Friday, November 26, 2010

Syncs on TV: Beyonce, DWTS, AC360, Oprah and Prilosec

A mystic recap of notable Syncs from this week's TV lineup.

Anderson Cooper goes Phooka

CNN showed reruns of AC360 host Anderson Cooper donning a bunny suit for the "Amazing Animals" segment. 

At the monkey's request (yes, it could talk...sort of), Anderson had to dress like a bunny and offer four food items and a blue ball to him on a tray. No lie.

Quick Sync Facts:

1. A Phooka is a giant anthropomorphic animal. In fiction and film it often appears as a rabbit who guides a person over the threshold from the "real" world to the dream world (like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland).

2. The ancient Egyptian god Thoth was often portrayed in the form of an Ape. Egyptian priests were required to bring daily food offerings to the ape statues and live sacred monkeys in the temple.

Pop Sync:  This also reminded me of an Ugly Betty episode where Daniel was forced to dress up in a bunny suit to make a business deal with the devilish character Calvin Hartley.

My take:  I hope whatever Anderson got in return for humiliating himself was worth it. He truly seemed embarrassed (especially when they made him hop). But, to the chimp's credit, Anderson does kind of look like a rabbit. Maybe he and Bristol can team up for an Alice remake.

Dancing With the Stars does Oz

The DWTS Season 11 finale flashed back to Bristol in a Dorothy-esque getup...

The stage featured shimmering Twin Towers between a set of blue staircases...

And, finally, here's Jennifer Gray dressed like a genie and holding the Mirror Ball. (click here or on the pic below for video)

In the background she's framed by the towers which makes it look like red horns are sticking out of her head. 'The Situation' is standing to the left throwing up the Baphomet sign with his hand.

At 2:36 in the video the anchorman speaks in "rebirth" terms calling her a "resurgent...siren enjoying a future no longer encumbered by the past". 

My take:  How disturbed should I be that I actually noticed these things?

Beyonce Sings "Ave Maria"...inside the Great Pyramid? Night?

Thursday night's ABC primetime special "Beyonce, I Am...The World Tour" showed clips of Beyonce in Egypt dressed in full goddess gear (white robes, covered head, gold snake necklaces, and all).

Then she climbed up into the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid in the middle of the night and sang "Ave Maria".

My take:  Wow. I'm really tripping. That ish wasn't even hidden in plain sight. It was quite deliberately shown and it was so over-the-top. Wonder why?

Oprah Gives Away a Beetle

Oprah gave away the soon-to-be-released 2012 Volkwagon Beetle to 300 audience members for her "Favorite Things" show.

My take:  Beetle = Egyptian Scarab = A Symbol of Rebirth. Hmmmmm.

Prilosec's Triple 6 Antacid Intimidation

The latest commercial for Prilosec OTC has David Diehl in his 66 jersey telling us that Prilosec is "indestructible" and "the one thing I can count on".  (Click here or on the pic below for video)

And Anthony Herrera in his 64 jersey saying: "In my world either you get it done or they find someone to get it done for you."

Herrera/64 and Diehl/66 stand on either side of a goal post (tower/stargate symbol) with lights shimmering like stars in the background. Together they make a pretty menacing visual representation of 666.

At the end Herrera crosses the field with a sun halo at his back and reassures us, "Prilosec OTC is protecting me."

My take:  The next time I have a little indigestion I think I'll just tough it out on my own.


  1. Sibyl,

    The Bunny is also the RABBIT.
    2011 is year of the RABBIT.

    I've noticed that the word RABBIT itself has a fascinating symbolic link to the "Tau-shaped" Westminster ABBEY. At which England Royal Family will celebrate the wedding of HRH Prince William Arthur and Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011.

    There are other ways to consider the word RABBIT:

    R-ABBI-T (Our Tau Abbey) and even RABBI-T (Father/Priest of the Tau/Cross)


  2. Hi StrangeEye...yes it seems these rascally rabbits are popping up everywhere lol

    I did watch Jake's video (thanks for the link). It was excellent as always.

  3. @StrangeEye...BTW very interesting take on the play on words with RABBIT and RABBI and TAU. I'd like to look into that more.