Friday, January 3, 2014

Updated: Skyfall, ISON and MOM

Does the James Bond movie Skyfall reflect Comet ISON's path through the heavens?

You can decide for yourself from the star maps on this page.  But I found it quite interesting how so many of the movie's characters seemed to be encoded, including "M" (the constellation Cassiopeia) and actress Berenice Marlowe (Coma Berenices on the 2nd starmap).

Basic storyline of Skyfall:
The hero (good son/sun) Bond is thought to be dead but reappears later (resurrection). M (mom) sends him out to wage a battle against Silva (the evil twin/rejected son).  At the end of the film, we find Bond and M tragically alone in a scene and the pinnacle of the story becomes the death of their corrupted mother/son relationship.

Position of constellations on January 2, 2014

UPDATED (1/8/14):
Recent pic from Jake Kotze's Instagram:

M is for Mom.  And if you've been following the media, you'll see Mom really campaigning hard for herself lately. Or maybe Proctor and Gamble's marketing gurus are just profiting off the current astronomical alignment.
On Jan. 3rd Old Spice (a P&G product), released the viral video "Mom Song" commercial (note the huge "M" with stars and wolf emblem on the school wall in the background at 0:28).
On 1/6 P&G released yet another mom-themed viral ad for the Winter Olympic Sochi games. 
It's tagline? Thanks, Mom, for teaching us that FALLING only makes us stronger.


  1. Perseus saving Cassopeia's daughter...
    ...Riding Pegasus/Ison: 2014 will be the chinese horse's year. 2014 is 7, as the chariot card.

    (Une agréable surprise de pouvoir vous lire à nouveau)

  2. JP, agree!

    ...but who's the Rider?