Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Barack Obama—The Last MABUS (Part I)

Nostradamus ominously foretold the coming of a person named Mabus who would usher in the End Times.

As President Obama wraps up the first half of his historic term in office,  let's explore why he is the enigmatic Mabus figure (and why that's a good thing).

Nostradamus himself admitted that his writings were intentionally jumbled and confused to hide their true meaning from the average reader. 

So, the first thing we need to do is unscramble the Mabus Quatrain.

Here's the Original Quatrain: 
Mabus then will soon die, there will come
Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.
--- Century II, Quatrain 62, The Book of Nostradamus

Now here is my reading of the Quatrain with the words and phrases rearranged in a more grammatically correct, logical, and poetic rendering.
There will be a hundred Mabus---beasts, a horrible rout.
Then suddenly, Behold!
From among the people there will come: The One.
When the comet runs vengeance, thirst, and hunger will soon die by his hand.

And here is my final clarification of the Quatrain, replacing the word "hundred" with "many" and the word "rout" with its dictionary meaning:
There will be many Mabus---beasts, a horrible, lawless lot.
Then suddenly, Behold!
From among the people there will come: The One.
When the comet runs, vengeance, thirst, and hunger will soon die by his hand.

From my reading it is clear that the term Mabus does not denote one person.  Instead, it is a plural, collective term referring to a large group of people who exhibit the same "horrible" traits and behaviors.  However, it can also be used in the singular case (i.e., the word Deer).

So, according to the Quatrain, finally "One Mabus" (singular) is born who stands out as being quite different from the "many Mabus" (plural).

Therefore, Obama is not the Mabus.  He is a Mabus in a long line of Mabus that have existed throughout history.  He is the One we have been waiting for, the Final One.

Next, I used my Soundful method to interpret President Obama's full name (see Soundful---A Synchronistic Word Game):

Object:  President Barack Obama

Visual:  His name

Symbology:  Barack Hussein Obama



Concept(s):  Born, Rock, Brick, He Is, Son, Sun, SS=2=To, C=See=Behold, Mabus

New Word(s):  Behold, he is the Son born from a rock, the Sun brick, the Mabus. 

Interpretation:  Behold, he is the Son born from a rock (the Sun brick). He is the Mabus.

Amazingly, this interpretation of Obama's full name contains both the word Mabus and a veiled reference to Mithras, a mythological Greek god. 

The Greeks believed Mithras was born from a rock and also identified him with the Sun.

One of the most perplexing aspects of the Mithraic mysteries consists in the fact that Mithraic iconography always portrays Mithras and the sun god as separate beings, while-- in stark contradiction to this absolutely consistent iconographical distinction between Mithras and the sun-- in Mithraic inscriptions Mithras is often identified with the sun by being called "sol invictus," the "unconquered sun."

It thus appears that the Mithraists somehow believed in the existence of two suns: one represented by the figure of the sun god, and the other by Mithras himself as the "unconquered sun."

It is thus of great interest to note that the Mithraists were not alone in believing in the existence of two suns, for we find in Platonic circles the concept of the existence of two suns, one being the normal astronomical sun and the other a so-called "hypercosmic" sun located beyond the sphere of the fixed stars.
--- from Mithras and the Hypercosmic Sun

This passage relates to the concept of Mithras as the "Second Sun" and astronomically pinpoints the time period in which the last Mabus will reign.  That time is now.  (see Jake Kotze's post on the Second Sun and Jupiter in the movie 2010: The Year We Make Contact).

NOTE: In a previous post, I also related current events in the Obama Administration to the Mithraic Mysteries (see Death of a Raging Bull and All Hail the Larry King).

Next, we will refer to Nostradamus' original Quatrain again to reveal its Hidden Mathematical and Numerological meanings.

#1:  Let's begin with Nostradamus' use of the phrase "Hundred Hand", or 100 Hand.

100 in binary digits = 0100 = 2^2 + 0^1 + 0^0 = 4

The Shambaa people of Tanzania and Kenya practice a method of hand gesture counting that uses the duplicative principle. They indicate the number 8 by showing 4 fingers on each hand (see Words, Gestures, and Symbols).

Thus, by writing Hundred Hand, Nostradamus was actually referring to the Shambaa Kenyan's gesture for the number 8---two hands holding up four fingers on each hand.  Visually, this is also a representation of the number 44. 

This further confirms the identity of the last Mabus as the 44th U.S. President Obama.  It is also an ingenious clue to his family heritage (Obama's father was born in Kenya). 

Photo of Obama and his Kenyan grandmother

#2:  "Hundred Hand" also contains a hidden numerological meaning.

Hundred Hand = 4 fingers on a hand.  Numerologically, it is also HH = 88.  This combination of two 8's and a 4, may have been a numerological allusion to Obama's date of birth.

Obama's birth date = 8/4/1961 = 8/4/1+9+6+1 = 8/4/17 = 8/4/1+7 = 8/4/8

#3:  "Hundred Hand" can also be interpreted as the year 2008.

Using the Shambaa Kenyan counting method:
Hundred = 100 fingers on each Hand = 100 X 2 = 200
Hand = 5 fingers on each Hand = 5 X 2 = 10 
Hundred Hand = 200 X 10 = 2000

We already know from our earlier calculation using a combination of Binary and the Kenyan counting method that Hundred Hand can also equal the number 8 (4 fingers on each hand).

