Thursday, August 11, 2011

Running Amok (Updated)

Who cares about D.B. Cooper and how does he tie in with Norway and other recent events?

After seeing Cooper's alleged aunt and niece on The Today Show and the front page of every news website, I had to stop and ask myself:

Why is this decades-old mystery back in the news?

Then on Thursday 8/03, after days of pushing Cooper in our faces, the news outlets upped the ante with this photo.

That's allegedly the "real" D.B Cooper.  However, his true name is not's L.D. (Lynn Doyle).

A quick Numerology sync check shows that DB=42 and LD=124

So, numerologically the initials are the same for all intents and purposes AND they're both equivalent to Jupiter numbers.

During the original sky heist D.B. Cooper sat in seat 18C [C=3. 8x3=24 (or 42)].  And his only requests were 4 parachutes and $200,000 cash (another 4 and 2 combo).

The flight was from Portland to Seattle on NorthWest Orient Airlines. NWO=New World Order?

Here we can see that this news story may have been staged or concocted, but what does it mean?

Thanks to @TheNordicWind on Twitter for identifying the objects DB is holding in the pics as two leather guitar straps.

I believe the word engraved near the bottom of the strap on the right could be GAMOK.

Gamok comes from the word Amoka Malaysian term for a killing spree perpetrated by an individual out of rage or resentment over perceived mistreatment.

In Malaysia Amok is considered to be a mental illness and an afflicted person is known as "Pengamok".  
He will burst into a murderous rage, attacking the people around him with whatever weapon is available. The Pengamok is almost always a man between the ages of 20 and

Clearly, this may be a sync to Anders Behring Breivik's murderous rampage in Norway (see Norse Berserkers).

There have also been several mass and mob rage killings in the U.S. recently:

And dangerous street riots continue flaring up amongst the oppressed in London.

Here are a few additional syncs I discovered:

Sync #1:  $5,800 of D.B. Cooper's $200,000 ransom money was discovered beside the Columbia River.  (Note: 200,000 - 5,800 = 194200...a 42 sync).

This meshes with several Columbia-related events previously linked to Gabby Giffords and her auspicious return to Congress on 8/01/11 (see my post "The Return of the Goddess" at the MOG blog).

Sync #2:  According to relatives, L.D. Cooper was at a house in Sisters, Oregon on Thanksgiving Day in 1971.

That syncs to an X-Files episode (S2 Ep12).  This episode is remniscent of serial killers Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, (both of whom lived near Seattle in 1971 when and where Cooper's flight originated).

The storyline features a jailed serial rapist/killer who's signature is carving the word "SISTER" into the chest of his victims.

The killer is able to create a double of himself by projecting his sadistic spirit into his daughter and her unborn child.

D.B. Cooper also had many doubles over the years in the form of false leads.

Sync #3.  The name Cooper and the idea of a creating a double connects to the movie The Devil's Double, starring British actor Dominic Cooper

Cooper plays both Uday Hussein, the depraved son of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and his body double Latif Yahia (who was forced to become Uday's double or have his entire family killed).

Dominic Cooper pulling the Cosmic Trigger?

Many ancient texts prophecy that a higher power will step in to save the Earth at a point in time when the whole world is literally running Amok.

Thus, perhaps the real message of the D.B. Cooper story is a warning for us to beware the dark spirit of Amok.

It may have the ability to copy itself by permeating people's minds (similar to Agent Smith in the movie The Matrix).

Sketch of DB Cooper looks like Agent Smith from The Matrix.


But, like Neo, we are stronger than it.

UPDATED 8/11/11:

If you remove the middle initials and apply it to the news story, then we are being told that the "fake" D. Cooper is now the "real" L. Cooper.

Tonight I watched the movie The Core for the first time. 

When the credits rolled I noticed that the guy who wrote the film was named Cooper Layne—an L Cooper sync.  So, EGADS! I rushed to update this post.

Credits from the 2003 movie The Core

This sync makes sense under the principal of "As Above So Below". 

We are experiencing outbreaks of Amok all around the world (in our financial and weather systems and amongst the general population) as a result of the turmoil Inner Earth (The Heart/The Core) is currently undergoing.

That is basically the same scenario depicted in the movie.

Therefore, the D.B./L.D. Cooper news story could simply be our Collective Conscious trying to explain this fact to us.

(Obviously our Collective Conscious is not very fond of the direct approach.)

FYI...those who watched the movie before already know this took them exactly 42 hours to reach the Earth's inner core (a Jupiter sync).


  1. DBLD = DouBLeD ?

    Amok exists while many are in a Koma.


  2. @aferrismoon...whoa, nice catch with the DBLD! It's so nice to know that someone else sees these synchs, too (and I'm not crazy lol).

    In other news, I'm a little weirded out right now cuz a person claiming to be the real DB has contacted me. He says I've come the closest of anyone to discovering his true identity. Of course, I'm not taking it seriously. But it's still weird.

  3. db is a mirror type image as well. It's curious because last week I was obsessed with 'Take the Money and Run' by the Steve Miller Band - Fly Like an Eagle album.