Monday, December 17, 2012

Some Thoughts from a Fool

What we see with our physical eyes and what is actually happening energetically, spiritually, and dimensionally are NOT the same thing.

For example, from a universal perspective, there are elderly people whose souls are younger than yours and infants whose souls are infinitely older. As another example, once while meditating I discovered that both the little rock I held in my hand and the grass I was sitting on were wiser than me.

Everything. repeat. Everything is a choice. Nothing can happen unless we choose it. The potential for anything to happen always exists, but it can only come into manifestation through the energy we lend to it, either on the individual or collective level.

Simply put, there is an element of personal responsibility for what individually and collectively we create (and what individually and collectively we destroy) that MUST be understood before any type of evolution can occur.

Hypothetically speaking, if some higher intelligence wanted to determine whether or not we had gleaned this lesson yet they would only need to look at one we treat the least of those among us.  In a physical sense only, the least of those among us are children.

They come into the world physically helpless. For a time they are completely dependent upon the choices we make. If you're empathic you can feel that there are also many adults who have the spirit of children. 

Open your mind a bit wider and you can see that in essence we are all still children. Thus, how we treat ourselves is the litmus and by our choices we are judging ourselves.

I don't know much. I'm a fool. From a universal perspective I don't know anything. But I believe this is fundamental truth and if we can just grasp it we can change everything.

Also, note that what I wrote above is basically a summary of what Pres. Obama said in his Newtown remarks.


  1. very hopeful thoughts.
    (the star card)
    thanks, needed that.

  2. From here, in France, she knows the meaning of this world, star.
    Life is a quest to the lost paradise for us children.