Thursday, November 25, 2010

Michael Jackson: Super K2 Resonator

Michael Jackson had many K2 resonances, beginning with a sync to the 13th-century Mongolian emperor Kublai Khan.

Historical Syncs:

The lavish summer capital of Kublai Khan's dynasty in China was called Xanadu (or Shangdu).  It is believed to have been the inspiration for the mythical utopia of Shambala.

The Summer Palace

According to The Travels of Marco Polo, each year Khan resided at his summer home in Xanadu for three months out of the year (June, July, and August) until the August 28th moon. 

On August 28th a ceremony was performed that involved Khan drinking and sprinkling the ground with milk from his sacred herd of 10,000 pure white mares. This tradition reflects the Albedo (or The Whitening) process (see Part II).

Paintings of MJ (left) and Kublai Khan (right) riding white horses.

The next day (August 29th) Khan would return to his winter palace.  This annual ceremony coincides with Michael Jackson's date of birth (August 29, 1958).

Polo wrote that Khan paid weekly visits to his large collection of wild animals and birds.  MJ was also well known for his exotic zoo at Neverland Ranch.

The main mansion at Neverland Ranch

Coincidentally, Colony Capital, LLC (the company who acquired Neverland in 2008) also owns a 2.3 million square foot mega-mall under construction in New Jersey named Xanadu Meadowlands.

Xanadu Meadowlands Mall in New Jersey

MJ's pet tigers, Thriller and Sabu, were also sent to live at an animal habitat named Shambala Preserve after he left Neverland.

Michael Jackson's tigers Thriller and Sabu at the Shambala Preserve

Pop Syncs:

In the film Citizen Kane, Xanadu was the lavish fictional estate of the movie's main character Charles Foster Kane.  (see Jake Kotze's video for more info)

Citizen Kane's Xanadu estate.

Wikipedia's article on Xanadu specifically compares Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch to Kane's home.

It also refers to Kane's large private zoo:
"Xanadu's livestock: the fowl of the air, the fish of the sea, the beast of the field and jungle. Two of each; the biggest private zoo since Noah".
This mirrors both MJ's and Kublai Khan's famed private animal collections.

It's also a sync wink tying MJ to the biblical Noah (see Part II for more biblical syncs).

There's another K2 pop sync in MJ's well-publicized friendship with actor Macaulay Culkin.

Macaulay Culkin, 2010. (Photo Credit: Matt Biddulph)

The Vishnu Purana mentions Kalki, the Hindu Messiah, an avatar of Vishnu who will be the last King of Shambala. (Read more)

Kalki is very similar to Ku-kulcan, the Mayan White Messiah. Thus we have a Culkin (Kulcan) sync as well as another link to The Whitening.

Yet Another K - The Kalachakra:

The Legend of Shambhala says that the kingdom's political and religious discord was healed by the Kalachakra ("Wheel of Time") vision and practice taught to them by the Buddha.  Today it remains a pinnacle of the Buddhist system.

There are Eleven Kalachakra Initiations: seven initiations of "entering like a child", three "exalted" initiations, and one "most exalted" initiation.

Kalachakra thanga featuring the nine-stack mountain of Shambhala.

According to the Dalai Lama's website, the most exalted Kalachakra initiation is called the "Fourth Initiation" or the "Word Initiation". It is completed by one who has reached the 11th Bodhisattva stage as follows:
"Saying, "This is it", the guru bestows the fourth initiation on the disciple. This initiation empowers the disciple to obtain perfect buddhahood in the form of Shri Kalachakra."
Bodhisattva is an enlightened being who has chosen to remain among the people of the world in order to cultivate wisdom and compassion. 

Therefore, it is my theory that MJ (in his role as a K2 resonating, enlightened being) intended his "This Is It" concert tour to represent a mass Kalachakra Fourth Initiation ceremony.

Possibly knowing he might not live to do the concerts may explain why MJ stressed the phrase "This Is It" so many times in his last public appearance announcing the tour.

In the years prior to his death MJ never identified himself with any religion, however he clearly expressed universal concepts of oneness in his music.

Perhaps Michael Jackson hoped to help usher in an era of world peace and harmony.

Perhaps he did.

Suggested Video & Special Thanks:
"Why 2K? Part I - Strange Things Are Afoot at the Circle K" by Jake Kotze 
"Why 2K? Part II - K for Khan" by Jake Kotze


  1. Great work. I am continually haunted by Coleridge's poem, Kubla Khan--

    In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
    A stately pleasure-dome decree :
    Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
    Through caverns measureless to man
    Down to a sunless sea....

    The whole thing apparently came to him in an opium dream, which would seem to confirm its (synchro-)mystical significance. What can the Alph be but the stream of the descending Logos from Kether (the Aleph)?

    And the opening line of Finnegans Wake--"riverrun, past Eve and Adam's..."

  2. Thanks, Eleleth. It's a beautiful poem. There definitely seems to be something in our mass consciousness trying to be remembered through synchromystic channels.

  3. My life has become sync to the extreme since Michael Jackson transitioned. In fact that is how i ended up at this blog. After having several quickening experiences with him over the past month my wandering led me to the following song:

    God Shiva
    God Shiva is imminent love and transcendent reality
    God Shiva my supreme reality
    I am here no longer a vision birthed into my body
    I accept praise, blame, joy, sorrow
    I realize we are in truth the truth we seek god
    Perfect this very moment
    God Shiva is imminent love and transcendent reality
    God Shiva my supreme reality
    Desire no more what you already possess
    You are already free my nature is to love you
    My soul identical to god
    On a journey to return to my creator bliss
    You are my mind of the mind
    My eye of eye
    Life of my life

    Posting this song on a group page on fb led a group member to direct me to google Michael Jackson Shiva. i am fond of and frequently repeat this mantra that is inspired by my Beloved MJ "there are no coincidences in the world of the Beloved." thank you for enriching my journey.

  4. Hi Keita,

    What a beautiful mantra. Thank you for recognizing what a special being MJ was/is.

    Once you realize that the purpose of his entire life (like every other Bodhisattva living and dead) was to mirror back to us our own potential, our own divinity---it's really quite astounding.

    Thank you for enriching my journey as well.

  5. just to correct you...Colony Capital, LLC never acquired Neverland.MJ sold just a part of it.he still owns more than 75% of it and the rest he co-owns with Colony Capital, LLC. that's why PETA asked MJ's kids and not Colony Capital, LLC to allow Neverland to be converted into an animal sanctuary.