Monday, December 20, 2010

Crayola Offers Kids "Power over Dark and Light"

Just in time for Xmas, the commercial for Crayola's new Glow Station is a mindblowing 31-second mash of subliminal Synchromystic symbology for kids (and wizards) everywhere.

It opens with a shot of a pretty creepy Gothic-looking house and a woman's voice saying,
"Behold...the Power to rule the Dark and the Light."

The lights in the window of the house's top spire flashes eerily on and off.  Then cut to a shot panning a up a winding Staircase inside the house.

This mirrors the Masonic Spiral Staircase, Jacob's Ladder, the path the initiate takes to gain Enlightenment, and genetic transformation via the spiral of DNA. (see The Stairway to Sirius, Revisited)

At the top of the stairs is a Dog standing in front of an open Door with Light/Enlightenment pouring out of it. 

The Dark shadow over the Dog links it with Anubis, the dog-headed Egyptian god associated with Death (Darkness) and the escorter of souls through the "Door" to the Afterlife.  

This is another play on the juxtaposition of Dark/Light since the symbol of the Dog is also associated with Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.  It also ties to the earlier Stairway to Sirius sync.

Now we hear the Voice again saying,
"What you draw in the Dark glows in the Light."

Throughout the video there are several scenes of a boy standing against a wall while another kid draws things over his head, including: 

Lightening Rods and 666's...

A Lightening Rod is the weapon of Zeus/ Jupiter.  It's also the symbol for Enlightenment of Spirit on The Tower Card in the Tarot deck (see Rocks and Runes - Ride the Lightening).

...And an Angel's Halo followed by Devil's Horns.

In another scene they draw angel wings at a girl's back.  Note the continual play on Opposites:  Dark/Light, Good/Bad, Girl/Boy.

As the Voice later reminds us, "It's the Best of Both Worlds all on one canvas".

In the Dark the pictures glow Green, a color associated with Osiris, the Egyptian god of the Afterlife.

Osiris ruled both Death (Darkness) and Rebirth/Resurrection (Light).

Next, a girl draws a Heart in the Light.  In the Darkness/Death the Heart turns Green and a boy draws a menacing Smiley Face inside it. 

This links to Green being the traditional color of the Heart Chakra.

It's also another sync to Anubis who decided the fate of dead souls by weighing their Heart against the feather of Ma'at.

The Smiley Face symbol is a sync wink to a rare Astrological conjunction that forms a "Smile in the Sky".  Jupiter, Venus, and the crescent Moon were aligned on December 1, 2008.  An alignment of Mars, Venus, Saturn, and the Moon occurred on August 18, 2010. 

The Look at All the Happy Creatures blog relates the Smiley Face to a tear in the fabric of space, a Stargate.

In another scene the kids hold up a picture of a Caterpillar's face (another Smiley Face) in the same frame with an Open Door.

This symbolizes entering the stage of  Rebirth/Transformation just as a Caterpillar enters a cocoon to tranforms into a Butterfly.

The next scene shows a girl standing against the wall as a Crown is drawn over her head.  Inside the Crown are four jewels with one lit up brightly like a Star.  Her hair is also strongly emphasized.

The Hair Crowns the head signaling that she is an Hair/Heir to the Throne of Joy/Jupiter/The Bright Star (see The Return of the Ring).

Next the kids rock out in the Dark as a boy plays a glowing pic of a guitar that really looks more like a Star.  They are celebrating the crowning.

Flash to more subliminal 666 images.

Next up is a pretend x-ray showing some Fish swimming around in the boy's stomach. 

This reflects the myth of Osiris (also the Greek god Pan) becoming Fish-like from the waist down in the Nile River after being attacked by Typhon.

We hear the Voice again saying: "Give the gift of wonder, adventure, and Dreams", emphasizing the Dream-like quality of the Transformation experience.

Flash to the product box with a kid drawing a grinning Shark (another menacing Smiley Face) with a Star for an Eye. 

The Crayola logo is also shown as a Smiley Face with a Rainbow for the smile.  This demonstrates the movement over the Rainbow or through the Rainbow Bridge/Stargate of Transformation.

Flash to a spinning white Cube.  The multi-colored circles on each face is a variation of the Rainbow Bridge theme.  The Cube itself may be Metatron's Cube which is a symbol for the Soul.

The children's faces inside the circles make them Portholes/Portals further revealing the Soul Cube/Rainbow Bridge as a Stargate.

Flash to final shot of the Rainbow Smiley Face logo next to the phrase "Give everything imaginable" with the word Give written inside a Green/Osiris ribbon. 

That slogan reminded me of song lyrics I wrote about in a previous post:

And I never wanted anything from you
Except everything you had
And what was left after that too
---from "The Dog Days are Over" by Florence and the Machine

Crayola's website describes the toy's drawing tool as a "Crystal Light Wand" that lets you make "luminous freehand drawings"

Here the word Luminous is a reference to the Illuminati and Freehand to FreemasonryFreehand/Handfree is also an allusion to the dismembered hand (see Talk to the Disembodied Hand).

The Wand is a symbol frequently associated with Magic and Wizardry (think Merlin or Harry Potter). 

Ancient Egyptians often buried Magic Wands inside tombs as a tool to help the dead souls through their journey in the Afterlife.  And the fact that it's made of Crystal may be a reference to Atlantis

Maybe this type of symbology is planted in ads to induce subversive subliminal thoughts. 

Or perhaps marketers just know that our minds pick up on certain Universal Consciousness symbols so they pack commercials with them simply to get sales.

I'll explore more on the topic of Marketing and Symbology in a later post.


  1. If someone is actually planning these things, what on earth is their goal?

    Out of all the symbols here, perhaps the most interesting is that the boy gets the Mega Therion 666--and the girl gets the crown!

    The rod of Hermes also gave him power over the Dark and Light serpents.

  2. Kool vibes Sybil, you have it going on! Dennis

  3. Thanks, Dennis!

    @Eleleth hmmmm...rod of Hermes. I gotta check that out.