Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oprah talks wearing "Little Human Suits"

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Did Oprah just 'jump the shark' for believers in reptilian alien shape-shifters with her show on John of God, or are some people simply jumping to conclusions?

Yesterday, Oprah aired this weird show about a Brazilian faith healer known as "John of God". She interviewed people who had claimed to have had strong spiritual healing experiences after being touched, talked to, or "spiritually operated on" by John and his invisible friends. (Click here or on the pic below to watch a video clip from the show)

Full Disclosure: I fell out with Oprah in Summer '09 after her callously disrepectful nonresponse/response to Michael Jackson's death. (Wow, can you feel my ire?).  I took her show off my DVR list immediately at that time. But for some reason I decided to start back recording this last season. Glad I did because it's a real doozy.

I say the John of God show was weird, not because of its topic (faith healing is a legitimate belief for many people), but because of its strange execution.

Let me explain.

Jumping the Shark

Despite the show's topic Oprah devoted scarce little time throughout the show to actually focus on John of God. Instead, she relied on nearly decade-old video footage taken by others (none of which included any interviews with John himself).

She did toss in a few clips of anesthetic-free surgeries for shock value.

John performing a surgery.

But mainly Oprah and her in-studio guests focused on talking about how we humans are not what we think we are.

I was watching the show live, so my Synchromystic antenna was already going up.

Then she read the following passage written by one of her guests, Dr. Jeff Rediger, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard:

 "We tend to believe in what we can see and touch, and believe that the world as it appears to be is the real world. On the basis of my experience I have come to believe that reality is both revealed and concealed by the world we see with our eyes, and that none of us are who we appear to be."
 This prompted Oprah to follow up with her own soliloquy. She said: 
"I think that's what we're all here to recognize on some level---that none of us are what we really appear to be. And it's so intereting in the world that we live in where the red states and the blue states and the Arab states and the American states and the European countries and everybody's fighting eachother when really these are just little human suits that we're using to disguise who we really are."
And that's when my Synchromystic alarm started going off on full blast. Man the hatches!

What Does it Mean?

Honestly, I don't know. On one level, I agree with her.

I know that as intentional, divine creations we are much more than just our physical bodies. I also know that the phenomena of Synchroncity and Synchromystism is but one example of how we are all connected across space and time in a way that modern science never thought possible.

I love the quote from Dr. Rediger that "our bodies are just metaphors for something we are trying to learn."

So in that sense, yes, we are all wearing little human suits.

The Question is: What level is Oprah on?

(Photo Credit: Alan Light)

I thought it was odd that she said we wear these suits "to disguise who we really are".  Disguise implies the need to mask or cover up something that you don't want others to see. In essence, to hide or to lie about one's true identity.

Here's a direct quote (which strangely uses the same "human suit" terminology) from Wikipedia's article on the word Disguise:
"In science fiction aliens often take on a human appearance wearing "human suits" as a disguise."
This casts kind of a dark spin on things. I'm not hiding anything under my suit.  Are you?  Is Oprah?

You can get more Synchromystic food for thought regarding Oprah's new network OWN at the Aferrismoon blog. 

The jury is still out for me, but I'm always skeptical of anyone who refuses to consume their own product (Oprah has said many times that she doesn't watch TV).

I guess you'll just have to decide for yourself.

Meanwhile, I'll keep monitoring the final season of the show for more shark-jumping.  Like I said, it's a real doozy.

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