Saturday, July 30, 2011

Norway and The Big Lebowski

Surprisingly, the movie 'The Big Lebowski' syncs to the recent Norway massacre.

For those who may not know, TBL is famous in the Syncosphere for its many Jesus references as well as several scenes that seem to have predicted 9/11 (for more info see William Morgan's video Man In the Mirror).

Movie scene: Check dated Sept. 11th as President GWB is on TV overhead.

The movie was released in Norway on September 11, 1998—exactly 3 years before the events of 9/11.

Further Norway syncs entrain through the characters of Maude (played by Julianne Moore) and Bunny Lebowski (played by Tara Reid).

The following video clip is a dream sequence from the film with Maude dressed as a Norse Viking goddess.

Toward the end of the movie a private investigator reveals that Bunny Lebowski is really Fawn Knutsen, a teen runaway from Moorhead, Minnesota.

Knutsen is a Norwegian surname.  Moorhead, MN is located in the Red River Valley, an area known for its strong Norwegian heritage. 

It's also the site of some of the flattest, richest FARMland in the whole world.

In the movie scene (above) a photo of the Knutsen family FARM is shown.

Bunny a.k.a Fawn is also seen wearing the Orange and Black school colors of The Moorhead Spuds.  

In Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik's Facebook photo (below) he's wearing a Black sweater over an Orange shirt.

Breivik's Facebook photo.

Breivik's FARM (where he hid the explosives used in the bombing) is located in the county of Hedmark in Aamot, Norway.

Breivik's farm in Hedmark County, Norway.

The words Moor and Mark can both be used as verbs meaning "to fix" when related to a ship.

Therefore, MOORhead = HedMARK

How's that for Synchromystic foreshadowing?

Another sync exists between Moorhead and the name of actress Julianne Moore.  The name Julianne means "son of Jove/Jupiter". 

In this context, Moore/Moorhead suggests a return to the Godhead symbolized by the planet Jupiter (Thanks to Eleleth at the Cosmos Idikos blog for this wisdom).

It is a timely reference since NASA's Juno space probe will be travelling to Jupiter next week on 8/05.

There was also a FARM-related Tweet on July 28th from William Morgan (@satoriallme on Twitter) that helped pull things together for me.

The Farm symbolizes our relationship with the feminine aspect of the Earth.  Bunny a.k.a Fawn KNUTsen resonates the Egyptian sky goddess NUT whose husband is the Earth god Geb.

In a world ruled by Love our relationship with the Earth Mother energy would be symbiotic.  We would cherish her and she would nourish and sustain us, forever.

But in this Fear-based society we continually violate, abuse, and misuse her (i.e. Bunny is exploited as a porn star; Breivik used the Farm to create and store deadly weapons rather than to grow food).

In one final sync-related note, actress Tara Reid was often compared to late singer Amy Winehouse in the media due to her very public battle with Alcoholism.

Winehouse was found dead in her home on July 23rd, the day after Breivik committed the Norway bombing and massacre.

In the movie, Dude Lebowski and his team bowl on Lane 23.  But lanes 23 and 24 (or 42) share the same scoring station—they are opposite sides of the same coin. 

When the Dude agonizes over whether to tell the Truth he is on the 42 side.

When Walter becomes violent and pulls a gun they're playing on the 23 side.

It's up to each of us to choose on which side we wish to play, or, ideally, to acknowledge and integrate the best aspects of both through the process of Individuation.

"Like the anima, the animus does not merely consist of negative qualities such as brutality, recklessness, empty talk, and silent, obstinate, evil ideas.  He too has a very positive and valuable side; he too can build a bridge to the Self through his creative activity...On this highest level he becomes the mediator of religious experience whereby life acquires new meaning."—Man and His Symbols, Carl Jung

In the film one of the dual aspects of the Dude's animus is represented by Walter Sobchak, the temperamental Vietnam vet who also has a loyal and piously religious side.

