Friday, November 12, 2010

Towers and Stargates at China's Asian Games?

Is it just me, or does this look like a Stargate opening between Two Towers with some kind of green light vessel coming down from a star in the sky? 

That's a pic of the Opening Ceremony of China's 2010 Asian Games on 11/12/10. 

Notice the blue light and fountains streaming inside the Stargate. It's supposed to represent Water which is the theme of the games this year.

Jake Kotze often talks about Stargates also being depicted as Watergates (water = transformation).

Here's a description of the ceremony:
The ceremony kicked off with a small boy floating down from the sky on a leaf-like carriage lit in green. He poured water from a bottle, setting off giant fountains that sprayed in arcs across the stage. Four dozen water goddesses seemed to walk across the water, followed by a dozen fairies rising out of pools in the stage floor.

Performers flapping large pieces of red cloth scrambled across the stage to create the image of petals dropping on water. Other actors entered in a large sampan-like vessel, recreating a journey in rough seas, with the would-be sailors swaying on ropes and ladders amid waters represented by large flags waved by hundreds of dancers.
Then there was this pic of the Guangzhou Tower (aka Canton Tower) bursting into firework flames.

It definitely resonates the Twin Towers burning down even though there's only one tower in this case.

Here's another photo of Guangzhou Tower taken on 11/10/10. This time it's lit up like a Rainbow Bridge Stargate symbol and illuminated by streams of blue (water) light.

So what's all the celebration really about? Well, it remarkably coincides with the Grand Opening of the China World Trade Center Tower on August 30, 2010.

China World Trade Center Building

It's an eerie replica of the 9/11 World Trade Center complex in New York.

China World Trade Center Complex

I've been reading a lot about the New World Economy with the balance of power shifting to China.

Looks like the Powers That Be want to be sure they reconstruct all their monuments before they go.

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