Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Line in the Sand

An examination of syncs between the movie Jack Reacher and the recent Webster firefighter and Sandy Hook shootings.
It all started because I noticed some similarity in these two names:

Oline Archer
Arline Spengler

Oline Archer was a target killed in the movie Jack Reacher. Arlene Spengler was the mother of William Spengler, Jr. who shot four firefighters in Webster, NY on 12/24.  

We already know the name Archer points to Sagittarius, the astrological sign for the month of December, as well as to Bowman (Dave Bowman/DB/42). 
[Note: The fact that Reacher can be rearranged to spell Archer possibly implies a familial connection between Oline and Jack; also in the movie Arline was pronounced R-Lign (Rose line/blood line? William Spengler's grandmother whom he murdered with a hammer on 7/18/80 was named Rose), but I won't get into that here.]

You can read details of the shooting here and here
Related Syncs—

#1:  On 12/24 William Spengler set fire to his mother's home at 193 Lake Rd. and a house and car next door at 191 Lake Rd. on Lake Ontario in Webster, NY to lure firefighters. He shot four of them (two died).
  • The street number of the address 191 Lake Rd, the imagery of the two neighboring houses (191 and 193) burning, and the deaths of the first-responder firefighters are all 9/11 syncs.
  • Both the date of the shooting and the number shot and killed are 42/Jupiter syncs (see this post at the Just Watching the Wheels Go Round blog for more syncs).
#2: Spengler used the same weapon/ammo as in the Sandy Hook shootings. The Sandy Hook firehouse was also a focal point of that event. Spengler committed suicide on the beach of Lake Ontario (beach=Sand).

#3:  News articles said Spengler shot at his targets "from atop an earthen berm".
  • definition: berm - a level space, shelf, or raised barrier separating two areas. Basically it's a hill or embankment...a.k.a...a grassy knoll. Which, of course, syncs to the JFK assassination mystery sniper.

An embankment with two berms.
It seems to me that Spengler was attempting to re-enact the JFK assassination and 9/11 combined into one event. I will attempt to explain my premise for this as simply as possible. In my previous post I touched on Phillip K. Dick's theory in his book Exegesis that our reality is a holographic composite of two organic higher universes, Hyperuniverse I (healthy) and Hyperuniverse II (defective) [also see this post at the Mask of God blog].
The defective organism Hyperuniverse II is dying, but it is desperately trying to stay alive and do as much damage as possible before it goes. As such, it is feverishly running through its old bag of tricks.

Hyperuniverse II is, in fact, already dead but within such a large entity the life force drains out in stages (like when you unplug an old TV set and the picture on the screen gradually fades out).
Either way, this most recent chain of murderous events (Aurora, Clackamas, Sandy Hook, Webster) are the death throws of a dying organism. These events bear the same signature elements of past historically devastating events (i.e. JFK, MLK, 9/11, Tucson, etc.) because they're all projections of the same ongoing battle between a healthy, living universal organism and an evil, insane, dying one.

A Line in the Sand—
In my previous post I wrote:

"Semantics are a big deal to me here since people say "End Times" (implying destruction) when it is actually "The End of Time" (implying a DEMARCATION point)."

The movie Jack Reacher was based on the novel "One Shot" by author Lee Child.  Here is a passage from page 4:
"He listened to the silence and lifted the rifle off the rear bench. Carried it with him to where the old part of the garage finished and the new part began. There was a half-inch trench between the old concrete and the new. Like a DEMARCATION line. He guessed it was an expansion joint."—One Shot
In both the movie and the book, Oline Archer's husband is in the concrete construction business and the image of concrete is associated with a demarcation line between old and new (a.k.a. a Line in the Sand). Further, concrete is made of a mixture that typically includes sand.
President Obama emphasized the word "concrete" in response to the Sandy Hook massacre.

More links to the names Oline Archer and Spengler—

Oliné Keese was the pen name of Caroline Leakey who wrote a book called The Broad Arrow in 1859 as a statement against the treatment of prisoners during the time of transportation.
In 1861, Leakey also established a house in Exeter to care for "fallen women" (i.e. Sophia) but I won't explore that here.

Under the laws of penal transportation, British prisoners were shipped to New England colonies (now the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts) and forced to participate in manual labor, particularly in construction of roads and bridges, often for their entire lives (Lifers).

Some were sold into slavery in the South. Many were innocent or had only committed petty crimes. They were exploited as a source of free labor until the American colonies gained independence in 1776.

Oswald Spengler (sync to JFK/Lee Harvey Oswald) wrote The Decline of the West and The Hour of Decision.  He warned of a coming world war in which Western Civilization risked being destroyed.

"Spengler's basic thesis, namely that cultures and civilisations are living organisms in their own right, just like plants, animals and humans, although of a much higher rank. Each culture has its own distinctive soul, which expresses itself in artistic, scientific, political, economic and religious forms."

Spengler believed that cultures pass through necessary phases from childhood to puberty to adulthood just like a human being with the stronger cultural organism rising up to absorb the weaker ones. And, like in humans, the only thing that can end a cultural organism's development is sickness followed by premature death.

This is very similar to P.K. Dick's conclusion in Exegesis that our universe is composed of two organisms, Hyperuniverse I (Yin) and Hyperuniverse II (Yang), the latter of which is sick, mentally ill, and dying.

PKD's hand-drawn diagram and commentary on the two "organisms".
Another PKD sketch of the universe as a protozoa-like organism.

Compare Spengler's and PKD's theories of a defective, dying cultural organism to this headline news on the morning of 12/27 (I fell asleep after I'd already almost finishing writing this post on the night of 12/26 and woke up at 5AM on 12/27 to the article):

Here the organism is personified as Dr. Octopus "fighting to destroy the world as his own body slowly died".

See if you can spot the Black Monolith in this pic. [Note: Per 2001:ASO mythos, the monoliths
seem to appear when mankind is on the verge (the Line? the Cliff?) of a major evolution.]
Overall, there is a major theme of an elaborate plan being executed to forever liberate human slaves from the bondage of being farmed and used as expendable collateral (an energetic food source to the "dying organism" a.k.a. "The Octopus" a.k.a. "outdated power structures"). 

We can see this theme played out in the recent movies Cloud Atlas, Lincoln, and Django Unchained.
The present moment is a demarcation, a line in the sand, beyond which old structures must be abandoned and our cultural organism must grow/expand/change/evolve for the better.
This was the Wikipedia pic of the day on 12/26, the day after Django Unchained premiered:

Human slaves printed on a Confederate 100 dollar bill...well, it doesn't get any clearer than that.
More to come on this subject in my next post (to be continued...)


  1. Super Post.

    FYI "Spengler" directly translated from the German would equate to "Tinsmith".

    Tin is held sacred to Jupiter.

    Oswald Spengler, hmmm.

  2. @endpointithaca...Tinsmith! that is an incredible sync. Oswald TinSmith. wow.

  3. Great Post Sibyl.

    I used the "Tin Man" poster to link the names Zoey and Zooey to Kansas/Oz in my post you refer to in the above post,because Jovan Belcher's daughter Zoey was born on 9/11,2012 and Mark said in his article about synchromystic journalism - always make sure to try and link back to a Wizard of Oz reference.
    I did it as a tongue in check attempt to the Wrong Way Wizards advice,but sync always finds a way even in a joke reference I guess?-)

    You've got to love how sync flows,when you let it.

  4. Oh...and speaking of Tin"Smith",Sandy and beaches,what about this story of the death of Dylan SMITH -

    " Friends of 23-year-old Dylan Smith and his family expressed sorrow Monday that someone who saved so many lives during the October storm could lose his own on vacation. A local funeral parlor said funeral arrangements were being made.

    The New York City lifeguard was widely praised after the storm for using his surfboard to move several Queens neighbors endangered by high water and a fire to safety.

    Smith's body was found floating Sunday morning near his surfboard in waters off Maria's Beach in the western Puerto Rican community of Rincon. The town's beaches attract surfers from across the world. "

  5. i added a caption to the Obama Spiderman pic to point out the Black Monolith (in case anybody missed it) and the fact that the predominate noise about the fiscal "Cliff" in the media is the same thing...demarcation, line, cliff...all indications of being on the verge of something.

  6. I sat down with SPENGLER on pen and paper last night.

    In addition to the obvious 'ENGEL' (Ger: Angel), I was intrigued to see 'GENE' sync via latest Lanza story in the Daily Mail.

    FolLOWing , ENG reveals 'England' or Great Britain, GB. Royalty through "E.R" (Elizabeth Regina).


    Er is also Pink Erbium (

    "In Carl Sagan's novel "Contact", a machine is constructed from a blueprint received through an extraterrestrial radio transmission. An important (and unexplained) component of the machine are dowels constructed out of erbium."

    In German, 'etwas zu Erben' means to 'hand something down', i.e Inheritance.

    Genetically, perhaps?

    Perhaps - a Pink Spark uncovers a memory beginning a journey out of our cities and on through the Woods, into the JUNGle (thanks Syncwinnipeg), finding and confronting the Great Beast / Kong, ultimately appearing (once again?) by the foot of the steps at the base of the Pyramid that is the City of Gold / EL Dor a do.

    The Queen resides within, if the perhapsing may continue.

    And that 33 Ton aQuarium in Shanghai, all that Broken Glass, Flooding and Flopping Fish...

    Rome Rome Rome Your Boat, Gently O'er The Cliff...

    Water Fall is FLOW indeed, Brizdaz! = )

    anyway, here's the wordplay -

    1. "Choronzon is the dweller within the Abyss, and his purpose is to trap the traveller in a meaningless world of illusion. However Babalon is just on the other side, beckoning (in the sphere of Binah on the Tree of Life). If the adept gives himself to her—the symbol of this act is the pouring of the adept’s blood into her graal—he becomes impregnated in her (a state called "Babe of the Abyss"), then he is reborn as a Master and a Saint that dwells in the City of the Pyramids."

      The City (Xanadu, the New Town of Olivia) exists under the Night of Peter Pan. The cliff is jumped by all those brave yet foolish souls who take the first steps on the path of initiation. Pink Light is delivered by the Dark-Haired Girl at your door; she is secretly you, but you do not know this.

    2. thank you Eleleth for the information!

  7. @endpointithaca...your word art is the bomb. love it. there's so much to glean in there. you're making me want to watch Contact again (one of my fav movies).

    here's a fact from that wikipedia article on Erbium:

    [Erbium] is never found as a free element in nature but is found bound in monazite SAND ores.

  8. Synchromystic journalism, what we all pay attention to. The Sibyl of a Libyan nature is truly aware of her Gnosis. I get much from this site. Thank you. Dennis

  9. A related tangent is the Spengler Cup ( which runs from 25.12 until 01.01.

    The Vaillant Arena is located at Kurgartenstrasse in Davos, Switzerland.

    The archaic meaning of "Kur" in German is to "take the waters", as in healing, to perform a course of curing. "Garten" meanwhile translates directly to "Garden"; it tickles the spidey-sense , creating a softlink back to Eden.

    @seallion noted last year the anagram of GARDEN/DANGER, which in turn syncs us back to now and Darren in Brizzy -


    Jack, his Island..."We Need To Go Back".


    ...and the Beat goes ON.

  10. @endpointithaca...i had a feeling I was going to see some Love Pink syncs after your comments about Pink Erbium. Check out the Twilight Language blog for the Webster/86/pink connections.

  11. Hi Sibyl - thanks for the pointer.

    Amongst the Pink Floyd references note how the forthcoming album featured in Loren's post is titled "Goldenheart".

    Philip K Dick submitted The Golden Man on June 24, 1953.

    Valis was his Pink Light.

    Today, Jan 5th 2012, a Golden Man appears in the newsmedia

    along side a Golden Boy (named Jack)

    Whereas in Switzerland the recent shooting in Daillon

    took place following an alleged drinking binge on the part of the shooter in a restaurant called 'La Channe D'Or'.

    If you see the comments on the twitpic you will note the connections to Gold, and surprisingly Wolf / Flow.

    There is more occurring and I am trying to pull some of it together, i'll be back here soon i'm sure.

    The main thread seems to be Hamsa, Mary, and 3, if I can sum it up.

    15 is attracting to 99, also.

    Before I go a personal favourite from the summer 2012 - Pink Floyd / 421 Sync

    Wolf links to Hand via Tyr and Fenris, too.

    (surely they mean Jack Bauer?

  12. 86 / Pink

    The Pink Man

    From Breaking Bad Season Three.

  13. Very interesting post, look forward to reading more.


  14. Hello,

    Reviewed by a French (Portuguese) history to add grist to the mill of your blog very interesting as it disturbs and raises questions. I followed you as the synchronicity of events you describe. It also seems to me that indeed everything is related to the fact that everything is energy (vibration, breath Universal / God) so in total compared with the microcosm and the macrocosm: "That which is above is like that which is below and , which is below is like that which is above "Emerald Tablet of Thoth or table. It is no longer a secret and it is also now confirmed by science, all matter is empty, which created its density is the frequency / vibration and very recently discovered field unfié (synchronous?) based on string theory. Passage and also if I permetter, I'd mention another event in synchronicity that I have found on any of the sites mentioned to my knowledge, yet easy to notice during the horrible "sandy hook" by making a search on "google" keyword from the "sandy": an other goal sandy island exist:

    What cratter still a little head about the word "sandy" and more:

    It is clear that there are relationships all around us events (and even in the stars), but I cross that he must not lose sight of the essential: that good numbers of these events to down here still remain triggered (sacrifice?) by humans if they are still there!
    I think of the mental control or control of the mind. The Mind Control is a perfectly mastered the current time (project MONARCH and MK ULTRA project which was admitted by the CIA in 1970), whose precursor was none other than the sinister "dr" Megele (not code "dr" which Green began this sinister program in Nazi concentration camps) which was brought to USA at the end of the second world war and many other co-criminals (operation paperclip) and who died in South America.

    To conclude, my comment is to strengthen the collective synchronic events that we begin to notice more, thanks or because of technological progress between other-especially as internet and this view therefore, it seems to us indicate that we must all evolve individually and thus collectively (the "common sense/good direction") by the learning of life and / or lives that we experience as we are guided through (universal force, God?-egregore collective? - see a mix or other?).

    Unfortunately, history is built on a bunch of lies, horror and filth especially from the post-industrial. There is so much to say but this is not about the subject of yet do not forget that we finally begin to see that everything is connected, "all is one" universe?. There is still much to do if it is to re-make...