Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Arizona and the Sun Kingdom Conspiracy: Part II

Digging deeper into the mystery surrounding the Arizona Massacre, it becomes clear that the area is rife with very specific magical, alchemical, and religious symbolism.

Let's begin by re-visiting my map of the Phoenix-Tucson area overlayed with the Vitruvian Man figure. 


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In Part I we went through an overview of the map's general layout.  This time we will only focus on the Arms of the figure:

The Left Arm:

The Left Arm represents the Path of Fortune (also the Left-Hand Path of Black Magic and the Occult).  On the map, it runs through the city of Casa Grande (translation: The Great House) and the Fortuna Foothills.

This symbolizes the link between the wisdom of the Tarot "Fortune" cards and the twelve symbolic "Houses" of Astrology. 

The Right Arm:

The Right Arm represents the Alchemical Path (also the Right-Hand Path of White Magic).  On the map it passes first through the city of Benson, AZ, then the city of Los Cruces, NM, to end in the Rubledo Mountains.

- Benson, AZ is the real life town Humphrey travel through in the 1947 film noir Dark Passage also starring Lauren Bacall (in the movie it is fictitiously named "Benton, Arizona").  It was based on a novel of the same name. 

"Benson, Arizona" is also the name of the theme song to the movie Dark Star.

The term "Dark Passage" is a synchromystic reference to the Dark Night of the Soul, or the NigredoNigredo is the 1st stage of the Alchemical journey of transformation.  In the Jungian archetypal schema, Nigredo is the Shadow.

- Los Cruces, NM is home to both NASA's White Sands Missile Test Facility and the Basilica of San Albino the "White Saint".

This strong association with the color White signifies the state of alchemical transformation known as the Whitening, or the Albedo.  Albedo is the 2nd stage of the Alchemical journey, the purification process that follows the Decomposition of Nigredo.

“The loosening up of cramped and rigid attitudes corresponds to the solution and separation of the elements by the aqua permanens… the water is a soul or spirit, that is a psychic “substance,” which now in its turn is applied to the initial material. The situation is now gradually illuminated as is a dark night by the rising moon…this dawning light corresponds to the albedo”. ---Carl Jung

- The 3rd stage of the Alchemical journey is Citrinitas, or Yellowness.   It is referred to as the "transmutation of silver into gold" or "yellowing of the lunar consciousness."  The entire area could be representative this stage since it is known as the Valley of the Sun.

- Just northwest of Los Cruces, NM lie the Robledo Mountains.  The name of the mountain range is very similar to Rubedo, the Reddening.  Rubedo is the 4th major stage in the "Alchemical opus" where enlightened consciousness and the total fusion of spirit and matter is achieved.

In my very first post on this blog Michael Jackson and Shiva, I wrote that in Jackson's many physical changes we may have been witnessing a synchromystic manifestation of the journey of Alchemical transformation in a human form. 

Now, in the Arizona landscape we are seeing the same process manifested in a geographical sense.

On the map the Southern route (running in a straight line south from Nogales, AZ to Hermosillo, SON) represents The Spiritual Path.

It follows the route of the annual religious pilgrimage from Nogales to Magdalena de Kino, then connects to the cities of Santa Ana (Mary Magdalene's mother), Altar (representing worship/Sacrifice) and Hermosillo (representing Hermes/The Messenger). 

These cities are each located in the Mexican state of Sonora = SON/SUN + AURA.

A line connecting them forms the letter "Y" (the letter that can FLY, the "savior god" symbol). 

All of these elements (Mary Magdalene, Saint Anne, the Altar, the Messenger, and the SON/SUN) combine to point to the Christ as redeemer and/or the concept of Christ Consciousness.

[ In my Next Post...a Quatrain from the Book of Nostradamus that ties it all together. ]


  1. Excellent. Once you start to notice this alchemical symbolism everywhere, it's a bit maddening. And of course, "Arizona" = "arisen" and "horizon".

