Tuesday, November 16, 2010

9/11 Symbology in "The Event"

I was watching "The Event" last night on TV when I noticed some curiously synchronistic 9/11 symbols.

As the logo flashed up on the screen going to commercial something caught my eye. 

I paused my DVR and what I saw jumping out at me was apparently Two Towers:

Twin Tower symbols used to make up the letter "T".

I also noticed the word "ELEVEN" transposed inside of the word "EVENT":

The word ELEVEN (red coloring and dotted line added for emphasis).

Finally, flip the entire logo upside-down and you can see the Number 33:

The Number 33 (red box added for emphasis).

I'm not really the most observant person (especially when I'm deep into Monday night television), so I'm surprised that this even caught my eye.

Then again, ever since I started becoming more consciously aware of Synchronicity these things seem to have a way of popping up everywhere.

I'm not sure what it all means, but between this and the Shape-Shifting Alien in the last scene of the show it definitely made for some pretty good TV.


  1. I remember seeing this, too, but not making the connection, just think it was odd. Nice work!

  2. I noticed the tiwn towers in the logo when I saw the first episode. Didn't catch the "eleven" tho. The whole first episode had an uncomfortable 9/11 vibe.

    I think part of the parallel here is that 9/11 was a synchronistic stargate type of event where, regardless of who was behind it, it served as a portal to a new expanded consciousness. It just seems to be taking forever to take hold of the general population.

  3. @Trish and Rob: Thanks! I never usually notice stuff like that, but they certainly didn't try to hide it.

    @Jim A.: I totally agree. The first episode was very telling with the whole plane crash/stargate theme. 9/11 was a starting point in time from which our state of collective consciousness will never be the same.