Sunday, November 14, 2010

Michael Jackson and Shiva: Part II

The evidence of Michael Jackson as a Shiva resonator from Part I goes even further as we explore the Legend of Chidambaram Temple, one of the holiest and most ancient temples of Hinduism in India dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Kinda looks like a pyramid, huh?

Chidambaram Temple. (Photo by Serge Duchemin).

The Legend of Chidambaram is called "The Subjugation of Ignorance":  
In the Thillai forests resided a group of saints or 'rishis' who believed in the supremacy of magic and that God can be controlled by rituals and 'mantras' or magical words. The Lord strolls in the forest with resplendent beauty and brilliance, assuming the form of 'Pitchatanadar', a simple mendicant (beggar) seeking alms. The rishis and their wives are enchanted by the brilliance and the beauty of the handsome mendicant.
On seeing their womenfolk enchanted, the rishis get enraged and invoke scores of 'serpents' by performing magical rituals. Thoroughly frustrated, the rishis gather all their spiritual strength and invoke a powerful demon Muyalakan - a symbol of complete arrogance and ignorance. The Lord wearing a gentle smile, steps on the demon's back, immobilizes him and performs the Ánanda Thaandava (the dance of eternal bliss) and discloses His true form. The rishis surrender, realizing that this Lord is the truth and He is beyond magic and rituals.
"Thillai" brings to mind MJ's hit song "Thriller".  In the "Thriller" video he resonates Lord Shiva stepping on the demon's back by leading a group of demons in a dance (demonstrating his power over them) before turning back into his true form at the end of the video. 

The Legend of Chidambaram is also played out in its entirety in the "Remember the Time" video

MJ enters Pharoah Akhenaton's court dressed as a poor beggar wizard before transforming into a beautiful Egyptian prince.

The pillars in Egyptian hypostyle halls were designed to represent a tropical forest. In the pic (ABOVE) note the tree and the pillars behind MJ bearing the tree motif. This echoes Shiva's walk through the Thillai Forest.

The transformed MJ enchants Queen Nefertiti with his song and dance. He asks her "Do you remember when we fell in love?". Thus implying that they were once together and trying to remind the Queen that he is her real lover, the "true" Akhenaton.  

(ABOVE) MJ points his Jupiter Finger upward while singing the line "It just seemed like Heaven, so why did it end?".  The Apostle John makes the same gesture in Da Vinci's painting of The Last Supper.

This is an interesting sync as it seems to relate Jesus/Issa, the Kingdom of Heaven, and the planet Jupiter.  (For more on MJ and the "Jupiter Finger" see Kotze's post Scarlet Dragon 3: Jupiter Moon)

He also sings to Nefertiti and kisses her in front of a window with the Pyramids of Giza prominent in the background.

The enraged "fake" Pharoah Akhenaton summons his guards to kill MJ (now resonating as the "true" Akhenaton/Osiris/Issa/Jesus/Shiva archetype). 

While chasing MJ, the guards overturn a basket full of snakes. This scene evokes the "scores of serpants" unleashed on Shiva in the Legend of Chidambaram.

But like Lord Shiva in the Legend, MJ uses his superior powers to elude them by changing his form. Here he morphs into a kind of liquid gold being.

The whole snake thing also reminded me of the Biblical story of Moses (another Akhenaton/Jesus resonator according to Jake Kotze).

According to Exodus 7:10 Moses and his brother Aaron appeared before Pharoah and performed a miracle of turning a staff into a snake.

Then I remembered this Moses sync from an NBC interview with MJ's brother Jermaine Jackson right after his death. 

Speaking about MJ, Jermaine Jackson said, "I was Aaron and he was sort of like Moses. Things he couldn't say, I would say them."
Last but not least, a personal Sync Wink turned up for me when I noticed that the cat in the opening scene of the video looks almost exactly like mine.

Yeh that kinda weirded me out, but I guess it's just par for the course here in Synch-ville.

NOTE: In Part I I forgot to mention that wearing animal skin is also a main identifier attributed to John the Baptist in the Bible, so that's another Jesus wink there.

As much as I'm enjoying watching these MJ synchs unfold themselves to me in my research, I have to ask myself---what is really the point? What is the true overriding meaning here?

I think Indras Net of the Live From the Logosphere blog put it best.

He wrote:
It is in my opinion that Michael Jackson was a strong vehicle for our collective Spiritual Energy and Identity into the Age of Aquarius and the Age of Horus.
I, too, believe that within Michael Jackson's spirit there existed an amalgam of key historical archetypes synchronized by the Universe to appear to us at this specific time in history.

His unprecedented worldwide success and visibility as an entertainer combined with his innate ability to touch people's hearts as an artist/dancer made him the perfect synchromystic "billboard" of sorts.

And whether consciously or unconsciously (or semi-consciously toward the end of his life as I tend to believe), he became a perfect messenger for the Universe.

He reminded all of us stumbling through this waking dream not only of what we once were, but also of how beautifully powerful we still are and can continue to be in the future.

( CONTINUED in my next post "Michael Jackson: Super K2 Resonator")


  1. Good stuff here. There's also a lot of astronaut themes sprinkled throughout his work (Captian EO, The History tour intro, Moonwalker, Scream, etc). This kind of thing seems to go hand in hand with diety archetypes.

    Do you have any thoughts on MJ's cryptic signature? As you might know, back in the 80s he always dated his autographs '1998' with 3 dots and an arrow underneath.

    1. Three dots perhaps Belt Stars of Orion AlNitak AlNihim Mintaka over Khufu-Cheops Menachaure Khafre. Hands Up Don't Shoot Dogon Orion Code...

  2. Hmmm...I never knew that about his signature. But of course I can't rest until I research now! lol

  3. remember the time this ramses II et nefertari
    your research and a combination of bad roads