Adding both of these values for Hundred Hand = 2000 + 8 = 2008 (the year Obama was elected).

#4:  "Hundred Hand" in binary form is also used to denote where the missing vowels in the word MABUS should be placed. 

Hundred (in binary) = 0100
Hand = 5 = 2^5 (in binary) = 2^5 + 0^4 + 0^3 + 0^2 + 0^1 + 0^0 = 100000

So, we will insert two Vowels...one in the hundredth place and one in the 2^5 place (in binary) = 100100

But which Vowels should we use?

Let's revisit the Quatrain to find out.  Nostradamus is telling us that the "One" is the last Mabus. 

Therefore, One = Circle of Completion = O.

This also entrains with the analysis of Obama's full name which linked him to Mithras and the Sun.  The symbol for the Sun is the Circle, or "O" (the Circumpunct, Circle of the Sun).

We also know that One = 1 = A (the first letter of the alphabet).

Therefore, our two Vowels are the letters "O" and "A".
*MAB*US---> insert vowels in the binary 100th and 2^5 place
AMABOUS---> insert the letter "O" in 100th place and "A" in the 2^5 place
AMABO US---> seperate the two words
OBAMA US---> reverse AMABO

Boy!  That Nostradamus really knew how to stretch a symbol, didn't he?

In one brief stanza, Nostradamus not only managed to foretell the coming of The Last Mabus by name, but he also provided (4) additional methods to authenticate his identity (birth date, family heritage, presidential election year, and presidential number). 

Clearly, he wanted to ensure that we would not confuse Obama with the other historical and present-day collective evil Mabus. 

To illustrate the importance of Nostradamus' cross checking measures, consider the fact that The Nostradamus Mabus Project site has compiled a list of over 80 potential Mabus candidates from our generation alone, most of whom are still alive today.

In my next post I'll decode another Quatrain from the "Book of Nostradamus" that also points to President Obama.


  1. Keep it coming!!! I'm really interested to see the next installment.

  2. I like reading MABUS as MAY BE US--Obama is our Avatar, right?

    People kept arguing about whether Obama was Tut or Akhenaten or whatever, but they were missing the point--Obama is THE Once and Future King, the Black Pharaoh Osiris. That's why something about it "feels" right, even if Obama the man has really done little to deserve the title--the archetypes are bigger than he is.

    That's what Virgil's Novus Ordo Seclorum is about--Saturn returns, and the reign of Hor-Apollo, Son of Jupiter, begins...

    I have also used your "synchromystic word game" quite a bit, myself. This whole system is actually used by occultists, who change the words into their Hebrew forms to uncover poderous secrets...supposedly. In Egyptian, L and R are the same, so "Lilith" is written as "Rerit". The same thing happens with V and B in some languages, so "love" becomes "ruby".

  3. Interesting that at last night's National Correspondent's Dinner in Wash. that the President referred to a clip from the movie The Lion King as the "video response" to the Birthers rejection of his birth certificate!

    Obama played the movie clip before the sudience and it was of the scene when Semba was anointed after being born!

    Fascinating that the President himself revealed this.


  4. @KE...awesome that you commented on the Obama/Lion King video. I noticed it, too.

    I just tweeted: Obama=Simba. Simba rearranged is Mabis. Mabis=Mabus.

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  6. wow!

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  7. Ya the mabus shit is all fun and games to you people try being the one people think is xala and being satellited and harassed by our government for years

    'B'arack minus the: B
    H'us'sein minus the: US
    Oba'ma'minus the: MA...add...'busma'...the letterS forming MABUS.

  9. What about the comet?
    Nostradamus an intellectual being that could tap into things we cannot - This MABUS could have have triple meanings and outcomes. Check it...
    For some reason comet doesn't seem to fit the explanation of MOB-US...which however could represent the MOB...remember what the MOB use to do back in the past. Align what is going on now. It is deeper..check the story of Barak in the biblical text...the great head wound and war, many slain. Barak Etymology: Barcas, the surname of the famous Hamilcar Barca, is the Punic equivalent of the name. Barca's son was Hannabal (Nostradamus Centruy II Quatrain 30)

  10. I apologize I meant "Century"...following the bread crumbs left by Nostradamus is a difficult one but could shed light on what is about to happen. The dooble meaning - Hannabil Barca from Africa - Baal worship - which today's symbol is still the cresent moon and star. IN the biblical story Barak answered God's call. Now it could signify the God's call to the end and the last "anti-Christ". He (Obama) could be the last play to put this in motion for the rise of the beast systems and for the The One to appear. In Islam, see which finger do they hold up, signifying, The One. Ironic how he was born a Muslim, has a Muslim name, but converted to Christianity? The Comet is significant too...

  11. The great head wound to the US is coming and it will begin with the MOB and causing it all or letting it happen is MABUS-Muslim=Obama

  12. Check the story of Xala - it IS significant too. The location, the woman, conjoining the same ideology as Taweret (Rerit). Sometimes depicted as a consort of Ra (Eye of Ra) and subdues the enemy of the Sun (Son). Double meaning? Could be that Nostradamus saw a comet or planet flying past the Sun disturbing our mother earth.