Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nostradamus Predicts NYC 'PATH' of Destruction

This MSNBC news clip that aired on New Year's Eve jibes nearly word-for-word with one of Nostradamus' foreboding prophetic passages.

I'll apologize in advance for such a dire analysis on this, the first day of a Happy Happy New Year 2011.  But I was watching a re-run of the news on TV after the ball dropped and this bit made my mouth fall open.

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I just happened to have been reading The Book of Nostradamus online for the past few days while researching my previous post Barack Obama—The Last MABUS

That's the only reason I recognized the "PATH" reference in the news clip.  I find that coincidence too weird for words.

Ok. So, here is the Original Quatrain:
Garden of the world near the new city,
In the path of the hollow mountains:
It will be seized and plunged into the Tub,
Forced to drink waters poisoned by sulfur.

Century 10, Quatrain 49. The Book of Nostradamus.

Now here is my Unscrambled Version:
Near the garden in the New City of the world
The Path in the hollow mountains
Will be seized and plunged into the Tub
Forced to drink waters poisoned by sulfur

The following are descriptions and phrases taken verbatim from the MSNBC news video clip:

* New York's PATH subway train is "burrowed through solid bedrock" (NOTE: This is very similar to Nostradamus' description of the "Path" being hollowed through a mountain).

* The underwater part of the subway lines run under the Hudson River. They sit just under a thin layer of silt and mud leaving them vulnerable.

* Counter-terrorism measures are being taken to add...Flood Gates installed on both ends to plug the tunnels in a worst case scenario.

* This is a 600 million dollar upgrade stemming from a 2006 terrorist plot that targeted the PATH tubes as a way to flood the "Bathtub".

"Bathtub" is a name used for the World Trade Center site.

The "Bathtub" contained the footprints of the Twin Towers and Buildings 3 and 6.

Nostradamus also tells us specifically that the "Path" will be "plunged into the Tub" and forced to drink waters poisoned by sulfur. 

This sounds like a clear description of an underground subway being submerged under water due to a bomb.

The PATH website's info page for the World Trade Center Station shows that Battery Park is within walking distance of the station. 

This matches Nostradamus' description that the "Path" is "near the garden" in the new (York) city. 

On the bright side, I strongly believe this Quatrain could very well be referring to the 2006 terrorist plot which, thankfully, has already been averted. 

Ergo, we learn what we should already know.  Fate is not written in stone.

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We can exercise our collective free will to create a better future for ourselves.


  1. wow, very interesting! nice connections, looking forward to checking out more of your blog.
    "Fate is not written in stone. We can exercise our collective free will to create a better future for ourselves." hear hear!

  2. I never knew the WTC site was called the "bathtub"! That gives a new dimension to the Pentaclegon being in Washing-ton, DC. In the Rosarium Philosophorum, the King and Queen (the Twin Towers?) immerse themselves in an alchemical bath.

  3. @crystal rose...thanks so much for reading. I have a post deciphering another interesting Quatrain coming up soon.

    @Eleleth...I had never heard the WTC site called the bathtub before either. That's why it grabbed my attention so hard.

    I checked out the link in your commment and I was riveted on the pic illustratring the King and Queen's journey thru transference to decomposition to reanimation. 3 squares show the body being "washed in celestial dew" before reuniting with the soul. I haven't studied much on Jung or alchemy, but I could say that one illustration pretty much sums up the last 3-4 years of my life...hmmmm. I feel like I'm almost seeing the big picture, but I'm still missing something.

  4. did nostradamus predict about this in 16th century,this thing is freaking me out.please visit my sitelist of nostradamus predictions

  5. still think this applied to an averted 2006 bombing?

  6. Fate certainly does appear to be written in stone now, doesn't it?

    Nature's fate.

  7. Anonymous: I'm assuming your comments are referring to the destruction from Hurricane Sandy. It's definitely a relevant comparison. However, I feel now more than ever that we are the authors of our own destiny. A prediction is but a possibility. We choose by our collective energy whether or not it manifests as an actuality.

  8. I think this refers to Jimmy Hoffa...! The garden of the world is the central park... In the new city... New York...! The hollow mountains the skycrappers... Seized and Plunged...!,, And it mentions The Tub... The New York Giants originally used the Bathtub (The Polo Grounds) before they used the Giants Stadium. So it says that he was poisoned with sulfur there.

  9. I have exactly read the same verse about 15years ago, and today when u re-read it... it made alot of things clear... would like to share more if you believe in his prophecies!!!

  10. in the path of the hollow mountain.. this is in utah at just about 40 5 degree west & 40 45 north.. there is a "hollow mountain" with a sign that says hollow mountain..

    5 & 40 degrees the sky will burn...if this is meant to be a math problem to equal 40 45 north or 40 5 west in the area is place called burning sky ct... possible the view when the sun goes down it looks like the sky is burning with clouds... or look in to the "utah war".. the mountain meadow masscre on 9/11/1857..