Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Tripling (Updated)

From the revolt in Tripoli to the earthquakes in Trinidad, Colorado and D.C. here in the United States, patterns of 3's have been emerging everywhere recently.

On Friday 8/19/11 I woke up to news that Libyan rebels were advancing on Tripoli

It was weird because I'd just had an extremely vivid dream all about 3's, so I tweeted about it:

Apparently the rebels overcame Gadhafi's forces by advancing on the city from THREE sides.

Soon I noticed a definite pattern of news stories containing "triples".

Later the same day on Friday 8/19/11 the West Memphis Three (James Baldwin, Damien Echols and Jessie Misskelley Jr.) were freed from jail on a plea deal. 

The three men served 18 years in prison following their convictions in 1993 for the TRIPLE-slaying of three 8 year-old boys.

Next came the Dougherty siblings.

Police chased these two brothers and their stripper sister on a crime spree across Florida and Georgia.

On Monday 8/22/11 the Doughertys were charged with 76 criminal counts.

Of course 7x6=42 is a telltale Jupiter sync marker.

Note: Thanks to @strangeye for tweeting that Gadhafi's birthday is 6/7/42:

Interestingly the Dougherty siblings were captured in Pueblo, Colorado.

On Monday night 8/22/11 a magnitude 5.5 earthquake struck near Trinidad, Colorado (about an hour south of Pueblo). 

In Spanish the word Trinidad means "most holy Trinity"—another "triples" sync. 

On Tuesday 8/23/11 a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck near Washington D.C. and Virginia.  (Note: the quake was the 3rd strongest for this area in recorded history. The area's last quake was a 3.6 magnitude in July 2010).

If we combine the magnitudes of both the Colorado and D.C. quakes we get 5559, which can be expressed as Triple 5's (555) and Triple 3's (333, since 9=3x3x3).

The D.C. earthquake cracked the top of the Washington Monument which happens to be exactly 555 feet tall.

The damage to the monument is a strong mirror sync to the cancelled NBC TV show The Event (Episode 15 - Face Off)

On "The Event" aliens destroyed the Washington Monument as a final warning to humans.

When their warnings go unheaded, the aliens create earthquakes and storms on the East Coast of the U.S. (see my previous post "The Arrival"). 

The episode's title "Face Off" also links to Wayne Hershel's theory that the Washington Monument represents the "Face" of a Vitruvian Man figure overlaying D.C. (see my previous post for more info).

More sync winks: 
- Highway 33 runs through the area where the DC quake hit. 
- The tremors also caused exactly 3 pinnacles and 3 finials to break off of the National Cathedral's middle tower.

D.C.'s National Cathedral damaged by quake. 3 pinnacles and 3 finials snapped off.

Later the night of Tuesday 8/23 in San Francisco a 3.6-magnitude (6=3+3, so another triple 3 sync) rattler raised the count up to 3 U.S. earthquakes in 3 days.

On top of all that, weather trackers predict Hurricane Irene is headed for the same general D.C.-Virginia area.

I wish I could tell you what these patterns mean.

What I believe is that they are reflective of whatever is happening to us—the Earth, our collective conscious—on a higher dimensional level.

The Number 3 embodies the idea of completeness—beginning, middle, end. In biblical terms it also often signifies the completion of a waiting period.

In my dream this was shown to me very clearly, but I always have a hard time remembering dream details once I wake back up into this dense existence.

Then again I like what Jake Kotze (@Seallion on Twitter) tweeted last week about the ideas of Transconceptualism and meaning:

We'll never completely understand Sync. 

It should be enough for us to know that something which we can not see fully from our current vantage point IS happening in alignment with a Natural flow of which we are a part.

Maybe Shakespeare was thinking about triples when he wrote the famous line...Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow:

"Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow,
 Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
 To the last syllable of recorded time,
 And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
 The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
 Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
 That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
 And then is heard no more: it is a tale
 Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
 Signifying nothing."

I'm going to try to start keeping a dream journal.

Meanwhile...look out for those 3's.


  1. My dreams are vivid and monumental. And if you'll keep a dream journal I will too. Peace girl.

  2. On the conspiracy theory tip....the weather anomalies could be HAARP going all out to subvert the positive energy of the MLK Memorial dedication in D.C. this week.

  3. Some interesting syncs at gosporn concerning the quake, the Osiris monument, or the symbol of national "virility". I had some recent 33 syncs also, maybe that's the 4-1. Love your readings of the current events tea leaves.

  4. @Michael...yes the phallic symbolism of the tip of the Washington Monument cracking open is hilarious to say the least.

    As for the reading bit, well that's just par for the course for us Sibyls. We typically hang out in caves all day staring at leaves and sh*t til we get hungry (or fall asleep) lol.

  5. My web address is Hgthree21@msn.com. Threes are intergal to Magic and all that is to be revealed. Yea it is so very important to ingest, and manifest Threes. Read about Tesla and his facination with said nbr. My whole property is infused with threes. Thrice informed me thinks. 33 degrees. I went last week to all lighthouses in Oregon ( total 9). Please Sibyl, shine some light on three if you please. Me thinks it is a very good moment to expound such sacred geometry. Love and light from Dorena Oregon. Dennis

  6. Three has been on many minds, of late. Working on a major piece concerning the Gnostic Trinity and the correlations of such with the Hindu Trimurti… the Three Jewels of the Tao… and the Pagan origins of trinitarianism.

    …be thrice blessed!

  7. Radar tracking shows that Morehead City, NC may take the direct hit from Hurricane Irene.

    This is a huge sync to my previous post about The Norway Massacre.

    Quick recap: The movie The Big Lebowski foreshadowed the Norway Massacre. One of the clues was the location of a farm mentioned in the film. The farm was located in MOORHEAD, MN.

    (click on the above link to my previous post for a full explanation)

  8. Nice blogging regarding the three syncs.

  9. another great post sibyl! while working on the post at MOG i just noticed that the virginal high priestess that is popping up everywhere in relation to recent events connects to 3 by way of the card's association to the hebrew letter Gimel, which has a number value of 3. :)

  10. Also, the tripling resonates with the high priestess through the connection to the Moon and her phases of waxing, full, and waning; virgin, mother, crone; birth, life and death. In her book "Mysteries of the Dark Moon", Demetra George refers to the Great Goddess as the "TRIPLE Moon Goddess"
    And of course we can see the lunar crescent on the image of the Libyan Rebels waving the original independence flag!
    As the moon has been waning during much of these recent events, perhaps we are seeing a direct representation of the death and rebirth cycle of which we need to align ourselves with, encouraging the letting go of old forms, and seeding and nurturing new ideas to come to fruition.

  11. Freedom is something we must all hold very dear to our hearts. We must be vigilant in guarding against those who will take it away from us.