Sunday, December 5, 2010

Syncs on TV: Rachel Maddow, Decoded, and Dr. Dre'

A mystic recap of notable Syncs from this week's TV lineup.

Raptors of the Costly Ark:

Thursday The Rachel Maddow Show made fun of Kentucky's Governor Steve Beshear.  He proposed giving state tax breaks to the Creationist Museum , a theme park featuring a life-size version of Noah's Ark.

My Take:  Beshear's last name is pronounced the same as that of Martin Bashir (the sock puppet who trashed MJ in a video and got jobs on ABC, NBC, and MSNBC as a reward for it).

In his mock-umentary Living with Michael Jackson, Bashir filmed at Neverland Ranch which featured MJ's famous private zoo (see Michael Jackson: Super K2 Resonator).

This syncs with the whole Noah's Ark theme.  Perhaps our mass consciousness is considering the possiblity that, as Rachel Maddow put it, maybe we were once "wrangling dinosaurs"?  Or, at the very least, that history is much different than we've been told.

"DECODED" - The Masonic Infomercial

The History Channel aired the premiere of its newest series "Brad Meltzer's - Decoded". The team was supposed to be trying to find the White House cornerstone.

Instead, they spent most of their time touring the Masonic headquarters.  Several high ranking Masons (including the White House historian) were trotted out to tell us how harmless they are. 

And the engineer chic reminded us ad nauseum that her daddy was a Mason and he was a good guy.

My Take:  What a charade!  To top it all off...they didn't even find out anything about the cornerstone. Boo.

Dr. Dre's 666 Commercial

Last week I reported on Prilosec's 666 commercial.  Special Thanks to The Quark Observer over at the Mercury's Messenger blog for reporting on Dr. Dre's latest HP commercial (read more here).

My Take:  No way were those supposed to be B's. And even if they were, I guess that would still tie in with Jake Kotze's synchromystic theory on Bees (see Jake's post Be Dead/Dead Bee/DB/42).

1100 Pounds of Trouble:

On Friday Rachel Maddow struck again reporting on one of the Wikileaks cables.

The leaked document says that last year a former Vice President of Afghanistan was caught carrying $52 million in cash into Dubai.

Rachel calculated that one million one hundred dollar bills weighs 22 lbs, and so $52Mil weighs 1144 lbs.

Notably, our 44th President Obama visited a U.S. base in Afghanistan on Friday.

My Take:  I have no idea what the sync is here, but conspicuous 44's and 11's always grab my attention.

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