Sunday, May 25, 2014

Murder in The IV

As I was reading news coverage of the Isla Vista rampage I noticed the town is often referred to by its nickname—The IV.

In Roman numerals IV = 4, a very powerful number in my personal sync world.

However, I.V. is also the abbreviation for the intravenous drips used in hospitals.

As the Merovee blog pointed out, Elliot Rodger's initials (ER) even allude to "emergency room" doctors and 911.

Then there is The Hunger Games link:

Remember too that The Hunger Games star Philip Seymour Hoffman famously died earlier this year from shooting up heroine intravenously.  Hoffman was born on 7/23 and died on 2/2.

His death followed only months after the fiery car crash of Paul Walker, a phoenix resonator and star of Fast and Furious 7  (see my previous post for more on that).

The Isla Vista rampage follows the same pattern of 22's, 7's, and 23's.  It occurred on 5/23, the shooter was age 22, and there were 7 people killed and 7 people injured near a brand new 7-11 store (7x11 = 77).

All in all, everything ties in to our ongoing HEARTS theme.

Perhaps the latest Isla Vista (IV) tragedy represents a severely misguided and mentally ill version of a blood transfusion to keep our collective heart pumping.

But in actuality bloodshed is NEVER the answer.

The only way to achieve anything meaningful in this world is through Love...yet another heart function.

Video: Kanye West "Lost in This World" featuring Bon IVer

***Sync Note:  I'm still working on this connection, but Elliot Rodger's obsession with winning the lotto (per his manifesto) also syncs to JP Morgan exec Gabriel Magee's death in London last week. Magee = magician?

According to the article:

The double suicide-by-laptop was done by lethal injection, intravenously.  It happened in AYR, Scotland. Interesting that one of an I.V.'s purposes is to ensure AIR does not enter the bloodstream.

UPDATE: 6/01/14:  Another IV and 7 sync...Plane was a Gulfstream IV...7 dead


  1. Re: "Hoffman was born on 7/23 and died on 2/2."
    In Australia,New Zealand,Britain and other places we write the date 7/23 as 23/7.
    Room 237 ?
    John Joseph "Jack" Nicholson (born April 22, 1937).
    You guys in The States would write Jack's birth-date as 4/22/37.
    4/2(2/37) ?
    By the way Jack is 77 years old now.

    1. ah yes...Room 237 is a deep rabbit hole. Jason pointed out that Elliot Rodger was driving a black BMW 328i. 328 unscrambled is 238. 238-1 = 237. All of these recent tragedies have involved the number 238 or 239 (missing Flight MH370, the Korean ferry disaster, the Nigerian Boko Haram kidnapping, the Turkey coal miners). It's seems as if we've collectively risen +1 or +2 levels above the hell of Room 237 but we're still below heaven. A limbo state?

    2. 238 is the Rachel number. Vista is seeing in her black speculum. Elliot was a Katy Perry fan who blew his ultraviolent mind out down in Del Playa. Such is the manifest silliness that acts as a compliment to Kimye's hermetic nuptials. Black hearts on the sleeves of her dress.

      People in this world have only a gaping rabbit hole where their hearts should be. "Comes with the fall" in the Valley of the Dolls.

    3. Del Playa reminds me of your other sync muse too, Lana Del Ray. I knew Kimye must have had something to do with this since the IV massacre eclipsed their big weekend on the news cycle, but I couldn't bring myself to look at their wedding propaganda. I was so sick of hearing about it after all the ridiculous build up.

    4. Del Playaing Adam and Eve's coniunctio as Temperance Angel ... the Girl on Fire gets around (turning bitter poison into medicine--
      "He used to call me poison 'cause I was poison ivy")

      Paris, home of Rosemary's new baby--Royals ready for the guillotine

  2. Number four: strange connection with last days in Brussells. 5/24: 4 victims in the museum shooting; 5/23: an IShTARbucks opened on the Grand-Place (an alchemical site), at the number four.

  3. IV ER ; Iver is a Scottish name for Archer. The archer in Hunger Games shape shifted into an outcast mutant 5/23 in Xmen.

  4. Replies
    1. Ok you've officially blown my mind (as usual lol). Someone was talking to me about the synchronicity in that song's lyrics last week...the part about slowing down time. But I'm not a big Kanye fan, so I never knew the song title or actually listened to it myself until I clicked your link just now. When it started playing I remembered the convo. whoa. Very relevant in conjunction with the time reversal syncs (reversed/flipped letters) I've been noticing. The letter "N" in Beyonce/Jay-Z's "On the RUN" mini movie promo was flipped, too.

    2. The concept of being lost in this world was also heavily on my mind today since I watched The Great Gatsby AND Titanic on TV earlier and cried my way through the endings. This life experience is so heavy. I'm supposed to try to explain in it in a future post about the lovers lost in the world of forms, but so far I haven't been able to write it yet. Too emotional.

    3. The falling brunette also looks familiar (so does Run ...)

      Noah's noetic girl Emma Watson in the Ivy League as another heroine injection from a poison IV

      Eliot heard Gatsby's mermaids singing

  5. Great post! I wanted to sync in Blue IVY Carter (Jay Z and Beyonce's baby). My sister named her baby (my niece) IVY, who was born just 2 days before this event. Also, DELI is a scRAM-BULLed LEAD (Saturn's metal)--->"LEAD in the VeIns" / IV...And lastly, I had written about the "VI" code before...It's code for (VI)rgin,(VI)rgo, (VI)rginia--my native state), or the arrow <--

  6. Also, 8/23 is the start of (VI)rgo, the (VI)rgin. ER was driving a 328i BMW. (328/823)

  7. I just updated the post to show the IV and 7 syncs in last night's plane crash death of Lewis Katz.