Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Talk to the -Disembodied- Hand

Inspired by Jake Kotze's "Severed Fist of the North Star", here are some more Pop Syncs featuring the symbology of the severed hand.

Comparing the severed hand to a portent of "The End" like the writing on the wall in the Bible, Kotze eloquently writes:
"We can use the severed hand of "The End" (of the mind made self) and its arising in the media permeating our collective consciousness as a pointer and reminder of this new awareness we are realizing together."
In meditating on this concept I considered the common saying...It was so dark I couldn't see my hand in front of my face.  This exemplifies the way we look to the hand as the measurement, the material and visual proof our existence.  It is our attachment to form. 

Thus, in the process of our ascension to higher states of awareness, it makes sense that our notion of "the hand as self" must be the first thing to go. 

Notice that Marty's hand is the first thing to disappear in the prom scene of the movie Back to the Future with the song "Earth Angel" playing.

Also, the band's guitarist, Marvin Berry, cut his hand open while rescuing Marty out of a car's locked trunk.  So he ends up singing "Earth Angel" with his left hand in a bloody bandage.  (Marty/Marvin = Double M).

In the movie The Fifth Element Leeloo is reconstructed from a severed hand in a metal glove.

In a Reverse Ascension process, the rest of her body is built as an extension of the hand.

"Thing" from The Addams Family is another example of Hollywood's fascination with the disembodied hand.  Here it is shown Jupiter-finger down (or up in the reflection) on a checkerboard floor.

Gloved and Robotic hands also resonate with the concept of the hand as a highlighted and/or separated entity.

Much sync ado has already been made over Beyonce's and Lady Gaga's metal robot gloves. 

Speaking of metal hands...who can forget Freddy Krueger ushering us into the other-worldly nightmare zone with his gruesome metal-clawed gloved hand?  (and wearing a very Jupiter-like banded sweater no less).

Captain Hook chasing Peter Pan around fantastical Never-Neverland also fits the bill.

And speaking of Neverland brings us to my favorite synch subject...Super K2 Resonator Michael Jackson a.k.a. "The Gloved One".

In a perfect sync wink to the "Writing on the Wall" end-time theme, MJ's first album cover sporting the one-glove look was on his live album for Off the Wall.

"One glove is cooler than two."---Michael Jackson.


  1. There is also a special, uh, technical meaning behind the "Hand of the Mysteries" in the occult world that I attempted to explain in the first part of my Tarot post. (Did I say too much?) Hiram Abiff is raised by the "hand" of the Master Mason ...

  2. @Eleleth...Aaaah I read your Tarot post. Nice work. Very interesting Hand symbology related to the sublimation of sexual energy as a means of ascension/awakening. It seems to tie in perfectly with the overall theme of overcoming the human physical/material/animal nature.

    Now I can see this all connecting with Shiva/Shakti, the Alchemical Whitening/Sacred Androgyne, and the Buddhist Kalachakra Initiations (which culminates in the Initiate learning to harness his tantric energy) explored in my Michael Jackson posts.

    Thanks for the great insight.

  3. Every time I open Gmail, it says SHVA=1 in the address bar. Self-explanatory?

    Alchemy seems to be the "key" to everything, here--maybe. I like to think that the universe has a sense of humor. Of course, MJ also has the song "Beat It" ...

    The Divine Child in the Eleusinian Mysteries was called Iacchus (Dionysos), or "Jack"--and MJ is the "Jack-Son," right?

    I was sort of inspired by your great writings about the Sacred Androgyne to cover the same subject on my blog--we're always riffing on each other, it seems.