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Barack Obama—The Last MABUS Part II

Century 6, Quatrain 35 of the Book of Nostradums definitively pinpoints the starting point of President Obama's emergence on the scene on his way to becoming The Last Mabus.

The Original Quatrain reads:
Near the bear and near the white wool,
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo,
Mars, Jupiter, the Sun burn over the great plain,
Woods and letters of cities are hidden in the candle.
Century 6, Quatrain 35. The Book of Notradamus

Here, Notradamus speaks of "Woods" and "letters of cities".  This is a reference to the famous Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, CA. 

The European Holly is a tree.  Holly (Tree) + Wood = Woods (plural) in the letters of the sign over the city of Los Angeles. 

Holly Tree shown on a Medieval tapestry.

Now, here is my Unscrambled Version of the Quatrain:
The Sun is hidden in the Woods.
A candle burns in the letters over the Cities.
The white wool is near.
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo; Mars and Jupiter,
And the Great Bear is over the plain.

In Part I, we established how Nostradamus related Obama to the Sun and compared the Sun's symbols to Obama's "O" , or Rising Sun, campaign logo. 

Therefore, the first line of the Quatrain: "The Sun is hidden in the Woods" is a reference to Obama and the letter "O" in his name and logo.

Due to disrepair, the third letter "O" was missing from the Hollywood Sign until Alice Cooper paid to replace it in 1978.  He also helped raise money for the sign's complete restoration. 

The newly restored sign was unveiled on Hollywood's 75th anniversary, November 14, 1978, before a live TV audience of 60 million people. 

Unveiling of the restored Hollywood Sign on November 14, 1978.

Notice in the 1978 picture (above) that the Hollywood sign is lit up with bright lights.  This matches with Nostradamus' description that "a candle burns" in the letters.

Nostradamus used the event of the "O" being returned to the refurbished Hollywood Sign as a symbol of Obama "The Sun's" arrival in Los Angeles.

Obama moved to Los Angeles in 1979 to attend Occidental College.  This was the starting point of the path that would lead him to Harvard and eventually to the presidency of the United States.

This combined historical evidence gives us a late 1978-1979 reference time frame.

The next line of the unscrambled Quatrain is:
The white wool is near.

November 14, 1978 was very near to the end of the calendar year.  The following year when Obama arrived in L.A. was 1979, the Chinese Year of the Lamb (Lamb = "White Wool")

The remainder of the unscrambled Quatrain is an astronomical confirmation of the year 1979:
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo; Mars and Jupiter,
And the Great Bear is over the plain.  

In these two lines, Nostradamus highlights the importance of the year 1979 by providing the astronomical alignments along the Ecliptic during the rare Triple Conjunction of Mars and Jupiter which begin in that year. 

Note:  The Ecliptic is the path of the Sun (Sun = Obama).

I plugged the coordinates of Los Angeles into Fourmilab's Sky Map to chart the sky over the city during the Conjunction of Mars and Jupiter that occurred on 12/13/79:


The Ecliptic follows the exact path that Nostradamus indicated.  Starting from the right side of the chart (above), it  begins in the constellation of Aries, moves through Taurus, Cancer, and Leo, and ends in Virgo on the left side of the chart.

Also, notice that the "Great Bear", Ursa Major, is positioned directly over the Conjunction at the center of the Ecliptic. 

In my opinion, Nostradamus was indeed a seer.  I believe that through his meditative scrying methods, he was able to tune into high frequency future events in time and visualize them as pictures in his mind. 

His Quatrains are descriptions of those mind pictures combined with multiple numerological, astronomical, and historical references to confirm the time frame of his visions.

The unveiling of the Hollywood Sign in November 1978 would have been a particularly high frequency event that year because 60 million people watched it live on TV.

The fact that massive human observance of events can produce frequency anomalies has already been demonstrated by Princeton University's Global Consciousness Project

Princeton's project observes how human consciousness interacts with random event generators (REGs).

To illustrate, in the graph (above) output from Princeton's REG network significantly increased in response to global consciousness reactions at the news of Michael Jackson's death.

Basically, I believe that Nostradamus was like a human REG; he was able to tune into spikes in human global consciousness and remotely view scenes from future points in time. 

Hold on to your hats! 

I'm still researching more writings from The Book of Nostradamus and have already found several more telling Quatrains.  More to come on that.

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