Monday, January 10, 2011

The (Un)Safe Way—Thoughts on the Arizona Massacre

It took me a few days to collect myself and my thoughts regarding the senseless tragedy that occurred in Tucson, Arizona this past Saturday.  

That the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and at least 18 others happened in a shopping center in front of a Safeway store where, clearly, the way was not safe at all is a morbid irony not lost on me.

Tucson Safeway with their old Pyramid Logo

This event has been dominating the television news cycles and the Internet alike, and rightfully so.  Like everyone else I've been watching and reading because I have a need to know the facts, but in my heart all I really want to do is close my eyes and turn away. 

I am anguished, horrified, disgusted, beyond weary, bone-tired of observing such cruel and heinous carnage in the name of...what? 

Sunday, I was reading the article above, and as I scrolled down the page my sync-detecting eyes did their duty by rote.  The fact that each of the fatally wounded victims' names contained Double Letters leapt off the page at me. 

Then there were the Biblical and 9/11 syncs, the "Congress on your Corner"/CC/33 sync, the NASA/Astronaut syncs, the Sun syncs, the Green syncs, the Oz syncs...just to name a few, all easily discernible in that one brief news story.

My mind was spinning, but  I couldn't even bring myself to try to analyze those numerous and blatant symbols here.  Somehow in my grieving mind it seemed disrespectful of the slain to relegate their deaths to a series of moves on an evil chessboard.  

[Note: Aferrismoon has written a more analytic post well worth reading.]

Then there was the perpetrator himself.  Loughner (aka Laughner), the Laughing Man, the Joker, the Fool. 

He's both a self-proclaimed "conscious dreamer" and a proponent of a subversive type of "magical thinking". 

Not the good kind of "magical thinking" like the The Secret Sun recently posted about.  Oh no, we're talking the bad kind that will get you admitted into the nearest mental ward post haste. 

At first I dared not post or Tweet.  Here I am writing about synchronistic resonance and archetypes and symbols in TV shows and Nostradamus' prophecies...uhm yeah...wouldn't want anyone to accuse me of that guy's brand of crazy, I thought. 

Finally, that twinge of fear subsided and I was simply left wondering what in the world is happening here? 

My thoughts couldn't help but revert to 9/11, a day none of us will ever forget.  Me sitting on the couch clutching the Good Book in trembling hands, wondering if the whole world was about to come apart.  And I didn't know a fraction then of what I know now.

For all of the wonderful, mystical, divine light we discover hidden beautifully in nature and numbers, within phrases and names, carved on ancient monuments the world over—the flip side still remains.

The most unthinkable, ugly, dense, dark collective Evil.  The Yin and the Yang fatefully intertwined. Always.

Times like these I have to ask myself:  Is it better to Know or not to Know?  To See or to remain blind? 

But for me the answer is always the same.  It is better to See, to Know.  Better to stumble along the often pain-filled Narrow Path of insights leading to Life than to walk the wide open road to oblivion.

However, if there is any way that the loving, light-filled humans on this planet can help to rapidly raise our Collective Consciousness far above the threshold of such Darkness, I hope we are actively doing it. 

I hope with all my heart.  More than that, I believe we are.

"But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to Life, and only a few find it."Matthew 7:14


  1. I hve been feeling exactly the same way lately. With wisdom comes responsubility, ad if you want to take your spirituality to the next level you have to go beyond your limits.

  2. true. We're really going to have to do our parts and commit trying our best to
    S-T-R-E-T-C-H ourselves spiritually/mentally to get there.

  3. Yin and Yang bad? Pleas elucidate? Dennis

  4. Hi Dennis,

    I was referring to the Ancient Chinese concept of Yin Yang which is a belief that opposing forces are interconnected and exist interdependently in the universe.

    So, Yin Yang is not really Good/Bad. It's more like Light/Dark, where the Light and the Darkness must remain in a kind of symbiotic balance.

    This tragic shooting is yet another example of the fact that there is an overwhelming imbalance of Darkness in the world at this time.

    I believe that we need a corresponding influx of Light (within each of ourselves) to counterbalance, nullify it.

    I also felt that the similarity between the Safeway logo and the Yin Yang symbol was a synchromystic signal subconsciously alerting us to this imbalance.

    Thanks for reading!



  5. More were involved. See the evidence, taken from the crime report: