Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Color Yellow

The yellowing, or the Citrinitas, is the alchemical term for the final phase of transformation, the fulfillment of the opus, or work, the metaphorical “gold.” 

"The LOST Plane is symbolic of what is happening elsewhere and that we are in the middle of a Death / Birth soul renewal on a different plane."—from the Merovee blog

The Greater Adept's mundane consciousness is portrayed by the yellow of Atziluth. This symbolizes that the person is living through the Individuality instead of being ruled by the Personality.

It's only Deja Vu.

The ferry capsized on the way to Jeju Island, known as the island of the gods.

(thanks to reader Foxi)

WINMALEE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 17: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge meets members
of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service at Winmalee Guide Hall in YELLOW Rock.


  1. and then there is the Yellow Emperor, credited with the origin of Chinese medicine, and also inventions such characters, ships, carts, music, Silk cultivation and some daily utensils.

  2. I just updated to add the Korean ferry that has capsized in the YELLOW sea on the way to the island of the gods.

  3. The Dutchman and Pandora again

    Pharrell as Hapi (Nile god of the Flood) is currently blocking "West Coast" from #1

  4. PS Island of the gods = Zep Tepi mound in the Nun

    Katy brings the Flood (but our Happiness is choked with sand)

    "Gaga, 28, utilized the iconic Neptune Pool at the famed estate"

    Hearst = "Yellow Journalism"