Monday, December 6, 2010

HipHop's Jupiter "Wiz" spits a Bee-side Track

Check the latest Bee-laced, Jupiter-resonating syncs in Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow video.

Let's begin with our young, tattooed Wizard of Oz, the Wiz Khalifa himself. 

His real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz.  The unusual spelling of Thomaz with a "Z" instead an "S" is a sync wink to the interchangeability of OZ/OS (see "Rant in Z Minor" by Jake Kotze).

He has the Pittsburg, PA area code 412 tattoo across his chest.  But here in the Sync world we know that 412 is a Jupiter number.

[ Warning: The lyrics in the video are Not Safe for Work! ]

In the video's opening scenes, first it flashes to our Wiz/Oz/Jupiter/Tin Man then we flow across a Diamond/Pyramid Bridge...

And up between two Towers...

And in case we didn't catch it the first time...more Bridges.

Okay, so now that we're officially Over the Rainbow Bridge, we jump to a shot of the Wiz "crowned" with the Jupiter Second Sun...

Right afterwards his initiation is confirmed when he's shown standing in front of a row of Pillars.


True to his name he is now a Khalifa (Arabic for "successor") of the Wiz=Wisdom (knowledge or gnosis).

Wiz's Pittsburg Steelers shirt and hat also sync with the metal Steel. And Steel is commonly plated with what corrosion-resistant substance? Tin. Jupiter/Tin/42/412. Now we're rolling. Literally.

Because later on we get a close-up of Wiz's chain. Some think it's a Pittsburg Pirate, but it's really the Zig-Zag Rolling Papers logo.  Thus giving us another sync to OZ (the circle and Z on the Zig-Zag logo) as well as a link to the mind-altering substance cannabis.  Are we floating yet?

A quick ride in the Wiz's Black and Yellow Bee-mobile takes us past two ladies in Black and Yellow Bee heels (one with what looks like a zodiac Bull tattooed on her foot representing Jupiter as Taurus the Bull).

At 2:05 in the video we see Wiz/Jupiter in the same frame with a guy rocking a Baphomet t-shirt standing next to a boy with his finger on his mouth (the Egyptian sign for Horus).

Egyptian statue of Horus

[UPDATE 12/08/10: Since I posted this two days ago, frame 2:05 in the video has changed to the pic below. Notice the boy is not making the Horus sign anymore. Now he's making the Baphomet sign. Dunno what that means. (Thanks to Arcas over at The Vigilent Citizen forum for pointing this out)

END OF UPDATE 12/08/10.

Maybe I'm taking this too far, but doesn't this Buck-toothed chick with the Big Glasses in the video remind us of someone?

Yep, she's syncing hard with the U.S. Presidential Easter Bunny Phooka letting us know we finally made it all the way down the Rabbit hole.

Here she is again standing behind the Wiz while he and some of his peeps wave their Black and Yellow Bee-resonating Terrible Towels (TT=20/20=Perfect Sight=All-Seeing Eye of Horus). Holla!

Suggested Reading/Video by Jake Kotze & Special Thanks: 

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