Wednesday, July 9, 2014

5, 6, 7 (Brazil Falls to Pieces)


(thanks Mark)

Qabalistic tree with lightning flash.
Each sephirah is considered to be
an emanation of the
divine energy (often described as 'the divine light')
which ever
flows from the unmanifest, through Kether into manifestation. 

This flow of light is indicated by the lightning flash.


To hazard the World Cup?





Sync Note:  The new Transformers movie, in a very long and poorly written fashion, also tells the story of all the "old forms/archetypes" (Quetzalcoatl, etc.) returning to defeat the fake robots.


  1. This is very personal sync magic you are weaving, Sibyl. Many 7's, being in the seventh month, and many fives, representing Venus, or love. I actually had to take the escalator to the fifth floor in Macy's (red star) to meet a friend today. The other interesting thing you do is post X's between chunks of content. This reminds me of the Masonic compass and square, which enclose the G, or the demiurge. I've often thought that a Masonic (the architects) logo should symbolize the geometry of the universe.

    1. yes this is a very stream of consciousness post lol. i just strung together bits of pieces of things i've been hearing and reading over the past few weeks and saw a pattern. glad to know you're resonating with the numbers, too. there's a TON of energy shifting around the world right symbols being thrown around all willy nilly and what it's gonna be a hell of a ride ;)