 PM

    I linked to the article as well in Merovee comments so hopefully some more will read it :-)

    I think when I first started saying news events were following movie and TV scripts everyone thought I had lost it, so glad to see there are others who have lost it as well !

  4. Sybil...fantastic...brilliant in fact.

    DivineDNA here.....

    Like Arnold says: "I'll be back."

    In the meantime: check this out if you haven't already.

    ‘Contagion’ the movie.

    Hollywood movies are usually presented as a form of entertainment, but their plots often conceal a specific agenda. “Disaster movies”, films about the end of the world through various mass crises, are particularly interesting as they all follow the same basic formula and glorify the same entities. In this article, we’ll look at the disaster movie ‘Contagion’ and how it “teaches” its viewers who to trust and who not to trust during a crisis.

  5. DivineDNA

    ...sorry forgot the link...

    1. thanks Divine :)) I'll have to check out that article. I know VC has a lot a of good breakdowns about these things.

  6. James "Joker" Holmes - currently on trial I believe, used a vehicle with the reg (licence) plate 119 ROC.


    1. nice sync. good eye! Joker and Dzokhar both currently on trial. It's a Batman-themed world right now. thanks for reading :))

  7. Hi Lovely Sibyl ...DivineDNA

    In my internet travels ….I wandered upon this – it sort of fits with you movie theme. Half way down page – link refers to DROPA STONES and YODA of from the “Star Wars’ series.

    Links states: “Star Wars was commissioned by the NSA, and contains a character named Yoda who behaves and lives almost precisely the way a real species from Sirius B does. This species, called the “Dzopa” or “Dropa” by the Tibetans, is considered to be a mystical race of philosophers from the star Sirius B.
    There are also alien skeletons in the possession of the Chinese government which were found buried in caves alongside strange “Dropa Stones” in the mountains of Tibet. These skeletons had oversized crania, massive eye sockets, very short bodies and many other anomalies which defined them, anthropologically speaking, as non-human. In fact, these were, just as Tibetan monks have said, beings called the “Dzhopa” who emanate from Sirius B and seeded Original Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and many other philosophical systems on Earth. In appearance they were short (3-4 feet tall on average), very squat, with spindly limbs and bulbous heads, and with large, long, somewhat Chinese-like eyes. Their skin was/is yellowish, and, strangely like Yoda, most of them live in hermit-style solitude on their misty subtropical swamp-covered planet. (remember, these Yoda-like aliens are from Sirius B. Above is pictured a Sirian A, which is a totally different race. Sirius A=Hebrew/Egyptian 7-foot tall aliens. Sirius B=Short, Chinese-like Philosopher aliens.)
    Well, the Dropa Stones bore many extremely small hieroglyphs on them, in swirling patterns, which were deciphered eventually by the Chinese linguist Dr. “Tsum Um Nui” (Sounds like a Pseudonym to me. And his translation was clearly altered. Perhaps “Um Nui” was a Chinese government agent). These heiroglyps told the account of space travellers which had crash-landed on Earth and were marooned in the mountains of Tibet. The strange Tibetan stories of “Dzhopa” had been confirmed to be true.”

    1. interesting. I always ponder whether these things end up in movies intentionally or whether they emerge spontaneously from our collective consciousness.

  8. Hi Sibyl !

    Under ArMOUR is so...Chanel...


  9. Hi Sibyl! Forgive me, for I have just read this post today. It actually syncs up with my latest post that I published today. The BA is the "soul." We find the BA in BAltimore, BAt, BAseBAll, BAtts, and BAne. The Egyptian COW goddess BAt ties in with the astrological sign of CANCER, the CRAB. BAltiMO[O]re is the HOME of CRABS, the BAltimore Orioles (BAseBAll), as well as Under Armour, a sigil that resemBULLs a CRAB. I'm glad I didn't read this post until now...the wheels are really turning! Nice work! ;-)

    1. Great comment, Rory! Sorry i'm just responding but I was travelling internationally. Note: Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts got fired today.

  10. good job , , but don't you pay the actors ?
    it the difference between reality and you
    you are gamer, i m player .

    you don't pay & continuing too put troubles between people

    are you humans ?

  11. Fine job and wonderful breakdown. The game continues. There is a bench trial this week. So, who is the Judge? The Joker in the mix? Thanks for a fascinating read!