Monday, October 29, 2012

A Gnostic Analysis of Chris Brown's 'Don't Judge Me'


The video opens with our unlikely saviour walking along a path that leads through a field of windmills. 
This is reminiscent of famed literary character Don Quixote's fantastical heroic quest...tilting at windmills.  The windmills represent the giant machines of institutions and governments that need attacking as well as our old personal traditions and belief systems that must be overcome.  They also symbolize a modern version of the cross of crucifixion (sacrifice of Ego/Self).

"The Intimate Christ, the Son of the Father of all the Lights, must seek Pistis Sophia in order to save her." (Pistis Sophia Revealed, Chapter 39)
Quixote is convinced that he is a hero, The One who can save the princess and restore chivalry and balance to the world.  It is a Fool's Journey.
"I don't wanna go there. We should never go there. Why you wanna go there? I guess I gotta go there." (Intro song lyrics)
A glowing chip is embedded in Chris(t) Brown's neck and strings of numbers course through his veins like blood. 

He is The One, the living embodiment of the Word.
(a high-tech version of Denzel Washington's character in The Book of Eli)

Denzel Washington's reminder to himself in a scene from the movie Deja Vu...You Can Save Her.
Brown sets off on his quest and along the way he discovers the fallen princess alone in a room.  
The role is played by model/actress Runa Lucienne who's name literally translates to "Secret Light".  She is Sophia, the light hidden in the darkness.

The fallen princess. Sleeping Beauty dreaming of her hero.

"It came to pass then thereafter that...I entered in into the thirteenth æon and found Pistis Sophia below the thirteenth æon all alone and no one of them with her." (Christ, Pistis Sophia, Chapter 29)
His Light shines upon her, waking her from the dream-like, near-death state in which she has been suspended for countless cycles of time.  Light = Life.
The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life motif in the pattern of light shining on The Lovers.
She awakens in agitation from the torments she has suffered while trapped.  And she is disappointed to find that he is not the perfect hero of her dreams, not realizing that he is but a mirror of her own broken self.

"It came to pass then, when Pistis Sophia saw me shining most exceedingly and with no measure for the light which was about me, that she was in great agitation and gazed at the light of my vesture. She saw the mystery of her name on my vesture..." (Christ, Pistis Sophia, Chapter 29)

Notice how Brown sits higher up in the shadows mirroring her saddened pose. For all the while as she suffered, he suffered.  As above, so below.
Grieving Sophia.
He voluntarily fell from the Height, playing different roles in successive lifetimes through descending states of sin and darkness to finally reach her. 

In the song, this is reflected by Runa's reaction to rumors of Brown's infidelity and his attempt to explain.
"I won't deny what they're saying because most of it is true, but it was all before I FELL for you." (song's lyrics)
His travels through the multiple parallel dimensions of Time (encountering a version of her in each one) remain a mystery beyond her current ability to comprehend.  Realizing this from prior attempts, he knows explanation is futile.
"I've been through this so many times. Can we change the subject?" (song's lyrics)
Pistis Sophia, or Faith and Wisdom on her part, is required.  To judge him is to judge herself.  Conversely, to accept him is to accept herself. 

"Please don't judge me.  And I won't judge you.  And if you love me, then let it be beautiful." (song lyrics)

Here we see that there is both an inner journey of personal integration to psychic wholeness and an outer manifestation of that journey taking place simultaneously on a universal level.  Again, as above so below.
Brown brings the concept home by sporting a black pyramid logo on the back of his space jumpsuit at the end of the video.
As Above, So Below
Runa/Sophia now appears in the role of a reporter rushing to interview Brown in the last moments before he leaves on his mission.  She must tell The Story. 

This is the dynamic of the He/She, the interdependent relationship between the Dreamt Of and the Dreamer. She can only be saved if he is a hero, but he is only a hero because she believes he can save her. 

Their redemption and salvation (and thus the whole world's) is intimately, cosmically tied to one another...always.

Alas, it is a suicide mission.

Brown is strapped into a chair and shot out into space (just like Jodie Foster in the movie Contact). 
(In a nice real life sync wink, Runa Lucienne was an engineering intern at NASA in 2009 where she worked on the design of the Orion cockpit.) 

He is the weapon, the Living Light.

He detonates and destroys the evil coming to take over the Earth.

"I'm doing a service for my country and my planet. If that means saving the people I love and I care about, then that's what I'll do." (Brown's last words in the video)

"For the sake of sinners, therefore, have I torn myself asunder at this time and have brought them the mysteries, that I may free them from the æons of the rulers and bind them to the inheritances of the Light..." (Christ, Pistis Sophia, Chapter 133)

In the final scene of the video The Lovers are together again, locked in an eternal embrace that transcends time and death.

The Pistis Sophia (the aspect of Soul within each one of us that longs to end its suffering and be redeemed) joined with the Intimate Christ (x)

Death is but a door.


  1. Also in terms of the fool card of the tarot,Chris(t) is wearing dog tags.
    The fool has a dog with him.
    Also his spaceship could be the chariot,which is launched from the tower.
    Great post.I'd like to see your take on Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas".
    I did a post here about it in relation to the fool's journey -

  2. Hi Darren. Excellent comment about the dog tags. I should add your Chris(t) to the beginning of the post, too. I love the Pistis Sophia. It's a story that resonates a lot with me on a personal level. But I also think it's just one interpretation of the persona of a beautiful energy that emerges to all of us in many different forms. I look forward to checking out your blog. Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi Sibyl. I also thought about the Chariot card. Chris(t) is transfigured. A "fall to the sky" like in the Jodie's trip.