Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Arrival

The Event (episode 122; "The Arrival") aired on Monday, May 23rd and the similarities between the weather anomalies on the show and what we're experiencing left me wondering whether Life is imitating Art or vice versa.

In case you don't follow the show, a whole race of human-like extra-terrestials are trying to come to Earth through an astral portal because their home planet is about to be destroyed by a solar supernova.

The show opens with a sudden tornado/earthquake.  The alien's leader Sophia explains that the portal is impacting Earth's precession causing us to feel geological disruptions along the 38th Parallel

Soon, small earthquakes and floods are reported in the U.S. and in other locations all around the world.

Real life parallels...

Real life: May 22 - Tornado in Joplin, MO kills 125. "Finger of God" twister still raging thru AR, MS, and TN.

Real life: May 20th - The worst flooding of the Mississippi River in 100 years.

Next up: A Volcanic Eruption...

On the show: A news reporter comments on ash spewing from a volcano at Mt. Shasta.

In real life: May 21 - Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano erupts spewing 12 miles of ash.

In the show's final scenes, a statue of Jesus is contrasted with the arrival of the alien's ship (which looks more like a planet) in the background. 

It's also revealed that the extra-terrestials once lived on Earth before humans did.  Thus, "The Arrival" is actually a return which is paralleled with the biblical "Second Coming" of Christ...

On the show: The alien ship emerges from a vortex in the sky over Brazil's famous 'Christ the Redeemer' statue.

In real life: May 21 - Lightening in a vortex pattern in the sky behind a crucifix in Kansas.


  1. Great post!

    Life is imitating art and vice versa IMO and your observations are terrific. I think that The Event has flown under the radar but surprisingly remains on the air...despite terrible acting and all!

    I like the show but it seemed to drag until Monday!

    The tornadoes are surprising me. I always heard of them striking isolated farms, skipping over city blocks, not much damage. But NOW! WHOA! These tornadoes are scraping cities off the map and not just small towns. Birmingham, Raleigh, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Joplin, etc. And the deaths are tremendous. (BTW, I despise the tornado chasers who ooh and ah at these terrible events just to sell the footage!) These tornadoes are KILLING hundreds of people!

    I read somewhere a couple years ago but can't remember exactly right now, that tornadoes were perhaps a vortex (same as a water whirlpool or sky spiral) or passages from another space-time. I read that way before this show.

    Again, great post and great insight. Thanks!

  2. Also. Why aren't scientists doing more about these tornadoes?

    There used to be many deaths from floods and hurricanes but that was stopped by planes flying into hurricanes and issuing evacuations. I think technology can do more. Radar indicates the storms as severe and as possibly containing a tornado.

    I think this problem should be attacked like any other threat to National Security. Can't a device be fired into the large vortex tornadoes to disrupt it? What about military evacuations when a tornado is on the ground?

    My point is this tremendous loss of life is crazy to be allowed. "Mother Nature" is one thing but when the technology exists to stop these tornadoes or at least provide more early warning it should be used. No one is doing anything but standing around and photographing the damage. This is all so crazy. The shuttle is at the space station, the space plane is up in space and all these high-tech scientific achievements from WATSON to my cell phone yet a tornado can wipe a city off the map!It's as if the government wants this destruction! I think something can be done but isn't.

    Thanks again!

  3. The aliens' leader is named Sophia? This is Gnostic Mythos writ large, with Jesus the space invader come to free the slaves of the Demiourgos.

  4. @KE...I'm so with you on the bad acting (I direct my ire mainly at Sean and his gf). There were so many glitches in Monday's episode it was laughable, especially the airport scene. Who can run thru an airport without being immediately shot these days? Still I'm enthralled by the bold implications the show makes. And Blair Underwood is kinda hot for an old dude ;).

    The idea of a tornado as a vortex has some merit. At this point I just hope they're not the mechanism of the Rapture we thought didn't come last weekend...if so we're getting super left behind!

    @Eleleth...good catch. I didn't even think about the fact that her name is Sophia. Sounds like fodder for another post. Jesus the Space Invader indeed.

  5. Here's an excerpt from an article I just ran across on The ALIEN Project blog concerning Sophia:

    "There are many in the fields of astrology and the New Age movement, that believe that Princess Diana will make a solar return to help William usher in a Goddess culture of the Sacred Femininity. The Sophia Christ. Her statement that William will be rebuild Camelot, certainly indicates that. Is it possible that this is tied to the imminent disclosure of extraterrestrials?

    It should be noted that the principal alien in the NBC sci-fi show, The Event is called Sophia and I have already mentioned before in my article on Sirius, the Serpent Gods and the Devolution of Man, that the name Sophia is the name for the star Sirius."

  6. great post sibyl! i had started watching that show a while ago, but slacked off and now i'm very behind. your image of the joplin tornado drew my attention because i wasn't aware that they are sometimes called "the finger of god". this connects with all of the syncs i've been having surrounding "hands" lately! very cool :)

  7. "a whole race of human-like extra-terrestials are trying to come to Earth through an astral portal because their home planet is about to be destroyed by a solar supernova."

    That's great, because I was working up a sci-fi story a few months ago about a race of aliens who's sun went nova about 10,000 years ago and they decided to head for earth as the nearest compatible world. They had warp speed but only for a limited number of people, who went ahead and "paved the way". Their giant ark ships could only make just under light speed, so they would arrive at earth in 10,000 years, or 2012.

    The heroine of The Da Vinci Code was Sophie Nouveau, or "New Wisdom".

  8. The ALIEN Project also notes the strange parallels between Barack Obama and William. We just saw the president treated like royalty in Buckingham Palace, then sleeping in the same room that held Will and Kate. The implication was clearly that Obama was the returning King. Oedipus, marries his mother (= Will gives Kate Diana's ring) and kills his father (= Obama kills Osama).

    Prince Charles wore black on his wedding day, as if to indicate that Diana would die during the Nigredo before being resurrected as Kate. (This appears to be a separate alchemical cycle, going on concurrently with our post-9/11 cycle.)

    Interpretation? Barack is the Ba-Rock, the royal lapis philosophorum, the regenerated King, produced by the chemical wedding of the Prince and Princess.

  9. @Crystal Rose - Your post about the Healing Hands was great. I've been having a lot of Finger syncs too.

    @Michael - ahhh...nice catch on the Da Vinci Code sync. I might have to go back and rewatch it now. So when are u gonna publish your story? Luv to read it :-)

    @Eleleth - I enjoyed your post on the Mask of God linking Obama/William. The Ba-Rock makes me think back to my December post about Obama being the Mabus.

    I used Nostradamus' quatrain and the Mithras myth to interpret Obama's full name as the phrase:

    "Behold, he is the Son born from a ROCK (the Sun brick). He is the Mabus.".

    It all comes full circle. Gotta luv sync!

  10. I was thinking about how Hancock presents a black superhero named "Will" who represents America ... which just happens to be the subject of the latest Sync Whole post.

  11. Just heard NBC has cancelled "The Event" after only one season. I'm thoroughly disappointed.

    Someone pointed out the same thing happened to a tv show called "The Lone Gunman" back in early 2001 because it's pilot episode predicted 9/11.