As usual, a chicken-or-egg type scenario emerges here. 

Did the Coen Brothers realize they were incorporating these deep elements into the movie, or was it simply Synchronicity at work silently in the background?

The Coen Brothers

I tend to believe the latter when it comes to movies mainly because I regularly witness Sync working behind the scenes in my own life. 

But in the words of Walter I wrong?


  1. I love this. But I must point out that it is not Bunny in that "Gutterballs" sequence but Maude. The Big Lebowski and Bunny (the Beast and the literal Whore) must be the shadow-aspects of the Dude (animus) and Maude (anima). (Jackie Tree-Horn, the Devil?) The Big Lebowski and Bunny, of course, do not exactly have an ideal relationship.

    Winehouse was "cold" turkey.

    The 23 Skidoo is associated with lifted skirts (lifting the veil).

  2. Hey El,

    Thanks for noticing my Maude/Bunny mix-up! I've corrected it.

    It's funny cuz I felt that Maude and Bunny represented one woman anyway---an older version and a younger version. Like you said, they're shadows of one another.

    This is reinforced now since they're tied together by the Egyptian goddess Nut (who is represented in hieroglyphs as a cow with those two horns on her head).

    I think it's the same thing with the Dude, Walter, and Donnie...all one person. Walter and Donnie being older and younger shadows respectively.

    Ooooh that "23 Skidoo" link is interesting. Seems like it was the first slang meme. Nice sync with numbers 23 and 5 which feature strongly in TPL. Also, love the connection between "Lifting the Veil" and skirts blowing up. Totally explains that big-a Marilyn Monroe statue currently on display in Chi-town. Awesome.

  3. Yes, they're all "Lebowskis"--that shows that they are all aspects of the same person. Maude and Bunny represent the two Sophias (the two aspects of the soul), one of which stays above (a Higher Self) and one of which descends into material illusions (an adultery with the corporeal) where it must be redeemed. (Cf. Simon and Helen and Betsy and Iris.)

    The generative law of the All was the First Mind;
    But the Second was the effused chaos of the First:
    In the third place the Soul received a law, and began to operate.
    Whereupon She (the Soul) enveloped in the figure of a fawn,
    Struggles with Death, suffering a probationary penance.

    Donny is ignorance; he has to die at the end (of a heart attack). The villains are Nihilists/Not Sees/Nazis.

  4. Also:

    Julianne Moore

    Fawn, or Sophia Achamoth, "ran away" or "fell" from the Moorhead (the Pleroma/Godhead)

    "Her parents want her back."

  5. The Dude abides. Met Jeff in Santa Barbra a few years back, set up a 18 foot alpine fir in his living room, even shook his hand and drank dark rum at his bar. Gee I am famous. Nice synchs Sibyl. Dennis

  6. looks like a blue sun rising out of the 23 in the pic of Walter with the gun (about to pull the Cosmic Trigger, as both of these elements, 23 and the blue sun Sirius, are explored in Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger)

  7. Thanks for posting this. This follows VERY closely with much of what I have been tracking. ... If I can find a few extra minutes, I may have to write a follow up.

    I assume you've seen this?

  8. @Dennis...did you really meet Jeff? I'm soooo jealous :-)

    @tommy...I think you hit the nail right on the head with the Cosmic Trigger ref.

  9. @Alan...yes I remember reading your Wives of Henry VIII post and I luv how we're all synching together.

    I just wrote a new post over at the Mask of God called 93 to Infinity—Return of the Goddess where I try to tie together a lot of things you mentioned (Betty Ford's death, Isis, the veil).

  10. Agnes Moorhead is the mother of Samantha. To her, any mere mortal is beneath her daughter, and calls Darren "dustbin". Adam is made from the dust of the earth.

  11. Another Moorhead sync:

    Radar tracking shows that MOREHEAD City, NC may take the direct hit from Hurricane Irene on Saturday 8/27.

    This really ties all these recent events together.