    The Left-Hand Path is the alchemical path, at least according to some:

    In The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosencrutz, the two spiritual initiatory paths are referred to as the two priestesses, Alchemia and Theologia. This is the Western equivalent of Left and Right Hand Path, with Theologia or the path of religion being represented by the Hierophant and it's corresponding magickal path being usually in the form of a pyramidic hierarchical initiatory tradition. Alchemia on the other hand is the difficult path, the path of the loner [!!!], the experimenter (to use a Newtonian phrase). It is represented by the Charioteer [the Taxi Driver!!!] in the Tarot and has no place for orthodoxy as it is a directly link to godhead, not a steady training mechanism.

    In Crowley's Holy Books the Left Hand Path is referred to as the Phoenix Wand while the Right Hand Path is the Lotus Wand. This is symbolic of the spiritual growth in the respective paths. The Right Hand Path is a steady growth that takes time, patience, and humility and is along the lines of religious life. The Left Hand Path is resorted to when one doesn't have that option and nothing short of a miracle will do. It risks madness and soul destruction but to those who survive it's strict tests and they are in the real world not some astral escapism, it brings you into direct contact with godhead face to face.

    The "path of madness," indeed! But when Dorothy travels into Bo-Oz, the the Yellow-Brick Road curves to the left.

  2. @Eleleth...I had wondered about the whole Left Hand/Right Hand thing. In this case I just stuck to the geographic landmarks as a general guide, but there definitely seems to be some overlap.

    The Left Hand Path...risks madness and soul destruction but to those who survive it's strict tests and they are in the real world not some astral escapism, it brings you into direct contact with godhead face to face.

    Well said. One doesn't expect to find oneself here in such a glorious madness. To know, to see, to realize that in the end everything is you, to realize finally that you have the choice and yet still to choose every moment of every day to remain here, in the "real world"---such exquisite pain.

    But when Dorothy travels into Bo-Oz, the the Yellow-Brick Road curves to the left.

    That it does. That it does.

  3. More on the last post: Aztlan was identified with Atlantis by Ignatius Donnelly--he was not a Mason, but his father was.

    Dan Brown's book is...weird. Read esoterically, it's a perfect alchemical allegory: they encounter the Hand of the Mysteries (lols) and find the Capstone in the Heart of the Earth, which the then have to "heat". The villain has a tattoo of a Masonic arch on himself, and Brown explicitly says that his phallus occupies the "keystone"--but of course, since he castrated himself, he will never find the Lost Word, which Brown identifies with the Logos. At the end of the book, they find the Word in the "heart of a nation"--beneath the Washington Monument.

    But after that, Brown goes on about New Age voodoo brain power which seems to serve only to completely contradict everything that came before. Did he really not understand what he was writing? Or was he just veiling Truth with Falsehood? Either way, his priorities in what he wanted to communicate seem very different from Herschel's.

  4. Speaking of "in the Heart of the Earth", I added an update to my last post based on a bit I read at the Look At All the Happy Creatures blog today:

    In October 2010 Giffords was chosen to remove a 100 year-old Masonic Time Capsule which had been placed under the cornerstone of Phoenix's Jewish History Musuem building, originally the Stone Avenue Temple, when it was built in 1910. (Read the entire article in the AZ Jewish Post).

  5. I just remembered that the capstone of the pyramid is actually carried by Langdon in a little cube-shaped box, which later unfolds into a cross. (He had the capstone with him the whole time, you see.) Again, Brown never explains any of this and seems to tag the New Age spiel at the end just to throw everyone off the track.

    And this makes an excellent correlation with your time capsule--Brown makes special mention of Masons laying the cornerstone of the Washington Monument and burying the Word under it.

    The Scarecrowley seems to be very confused about the two paths, too. But after meeting him, Dorothy takes the right-hand path.

    Elsewhere, Crowley seems to contradict himself (it wouldn't be the first time), calling the Left-Hand Path something from the Black Brothers.