Sunday, December 12, 2010

Syncs on TV: Palin's Stag, Prince's Glove, and the Color of Honey

A mystic recap of notable Syncs from this week's TV lineup.

On "Sarah Palin's Alaska", Caribou Barbie ecstatically takes out a gigantic deer with a really big gun. 

Personally, I was sickened because I'm pretty sure a millionaire doesn't need to kill for food which made this just a meaningless sport kill for show ratings.  But I digress...

According to Eleleth over at the Kosmos Idikos blog:

Deer (=Red, referring to the alchemical Rubedo) Hunter, and "Hunting the Stag"--also known as the "Hart"--was part of the Arthurian Quest.

In an interview with Barbara Walters on 12/09/10 Palin said she reads C.S. Lewis for "divine inspiration" (at 2:00 in the following video):

Palin publically signaling her worshipful allegiance to C.S. Lewis, author of The Chronicles of Narnia, resonates with another author of anthropormorphic character-filled literature---Lewis Carroll and his Alice in Wonderland.

Making it a retro Sync Wink to this...

Her daughter Bristol's public initiation on Dancing With the Stars last month dressed like, uh, Alice in Wonderland. (see my previous post on DWTS).

A One-Gloved Prince Crashes "The View"

Also on  12/09/10, Prince appeared unannounced on The View

In a nice ode to our Dismembered December disembodied hand syncs, he was wearing only one black Glove on his left hand.

HONEYsuckle is THE Color for 2011

In an interesting BEE sync...all your favorite TV and movie celebs will be wearing the color Honeysuckle next year.


  1. This was a very interesting post, tying together some very disconnected put relevant pieces. I can't wait to see where this blog is headed. I'll definitely be paying attention! I love the Prince footage, by the way. Love his music!!!

  2. Thanks for reading, Califia. I love Prince, too!

  3. I have some ominous feelings about Palin--if Bush was the Fool and Obama is Death (the card means "Change"), is Palin (the scarlet Harlequin) the Star? Or perhaps the World?

    The glove is the G-Love, yes? That seems to go back to the secret "grip" of the Master Mason.

    The different processes of alchemy are called "stages," so of course, the "stag" would be a bit of a pun on that as well. Arthur (King of Britain, meaning "the Land of Tin") and his knights (the Tin Men) go searching for a "hart".