Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Two by Two, Hands of Blue

"The hands go everywhere.
Two by two, hands of blue."

I didn't plan on writing a post about blue, but the syncs drove me to it.

First, Hulu was running an ad for Blue Moon Beer while I was watching this week's TV episode of The Event.

Then, I remembered reading about the astronomical Blue Moon that occured in the sky on November 21, 2010 near the Pleiades star cluster.

Also, a fews days ago I was cleaning up and found this Alice in Wonderland doll under my dresser.

It came from a McDonald's happy meal I bought my nephew months ago (they mistakenly gave us the girl's meal instead of the boy's).

I know Blue is the color of the third eye chakra which deals with seeing beyond illusions.

So I did a quick Internet search which led me to Jake Kotze's video The Red Door.

One of the clip's in Jake's video is from the short-lived TV series Firefly.

In the scene, the character River ominously mutters the phrase "Two by two, hands of blue".

She is referring to the men-in-black-like operatives of the Blue Sun Corporation.

Like McDonalds, the Blue Sun Corporation is supposed to be a company that sells food products.

Instead, Blue Sun is a front for a shadow government who's agents always wear blue gloves.

That reminded me of the Blue-gloved hands of TSA Security Officers performing the new body checks at the airport.

It also ties in with the Blue images of people going through the new TSA X-ray Scanner.

It turns out that Molson Coors Brewing Co. (the parent company of Blue Moon Beer) and McDonald's both ushered in this year as the biggest advertisers of the 2010 Winter Olympic games.

That adds a nice synchromystic Double M flavor to the whole thing.

And here's the McDonald's Winter Olympics commercial. It's chock full of blue imagery:

"There it is, there it is. It's always there if you look for it. Everybody sees and nobody sees it...,"--- River from Firefly

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