Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Hanged Man and Childhood's End

The Hanged Man tarot card has now been played. 

On 7/13/11 the girlfriend of multi-millionaire Arizona-based pharmaceutical company owner Jonah Shacknai was found hanging nude from the balcony of the historic Spreckels mansion where he lived in Coronado, CA.

Her hands and feet were bound.

In my two previous posts Those Crazy Twins and Lord Black and Lord White I identified the Divine Twins and the High Priestess tarot cards as revealed in current events. 

The timeline came from an online article by Jan Wicherink entitled "What the Tarot is Telling Us About 2012"

Interestingly, Wicherink wrote that the last and most important Tarot card in the cycle of events leading up to the Great Celestial Conjunction of 2012 would be The Hanged Man.

Therefore, it was clear that prominent hanged man symbology should soon crop up in the news (the bound hands and feet being the giveaway).
One last card that reveals some interesting secrets about the End of Times and Second Coming of Christ, Card XII (12) the Hanged Man.  In card XII the Sacred Tree is depicted, the crossing of the ecliptic and Milky Way. The light radiated by the man’s head resembles the rays of the Sun. This Sun is placed on the Sacred Tree...the Sun on the ecliptic-Milky Way crossing.What the Tarot is Telling Us About 2012
There is even more esoteric symbology in Crowley's version of The Hanged Man card in his Thoth Tarot deck.

Aleister Crowley is revealing that the Christian belief of the Second Coming of the historical figure Jesus Christ at the End of Times is identical to the death and rebirth of the Sun at the Great Celestial Conjunction.What the Tarot is Telling Us About 2012

Another sync I noticed is that the name Shacknai is very similar to Shekhinah, a Hebrew word used to denote the "presence of God".

The Shekhinah is synonymous with the "Pillar of Cloud" that guided the Israelites out of Egypt.

Some believe the Shekhinah specifically represents the feminine attributes of the presence of God. 

The Shekhinah enters the Tabernacle in the form of a "holy pillar" of smoke.

Both of these definitions resonate with the idea of the Second Coming and the Return of the Divine Feminine

Similarly, the Biblical prophet Ezekial prophesied the Return of the Shekhinah in his vision of the Third Temple being built at the End Times (Ezek. 43:1-7).  

The mansion's location in Coronado, CA may also hold symbolic significance in that Coronado is Spanish for "The Crowned One".

This correlates to the 7th and highest Chakra level, the Crown.

Logo of Shacknai's Arizona-based company Medicis.

On 7/18/11, Shacknai's son passed away from injuries sustained from a fall down the stairs in the same mansion seven days earlier on 7/11/11.

Spreckels Mansion stairway (left). Masonic 2nd Degree tracing board (right).

The Kabbalah Society's description of the overall meaning of the 2nd Degree tracing board and its two pillars (as depicted above) coincides with the meaning of the Chakras and the Shekhinah:
The individual who embarks on the Second Degree is about to undertake some interior journey, an ascent through the soul and spirit. The Masonic Lectures assign characteristics to these two pillars which suggest they represent paired opposites: first, they are said to be a memorial of the Pillar of Cloud and the Pillar of Fire that guided the Children of Israel (by day and night, respectively) during the Exodus;KabbalahSociety.org

The unfortunate imagery of a young boy falling to his death down a staircase could also denote something else.

Perhaps an ill-fated signifier of the beginning of the end of the Aeon of the Child?


This event also happens to tie in with my conspiracy theory regarding the Powers That Be and Phoenix, Arizona.  Shacknai's business is based in Phoenix and his deceased girlfriend Rebecca Zahau was also from Phoenix.

In my previous post I created the following illustration to show how Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man figure can be overlaid atop a map of Arizona to find the power points.

Arizona/Virtuvian Man Map - Click to ENLARGE

Note that the Spreckels Mansion in Coronado, CA is located on an exact straight-line path connected to the Left Arm of the Vitruvian Man figure.

I also circled Quartzsite, AZ on the map (it's in the same vicinity of the Left Arm). 

Quartzsite has been all over the news recently for illegally arresting citizens and trying to implement martial law.

The locations imply that these events are yet more activations of power points connected to Arizona.


  1. Once again you have posted another thought provoking post for me to read and ponder. I have no idea what to look out for next but I'm definitely paying close attention now. Thanks for taking the time to enlighten people like me.

  2. Was just writing a post for MoG about The Prestige, featuring good and evil (white and black) twin brothers and a hanged woman (bound hands and feet). World card is Hanged Man right-side-up (Un-hanged Woman).

  3. @Alan and Califia...thanks for the love!

    @Eleleth...yes I found that to be a very interesting and relevant twist in regards to the Divine Feminine energy, The Sophia.

    In this case the Hanged Man of Coronado, the Crowned One, actually turns out to be the "Crowned and Conquering Hanged Woman".

    I'm looking forward to reading your Mask of God post.