Sunday, November 28, 2010

State of BEing or Who's Your MoMma?

In his book "Cipher of Genesis" Carlo Suares wrote:

"Satan is a...confinement in structures that hinders the flow of life-death in the mind."

And anyone who has ever struggled with diseases like Depression (I raise my hand) and/or addictions know first hand what a perfect prison one's mind can make.

The moment you allow anyone or anything (most especially an idea, as we learned in the movie Inception) to alter what you know to be true you're in a danger zone.

In regards to Synchromysticism and Synchronicity, I'm very excited now that my mind has finally opened to the point that I'm able to see and understand some of these concepts. 

But I believe anything that distracts your mind from remaining in a constant State of Present Beingness can be detrimental. That's why it's of the utmost importantance to keep all of these ideas in their proper perspectives.

Synchronicities are a tool to help bring you into a greater state of awareness. Nothing more, nothing less.

For me it was my spiritual connection with Michael Jackson that helped snatch my conciousness fully awake upon his death.  I'd also had many other personal synchronistic experiences throughout my life that caused me to begin questioning and seeking out answers.

For you no doubt it was something completely different and personal to you that led you on this journey.

No matter what the catalyst, it's all pointing to the same thing, The Universe as All That Is is literally doing whatever it takes to force you to be present in this moment so you can make a conscious decision for yourself.

If it has to use magic numbers, symbols hidden in movies and logos, giant rabbits, little green men or any other Synchromystic manifestations to get your attention be it. Whatever it takes.

But as far as Reality goes, know that Nothing exists outside of yourself.

Therefore concepts like the NWO, shape shifting aliens, corrupt governments and the institutions that support them, etc. are simply representations of certain Group Minds/Memes choosing their own future right now. But you don't have to join them on their path.

The syncs we discover related to such things are just markers showing us where NOT to go.

None...I repeat...NONE of them are any more relevant or real than you allow them to be within your own personal conscious experience.

It's your dream. Remember?

Okay, I guess that's all I wanted to say *Steps gingerly down off her soapbox*.


  1. David Icke's reptilians seem to be a sort-of-metaphor for the ego-tyrant that exists within ourselves (Kubla Khan, again). I say "sort of" because Consciousness is really the only reality.

    If we think that the Queen's a lizard, what does that say about our own microcosmic Queen? I stopped paying attention to politics when I remembered that George W was the "DOUBLE YOU" President...

  2. Wow this post and a number of others I have read today have shown me that Synchromysticism has started to come of age, and people are really starting to wake up

  3. @Eleleth...I totally agree. Everything we think we're seeing on the outside may just be a reflection of what we are on the inside. So we better check ourselves before we wreck ourselves!

    @inforeality...So true. It heartens me to think of more people connecting in consciousness this way.